Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Livewires 97 Fundraising for the Frontliners of Southern Philippines

The Corona virus has befallen the entire globe. Everyone is affected, nobody is exempted - no matter what color, religion, race or age group you may be, the virus comes undetected to infect you. Especially vulnerable are the senior citizens, the elder sector of our community aged 60 and above and those whose immune systems are compromised due to pre-existing illnesses like asthma, diabetes, kidney failure, and heart diseases to name a few. 

Many developed countries have a high number of positive cases of Covid-19 patients. Despite the advanced and good healthcare system and facility, some of them are not able to catch up with the pandemic, like in the case of Italy and even Spain. 

For third world countries like my home country, the Philippines, if the virus and contamination gets out of control, then it could really, really be critical for everyone. That is why the government in my country has ordered an enhanced community quarantine, and even extended it until the 30th of April because that is the only way that we can slow down the spread of the virus. This is to give precious time to our healthcare facilities to manage and handle the critical cases, to avoid the crowding of patients in our already full hospitals and to allow time for our scientists and researchers to find a cure. 

In my home country, especially in Southern Philippines, PPEs or personal protective equipment are very difficult to procure. Our frontliners are in dire need of them, because supplies have run out, and without them, they are placing their lives at a very great risk. Aware of this situation, our high school batch called Livewires 97 have initiated a fundraising campaign to help procure these essential PPEs and distribute them to hospitals handling COVID-19 cases like the SPMC (Southern Philippine Medical Center) and DMSFH (Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital) in Davao City, Royeca Hospital in General Santos City and DRMC (Davao Regional Medical Center) in Tagum City.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors from the day we started our fundraiser.

As of 6PM of April 6 Philippine time, we were able to raise a whopping Php 604,711.23! From all of us from our batch, we are very grateful for you support for our frontliners. Indeed, no amount is too small as your help can go a very long way. If you want to know more about our fundraiser, please feel free to visit us at our official website: www.livewires97.org or visit our Facebook page for updates at facebook.com/livewires97PisaySMC.

Thank you again to everyone with a generous heart. May God bless you and keep you and your family safe and healthy! 

Tips for Your Next Florida Vacation

Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the country. It's home to beautiful beaches, amazing culture and some incredible amusement parks. You're bound to have a good time on your trip no matter what, but here are a few details you should plan in advance to ensure you get the most out of your vacation. 

Where to Stay
The first thing you'll need to decide is where in Florida you want to go. If you're looking for a family trip to the amusement parks, you'll likely want to stay in Orlando. Here you can choose from hotels, rentals or resort properties. Beach towns usually have plenty of rentals available depending on what you're looking for. They do book up way in advance during the warmer months, so be sure to plan ahead. 

How to Get There
Many people drive long distances to get to Florida in order to have their car with them, but that isn't always feasible. If you live a long way away, consider flying instead. You can get a Florida towncar service Orlando to take you to your hotel and take a care service to places that aren't within walking distance. Renting a car is always an option as well. 

What to Do
You won't have to worry about being bored on your Florida vacation, but you will need to choose what activities you can fit into your trip. If you're there for a beach trip, you'll likely spend most of your days on the beach, but look into the area where you've chosen to stay for some great night activities as well. There is also plenty of shopping and local culture to see during the day if you need a break from the sand and water for a bit. 

Although planning a trip can seem somewhat tedious, you'll be happy you did the work in advance. If you get all the details worked out beforehand, all you'll have to worry about doing once you're on vacation is enjoying yourself to the fullest. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

How to Make a Difference in Your Community

It's easy to feel as though it's impossible for just one person to make a difference. People who have this feeling, who do not believe that their actions can make a significant impact on the world around them, often suffer from hopelessness and despair. It is important to remember that the behavior of one person really can change society for the better. All that it takes are a few small steps, such as the following.

Vote in Local Elections
Major national elections such as the presidential race are not the only ones that matter. When you cast your vote in a local election, you will effect change by bringing the people into office who will make decisions about property taxes, the funds devoted to public schools, local businesses and more. The results of township elections often come down to just a few votes, meaning that your vote really does count when you vote in a local election.

