Friday, June 4, 2010

Home Alone

It is my first time to be home alone. Hubby has no work today and he and Samantha went out to eat some ice cream and spend some time together as father and daughter. I am sure that they will have lots of fun strolling in the park, chasing around, looking at people and all. We have a very fine weather today and it is a perfect day to go out for a walk.

Why am I staying at home? I decided to be left behind. If not for my mounting tasks, both online and offline, and an aching tummy, I would have gone with them. But I just don't have the energy and the luxury of time. Perhaps I need all natural vitamins to help me make it through the day or I could choose to just take a nap.

The house feels so empty without my two loves. I should be happy that nobody is calling me to come with her to the living room. I should be happy that Hubby is not asking me when lunch is gonna be ready or where are my keys. I should be happy that no one is distracting me or bothering me. But nope, I am not happy at all. I feel home... alone. But I know that this will pass. I guess I am just not used to being home alone ever since I had Sam.

So now, I am off to do some serious work. So I may forget that I am home alone.

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