Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ward Off the Summer Heat

Having a home with lots of large windows is good because it allows natural light to filter in and will also let cool air to circulate. But with the summer kicking in, the heat can sometimes be unbearable so that it sometimes becomes necessary to have shades that you can let up or let down to your whim.

Because we live in a four-season country, a shade that will be suitable for both winter and summer seasons is needed. It is more cost-effective that way. There are lots of shades available in the market today and one that fits the category of insulation and filtering light is the one that they call cellular shades or honeycomb shades. Sounds good eh? I guess I'll have to take a look at the DIY stores if they have this kind of shades and the color variants available. I am looking for a cream or light beige color. Instead of buying curtains for our bedroom, I think shades will be a better option. We do have shutters installed from outside our windows but I find it very troublesome to roll it up and down. What I am planning is to just let the shutters up and allow the shades to do the works.

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