Volunteering is an effective and rewarding way to help your local community Baltimore. Based on your schedule, your skillset and the type of volunteer work that you are interested in doing, you will be able to find appropriate volunteer opportunities at many wonderful organizations in your area. Do research online or ask friends and family members to find an organization that works for you.

Patronize Local Businesses
Small businesses are the heart and soul of any community. Next time you're on the hunt for a gift or splurge, instead of going to a large chain store, take the opportunity to visit a local business. You'll help to ensure the continued vitality of your community, and you may even make a new friend.

By voting in local elections, volunteering in your area and shopping at local businesses, you will make a difference in your community, form connections and boost your self-esteem. Enjoy, and remember each day that your positive and negative actions have a ripple effect that extends far beyond your neighborhood.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Why You Should Build Your Own Home

Are you ready to move? Perhaps you’ve looked around at some houses for sale and you’re just not impressed. One exciting option is to build your own home! It may sound daunting, but there are many advantages to building instead of buying.

You Are in Control
You get to have a say in every step of the process. From the beginning step of choosing where you want it built, to home design Fleetwood Pa, to the construction – you are in charge the whole time! It is your home, after all. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything exactly as you want it?

You Get the Décor You Want
If you’ve looked at homes for sale, you’ve probably noticed that some of the décor is a bit dated, or maybe it just plain doesn’t look good. If you build your own home you don’t have to worry about ugly paneling in the den or a kitchen island that takes up way too much room.

You Get Exactly What You Want, Where You Want It
Do you want your own man cave but can’t find any houses with enough room for one? Build your own home and you can have a huge room built to your specifications for your man cave, with all the additions you could ever dream of.

You Can Design Your Own Landscaping
If you buy a home and then do the landscaping, it can be difficult to get a look that both matches the home and your taste. If you build a home you can plan both the home and the landscaping at the same time, so that they can complement each other.

A home is more than just a building. Build your own home and get exactly what you want so that it is a place you can truly enjoy spending time in.

Basic Maternity Fashion for Moms-To-Be

If you are pregnant, you should wear clothes that are comfortable but also chic and fashionable. Choose materials that are skin-friendly like cotton, with a share of lycra or spandex so it stretches with your growing tummy. Here are some basic items that you should have to accompany you during your pregnancy 

1. Comfortable Shoes: Whether you choose for ballerinas or mules with a low heel, they are simply easy to put on - you just slip your feet in and they are also never go out of style. With such shoes, you also do not have to bend over your growing tummy to, for example, tie your laces or adjust straps. Choose styles that have a slightly tapered tip as rounded ones will tend to optically shorten your legs. Choose good quality shoes, as there is a high chance that you will still be wearing them post pregnancy.

Mama straight jeans in dark wash from H&M.
2. P-pants / jeans: It is always good to have a pair or two of p-pants or mama pants. Choose a pair with a dark washing, because it optically makes you look leaner than light jeans, and a pair with a straight cut. These pants have an elastic adjustable band to ensure optimal comfort. Allow time to try a few pairs until you find one in which you truly feel comfortable in.

Tunic blouse from Esprit.
3. Tunics: Tunics have been a trend for sometime now and you can choose one that doesn't have to be a maternity model. These type of clothing are cut wide and long and offers enough space where a mom-to-be needs it the most: on the bust, of course in the tummy area, and also around the hips. Choose cheerful colors or with a decorated neckline. A round or v-neck cut may show a bit of skin but it optically lengthens the neck.

Wraparound dress from H&M.
4. Wraparound: A wraparound dress made from elastic material accentuates your figure. The V-cut beautifully emphasises your growing décoletté. The band slung around the waist optically separates the tummy and the bust and emphasizes your feminine figure. This flexible dress also grows along with your growing tummy. There are also styles that are breastfeeding friendly.

Mama jersey leggings also from H&M.
5. Leggings: black or dark colored leggings or elastic pants are comfortable and fashionable all year round. You can pair with a knee-length boots in winter or with ballerinas or sandals in summer.  Maternity leggings have an extra adjustable band. Just be sure to pair your leggings with a top that reaches down to your hips and  bottom!

So these are just some of the basic clothing to have during your pregnancy. What are your maternity fashion must haves? Do share them with me! 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

4 Ways to Improve Skin Aging

As we grow older, our skin may show signs of age. Your diet and overall environment can affect your skin in varying ways. You may want to regain the youthful appearance you once had. Keep reading to learn four ways you can help aging skin look young and vibrant again.

1. Get Enough Sleep
We’ve all heard that getting enough sleep is important for your health, but it’s also important for your skin. Getting at least six to eight hours of sleep can improve your skin. It may also be beneficial to sleep on your back, since your skin may furrow and wrinkle when you sleep on your side.

2. Skin Procedures
Skincare has come a long way and there are many skincare procedures that you can choose from, depending on your needs. One very popular non-invasive skin procedure is microdermabrasion. This is a procedure in which the outer layer of the skin is sloughed away with microcrystals. Non-invasive procedures are gentle enough on the skin that few may require downtime.

3. Anti-Aging Creams
Many anti-aging creams on the market may help to rewind the signs of aging. Retinol, for instance, can help your skin produce more collagen and may make your skin more supple. Increased suppleness and elasticity may help to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making you appear younger.

4. Wear Sunscreen
You may have heard how important sunscreen is in the prevention of skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen can also help reduce skin damage. Damage from the sun’s rays can cause your skin to show the signs of aging. Sunscreen with an SPF level of 30 can help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Growing old gracefully doesn’t have to mean showing your age. Consider using some of the options above in your quest to recapture younger-looking skin.

Why You Should Never Reboil Boiled Water

Technology has made it a lot easier for us to boil water using electric kettles. They come in many different designs, shapes, sizes and material. But like the good old water kettle, it is always advisable to use fresh water when boiling a new one.

Water from the tap naturally contains chemical components, even germs and bacteria. When you boil water, the chemical components undergo a chemical transformation and the germs and bacteria are killed in the process. When you reboil it, the transformed components like nitrates and fluorides for example become more concentrated. The more you reboil, the more concentrated they become and become  significantly toxic. And you don't want this to enter your body. Who does?

Studies have shown that chemical substances such as arsenic, when accumulated in the body can result in a number of health problems like for example cancer, heart disease, even infertility.  Nitrates become carcinogenic when they are converted to nitrosamines. Water naturally contains calcium salts, a high intake of which can lead to health problems including kidney stones, gallstones. 

If you are pregnant, better be on the safe side and always use fresh water when preparing your tea.

3 Ideas for Kitchen Renovations

After many years of working in the same kitchen, it can sometimes start to feel stale and in need of a revamp. Luckily, there are many available products and services available that can help you renovate your kitchen to one that you are proud to call your own. Here are a few ideas for kitchen renovations.

New Floors
The kitchen can often be a center of activity in a home, and due to this, the floors can get quite worn out. Investing in new floors is a great way to keep your kitchen clean and up to date, and looking at options for floor tiles Honolulu HI is one way to carry out this type of renovation. 

Appliance Upgrades
Kitchen appliances can easily become dated without you really noticing until they're on their last legs. Replacing your appliances with newer, more effective ones will ease your overall kitchen experience. Another benefit of getting new appliances is updating your kitchen to have a sleeker look. New appliances can breathe new life into a kitchen that was just a bit dated.

Granite Countertops
One of the newest trends in popular kitchen design is the addition of granite countertops. What makes granite countertops so effective is the singular, smooth surface that they allow you to perform your kitchen tasks on top of. Traditional kitchen countertops have creases in between tiles where food can get caught. Granite countertops eliminate these for one smooth surface. Plus, the aesthetics of granite countertops can't be beaten.

New floors, appliance upgrades and granite countertops are three ideas for kitchen renovations that will have your kitchen looking and functioning like brand new in no time. The kitchen is such a central part of the home. By renovating it, you're making sure that it stays an effective and functional area that looks great too.

Pregnancy in a Foreign Country

After many years of waiting, I am very happy to announce that we are pregnant with our second child. This is my second pregnancy away from my home country, and is a different country from the first pregnancy, which was in Japan. 

It is not always easy to be pregnant in a foreign country especially if the language is very different. Thankfully, we have been here in Germany for 10 years now, so we are more or less fluent with the German language. Germany also has a very good health care system, and the health insurance pays for the routine check-ups and the medications that may be needed during the course of the pregnancy. There are of course extra medical checks that you will need to pay yourself, the ones that they call IGEL-Leistungen, which are not included in the routine checks but you may choose to get if you are a high-risk pregnancy patient, if there is a history of hereditary illnesses in the family, or if you want to know if your baby is healthy or not.

Here are some of the things I learned while on my pregnancy here: 

If you are pregnant, you will get a Mutterpass (mother passport) from your OB-Gyne, where all important information pertaining to your pregnancy is recorded and which you will need to bring everytime you come for a routine check up.

If you are employed, you also need to inform your employer, the latest when you are past the critical first trimester, that you are pregnant so that you will be registered and protected by the Mutterschutzgesetzt (maternal protection law). This law protects mothers-to-be in the workplace, especially for example those who are doing shifts, are working at the factory, or at areas where they are exposed to harmful chemicals, etc. The law also gives the mother-to-be ample time to prepare herself for D-day. Six weeks before the scheduled birth, the mother may already stop working. She will still get her full income during this time, as well as eight weeks after the baby's birth. The employer and the health insurance company shares in the payment. After this Mutterschutzfrist (maternity protection period), the mother and/or father can apply for Elternzeit (parental leave) as well as for Elterngeld (parental allowance) for a maximum of 14 months. After the parenteral leave, she may opt to go back to work for her employer. 

There are also paperworks that need to prepared. And right after the baby is born, you will also need to find a day care facility and reserve a place so that after the parental leave is up, you can go to work worry-free knowing that your baby is in capable hands.

I still have a long way to go in my pregnancy. I am now on the early stage of the second trimester and with the Corona scare going on, it is not that easy as I thought it would be. I pray that all these will pass, that a cure, a medicine or a vaccine will soon be developed so that we can all move on with our normal lives. There is nothing else that I could wish for but for a healthy and stress-free pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Consider These 3 Essential Snacks When Arranging a Business Meeting

As someone who arranges business meetings at your workplace, you are responsible not only for scheduling and organization but also in providing the optimal environment for each event. During work, attendees may feel tired or hungry and will need small food that energizes them and make them feel better throughout the gathering and the rest of the workday. Consider bringing these snacks to the next work meeting. 

Healthy Foods
The employees will need a high amount of energy to power them through work, especially if the meeting takes place early in the day. Healthy foods ensure that they receive this energy without the side effects of excessive sugar intake, such as bloating and the inevitable energy dip. Consider bringing the following healthful items. 

  • Fruits such as bananas, grapes, orange slices, etc. 
  • Vegetables like carrots, broccoli, lettuce, etc. 
  • Cheese slices including cheddar and mozzarella 
  • Whole wheat bread

You can also combine some of these foods into different arrangements, such as salad bars or small sandwiches. Creative presentations can make healthy foods more appealing. 

Don't forget to accompany snacks with some drinks. Coffee and tea continue to be a favorite for workers, so keep a reasonable supply at hand, as well as a coffee maker, water and other preparation items. People can enjoy the positive benefits of caffeine such as disease prevention and energy boosts when consuming moderate amounts.  Fruit juices like apple and orange bring the same benefits as their bases, while bottled water fulfills daily health requirements. 

While it is important to keep the office snacks healthy, there is nothing wrong with the occasional sweet treat. The trick is to keep desserts small and full of other nutrients besides just sugar. Bring a generous supply of corporate cookies Atlanta, small cupcakes or other pastries to make the attendees' day more interesting.  

Company meetings can feel like a drag at times and lead to distractions and discomfort. Make sure to prepare the right snacks before each meeting to satisfy all involved parties and improve performance and loyalty.   

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Quick Ways To Get the Most Out of Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can give your property that extra vigor after dark. From enhancing the curb appeal of your home or transforming your ordinary spaces to adding an extra layer of security, exterior lighting can make your home shine. Here are quick tips to help you get the most out of outdoor lighting.

Realize That Less Is More
The goal of outdoor lighting is to help you illuminate paths, highlight your landscape, and let you know where buildings and other objects are at night. Therefore, it doesn’t make a lot of sense lighting your home like a sports arena. There are different types of outdoor lights for almost any structure you care to light up, so use the right lighting systems for the right jobs. For instance, use small path lights for your paths, moderately bright tree-mounted spotlights for a hint of moonlight in your backyard, and underwater lights for your ponds and fountains.

Go Green
When you hire an exterior lighting Tampa firm to help you plan your landscape lighting, don’t forget about your environment. Use LED lighting where possible because this type is not only environmentally friendly but also lasts longer than traditional halogen lights. Exterior LED lights can also handle shock, vibration, and other weather elements better than other lighting options. Besides, they can be brightened or dimmed to match the mood of your décor and the depth of your design.

Turn Lights Off When Not Needed
To prevent your exterior lights from overheating, turn them off when you are inside the house or you leave the house entirely. It might help you reduce your energy usage. You can also hire an electrician to help you set up a smart exterior lighting system that can be switched off, dimmed, or adjusted via a smartphone or other mobile device.

With proper and informed planning, exterior lighting can add security, enhance the beauty of your home, and boost the value of your property — all benefits you might enjoy for several years to come. It can be a worthy investment, and an electrical firm can help you figure out the best choices for your home.

3 Ideas To Revamp Your Living Room

If your living room is looking a little drab, it is time to start thinking about sprucing the space up. Here are a few ideas that you can use to make your living room look fabulous and brand new.

Pillows Everywhere
Throw pillows can add that extra pop of color that you need to brighten up this room. They are made from a variety of materials like suede, cotton, silk, velvet, linen and more. They also come in different shapes, including round, rectangular and square, and they can be big, small or anywhere in between. Add throw pillows to your couch, love seat or favorite lounging chair. When it comes to these accessories, be sure to pick the right throw pillows for your space. You do not want to pick something that is too small or too large for its location.

Art can bring a unique feeling to any room, and it is also a great conversation piece. You can buy handmade art to hang on your walls and even display some on your coffee table. You can find art in various forms to use, including handcrafted bowls from wood, ethnic jewelry, oil paintings and self-portraits.

Area Rug
Add a splash of color with an area rug in the middle of the living room. If you choose a rug that matches some of your throw pillows, it can help to bring a bit more balance to the room. Make sure you choose a rug that is the appropriate size for the space it will be in. If it is too small, it will not stand out.

You can liven up your living room by making a few small changes. Add in some throw pillows to add a little brightness, put some art on the wall or tables to provide conversation pieces and bring in a new area rug to add harmony to the room.

Eat Healthy During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, chances are you will have food cravings. The type of food varies - from a variety of exotic fruits that may be hard to get to hearty and savory meat dishes to sweets and confectioneries. It is however important to remember to keep a healthy diet so as not to endanger yourself and your growing baby in your womb.

If you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy, you would need all the vitamins from a balanced healthy diet. Very important for the development of your baby at this stage in the pregnancy are folate (folic acid), iron and vitamin A.

Here are some of the good sources of these three important nutrients:

Spinach, broccoli or green peas soup: Green vegetables are rich in folate and iron. Instead of adding salt, try adding some lemon juice and fresh herbs to season your soup. Along with taking folate supplements, folate-rich foods will help prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida on your developing baby.

Salad with Beetroot: For a really good folate and iron boost, grate raw beetroot or slice cooked beetroot, add it to romaine lettuce or raw baby spinach. Iron helps your body to produce red blood cells for your baby. Vitamin C also supports iron absorption in the body. Add Vitamin C rich foods into your meal. A glass of orange juice, lemon juice in your salad dressing, or some paprika.

Bean salad: An in-between meal that is rich in folate, iron and fibers and easy to prepare and take with you. Mix some kidney beans, pinto beans, lima beans, cow peas, also sweet peas or beluga lentils. You can add corn and paprika for a dash of color, plus it provides beta-carotene, which the body converts to Vitamin A. Your baby needs Vitamin A to develop its organs, circulation, nervous sytem and respiration. It also helps you to defend against infections.

Melon: Enjoy a few slices of honey melon, galia or cantaloupe melon, and with it lots of folate and beta-carotene. It is a very good refreshing snack.

Hard-boiled egg: It contains Vitamin A as well as folic acid and is a good iron source. Cook the egg for eigth to ten minutes, store it a refrigerator for a maximum of three days only from cooking.

Pumpkin or carrot soup: Orange vegetables are rich in beta-carotene. Soups with sweet potato, pumpkin or carrot can be cooked thoroughly. With the addition of pumpkin seeds, you are also adding folate, iron and omega-3-fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for your baby's brain and eyes.

These are just some of the food that you can snack on or add into your diet. Are you able to eat these foods during your pregnancy despite the morning sickness? If you have more food suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.

Wishing you a healthy, safe and happy pregnancy! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

3 Tips For Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can feel as monumental as planning a wedding. After all, you are responsible for the last soiree before the mom-to-be brings new life into the world. Tackle this exciting responsibility by following these few keys steps to create a memorable event.

1. Know the Basics
Start your planning process by determine a few key factors: who, what, when, where and how. Anyone close to the expectant mother can host a baby shower, and it doesn’t need to be a one-person job. Team up with some friends to throw your BFF the shower of her dreams. The shower should be held when the mom-to-be is between 28 and 35 weeks pregnant. You want her energetic and excited for the big event! Finally, determine a locale for the party. There are countless options from churches, restaurants, private home or event spaces.

2. Choose a Theme
Forgo the frilly pink lace or blue elephants for a theme that is really personalized towards the expectant mother. If she loves to read, curate a theme based on her favorite children’s stories and have guests bring literary-themed gifts such as a rocking chair for story time or a personalized ABC book. If your friend is welcoming her second baby and has all the essentials, throw a diaper-themed party to ensure she is well stocked for at least the first few weeks.

3. Have Some Fun
aWhile opening presents, eating and socialization may fill the majority of the baby shower; planning some fun games and activities can make the party more memorable. Tailor these activities to your BFF’s interests. Does she enjoy movement-based games? Or would she rather listen to the quirky advice of experienced mothers? If the party is not a surprise, see if your friend would like to follow the current trend of a gender reveal.

Throwing your BFF a baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate the mom-to-be in your life. Following these few steps will ensure that this day will be a shining highlight in her new family’s journey.

Three Surprising Questions to Ask When Choosing a Daycare Center

Finding the right childcare options for your family may seem like a daunting task. While location, budget and atmosphere play a significant role in choosing the right daycare tampa fl for your child, there are some other questions you might not have thought to ask. Here are three things to address when weighing your options for childcare.

Find Out if Snacks and Meals are Provided
It may seem like a minor thing, but providing food for your kids can be a huge help to parents. Many facilities offer snack and lunch options for children enrolled in their program. Be sure to ask about what's included and what costs extra. It may be an important part of your budget and can also help save precious time in the mornings.

Inquire About Educational or Enrichment Programming
Even at a very young age, children are eager and ready to learn. Find out what types of programs your top choices offer to help you make a more informed decision. Ask if they plan any lessons or activities around math, science or reading, even if they are play-centered. Don't just ask about academics; inquire about enrichment activities as well. Music, art and even foreign language are some of the most common special activities that you could expect to see at some daycare centers.

Ask to See an Example of a Daily Schedule for Each Age Level
What matters most is that your child is in a safe place and well cared for. But you should be wary of a facility that does not have a set structure to their day. Children thrive best in a routine setting, so ask to see what the daily schedule looks like for each age level at the center. Not only will it help you know what to expect for this year, but you can also see what the future would hold if you stay long-term.

Don't skip the details when choosing a daycare center for your child. Asking the right questions can help you make the best choice for your family.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Studio Ghibli Films Coming Soon on Netflix

There is now another to keep your Netflix subscription. If you love Totoro, Kiki, Princess Mononoke, among other unforgettable, kawai and loveable Ghibli characters, rejoice! Because they are coming soon on Netflix! Yay!!!!

My daughter loves Anime... She was disappointed when Netflix stopped showing the Pokemon series. Maybe it has something to do with airing rights and licenses. But anway, we are so happy that Ghibli films are coming soon on Netflix... On the 1st of February to be exact.

The films will be released one after another beginning Feb. 1st. The first seven films available in February are the following:
Castle in the Sky / Das Schloss im Himmel (1986)
My Neighbor Totoro / Mein Nachbar Totoro (1988)
Kiki's Delivery Service / Kikis kleiner Lieferservice (1989)
Only Yesterday / Tränen der Erinnerung (1991)
Porco Rosso (1992)
Ocean Waves / Flüstern des Meeres(1993)
Tales from Earthsea / Die Chroniken von Erdsee (2006)

1. March 2020:

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind / Nausicaä - Prinzessin aus dem Tal der Winde (1984)
Princess Mononoke / Prinzessin Mononoke (1997)
My Neighbors the Yamadas / Meine Nachbarn die Yamadas (1999)
Spirited Away / Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland (2001)
The Cat Returns / Das Königreich der Katzen (2002)
Arrietty / Arrietty - Die wundersame Welt der Borger (2010)
The Tale of the Princess Kaguya / Die Legende der Prinzessin Kaguya (2013)

1. April 2020
Pom Poko (1994)
Whisper of the Heart  / Stimme des Herzens (1995)
Howl's Moving Castle / Das wandelnde Schloss (2004)
Ponyo / Ponyo - Das große Abenteuer am Meer (2008)
From Up on Poppy Hill / Der Mohnblumenberg (2011)
The Wind Rises / Wie der Wind sich hebt (2013)
When Marnie was There / Erinnerungen an Marnie (2014)

So there you have it! Something to look forward in the coming months! Enjoy binge watching!

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

Moving can be a tedious task that requires a lot of effort and resources. Every moving situation is unique in the kind of professional attention it needs. Fortunately, Kings Transfer and a multitude of other reliable movers are ready to help you move. But how do you choose the best moving company?

When choosing the best moving company, the key is research. Moving can be a stressful process with unforeseen issues, which is why you need to find the right movers who best suit your needs. Below are three qualities to look for when shopping around for a moving service.

The first step is ensuring the company you’re hiring is a registered business with all the relevant documents, permits, and licenses from relevant authorities. Such documentation is meant to ensure that all the laws, regulations, and due processes are followed during the move process. Possession of all the required documentation is a good indicator of the mover’s credibility and professionalism.

Depending on how big or involving the move is, it can be a complicated process that requires constant communication between you and the movers. There's a need to maintain punctuality and the moving schedule, which is why you should examine the mover’s client compliance and responsiveness.

Staffing and Equipment
One of the most important details about moving is the expertise required. When evaluating possible movers, you should consider checking on the knowledge, skills, and experience of the staff in the field. Another aspect to consider is the availability of proper moving equipment and facilities. The mover's skills and moving equipment come in handy, especially when dealing with delicate possessions and unusual items. Proper organization and preparedness of a mover is an element of a good work ethic.

Finally, when evaluating possible movers, request for estimates and quotes from different companies and compare their prices. You should keep in mind that low prices do not always equal quality services. Look for value in both professionalism and cost as well.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Adding some Nature to Your Home or Office

If you are stuck at home for a good deal of the day, or have a home office, it might give you an emotional boost to add a touch of nature to help connect you to the outside world. There are a few especially helpful ways to do that so take a look at this list.

Flowering plants can add a burst of color and brightness to your space. Try a dramatic sky blue hydrangea, a classy pink cyclamen or a sunshine colored kalancho or potted gerbera. Green plants can give off oxygen and help keep your room fresh. For an easy to grow plant, choose dieffenbachia, a peace lily plant or elephant ear plant. Living plants need to be placed near direct or indirect sunlight, depending on the plant.

The meditative quality of watching fish as they glide through the water can have a very relaxing effect and help release tension and stress. Their colorful tanks can also add a pop of cheerful color to your space. Check into renting something like the cabinet aquarium Denver residents are loving. Whether you prefer tropical fish or the more common varieties, consider adding a touch of life to your space.

If you have a good window you are luckier than most. When you just have a small window, you may find mirrors helpful as they can reflect the natural sunlight throughout the room. You may also want to consider a sunlight lamp – the type that people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) have. Those lamps are especially helpful for those who have an office space without windows or one located in a basement.

You may choose to use one or all of these methods to breathe new life into your space. Whether your office is located in your home or a skyscraper, the effect can be beneficial to both your mood and your state of mind.

Soon To Be Four

Babies will always be miracles. For women like me who only have one child, it could be that you are content with one or you long for more. For my case, it is the latter. I grew with 3 siblings, and it was always a delight to be playing with them and going on adventures and getting into mischiefs. I also want my daughter to experience that love, that bond between siblings. She is now almost in her teens but she has also hoped to get a sibling or two someday.

My journey to a second pregnancy has not been an easy one because we are only using natural methods. So many factors also affected my conceiving or non-conceiving a child: my menstruation cycle suddenly became irregular a couple of years ago, we are both stressed from work, we are too busy, we are getting older as the years pass, etc., etc. And just when we thought it was not meant to be, He answered our heart's prayer. We just learned that we are pregnant! I am very happy and grateful, I am doing a happy dance! I want to share it to the entire world but I am keeping it quiet just until we are sure that this baby, this life growing inside of me, will make it through the crucial first 12 weeks. Please Lord, let him/her be develop into a healthy one!

And yes, He has His own way and own timing. So many new changes are coming our way this year... I pray that He will continue to guide us in our new journey. That He will continue to guide our decisions and pave the way for us, as He always faithfully does. 

Benefits of Hiring an Airport Shuttle Service

Whether you're going on a business trip or taking a family vacation, you likely want a smooth and stress-free trip to the airport. But that trip to the airport may or may not involve taking your car. There are many reasons you may want to leave your car at home and rely on a shuttle service to get you from galveston to houston airport.

Get There on Time
There's probably nothing worse about traveling than arriving at the airport too late and missing your flight. Booking an airport shuttle service in advance can ensure that you get to the airport on time. That's because drivers must be prompt and ensure you make your flight. Shuttle bus drivers have years of driving experience under their belts and know all the city's routes. They also know about all the different roads and routes around the airport, which allows them to avoid traffic jams and get to the airport as quickly as possible.

Enjoy Your Commute
An airport shuttle bus service can take stress off you and give you one less thing to worry about. You won't have to stress over hailing a cab, finding a parking spot or waiting on public transportation. You can schedule your curbside pickup and relax while someone else drives you to your destination. Not to mention, most shuttles offer air conditioning, music and large TV screens, which are all bonus features that can help make your commute even more enjoyable.

Save Money
At first, you may think that taking the airport shuttle will cost you more than driving to the airport yourself. However, when you consider the time, gas and parking cost of driving your car to the airport, you may realize that taking the shuttle can be more economical. 

Hiring an airport shuttle service may not be the first thing that comes to mind when traveling, but it can be well worth the consideration and cost.

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