Monday, September 28, 2020

What Are the Different Types of Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning is something of a misnomer. It is more accurate to refer to it as food-borne illness. It usually happens by accident because of pathogens in the food. When you eat the food, the micro-organism gets into your system and causes an infection.

Pathogens get into your food in different ways. Sometimes the food is exposed to contaminated water. Sometimes the person preparing the food doesn't wash their hands before handling it, allowing the food to become contaminated with fecal matter. Sometimes the pathogens are already present in the food and can make you sick if it is undercooked or stored without adequate chiller service Austin TX. In any case, there are three main types of pathogens that can cause food-borne illness.

Not all pathogenic viruses can cause disease if they get in your food. However, certain viruses already present in food can cause disease. An example is hepatitis A, which causes disease of the liver. Norovirus is a fairly common, highly contagious, and occasionally fatal food-borne pathogen that sickens approximately 19 million people annually. Other, less common food-borne viruses include astrovirus and rotavirus.

Most food-borne illnesses are caused by bacteria. These microscopic organisms are present throughout the environment. Many are harmless and some are beneficial, but others can cause disease. Some of the most common culprits behind food-borne bacterial infection are salmonella and E. coli. Cooking the food typically kills the bacteria, but cross-contamination of preparing other foods alongside raw meat can spread bacterial infection.

A parasite is a creature that lives off a host organism for as long as possible. In the case of food-borne illness, parasites usually take up residence in the digestive tract. Parasitic infection is not as common a cause of food-borne illness as a bacterial infection, and some people are not aware of it because they show no symptoms. However, other people can have serious complications from parasitic infections, especially pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems.

Food poisoning typically causes gastrointestinal complaints as well as headaches and weakness. You should see a doctor immediately for dehydration and other severe symptoms.

The Bonus Kindergeld

Until today, the human race is still on the race to find an effective and safe vaccine against the novel corona virus which has plagued the entire world since December 2019. It has never been easy for many of us who are greatly affected by the lockdowns. Some have lost their jobs, some families lost a loved one to the virus, some have no choice but to work from home, some have to work less hours resulting to lesser income. 

We did not see this coming and it is a good thing that here in Germany, there are many support packages that the government is offering. One of them is the bonus Kindergeld (child care allowance) amounting to €300.00 per child. This bonus allowance is automatically given to children who are receiving the child care allowance in two installments: €200 in September and €100 in October. For children who are first born this year, they will also receive the bonus allowance but at a late time. The schedule for the release of the funds is dependent on the last digit of your reference number. For our first child, we already received the €200 a few days before the scheduled day. It was really a welcome surprise for us as we really could use the extra cash to purchase new clothes and school supplies as the new school year recently started.

How to Give Your Shop a Unique, Eclectic Feel

For a shop that offers more unique items, you need a store-front that offers that same look and feel. If your small business consists of boring walls and uninteresting décor, you may need to give your little shop some personality. Don’t let your store bore your patrons and instead try these tips to introduce some eclectic style.

Go Custom
If you are looking to embrace the extraordinary in your shop’s style, you need anything but ordinary. Choose something that reflects the vibe of your shop with custom furniture finishing San Antonio TX and fun features. Don’t let the traditional and full hold you back and embrace something a bit more fun and visually intriguing.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color
If you want to go eclectic with your look, don’t be afraid of smart but bold use of color. Pick a focal color for your space and stick to that; however, make a big statement with a loud color and use it to tie the whole room together.

Be Intentional
When many people think eclectic, they imagine a hodgepodge of disarray; however, eclectic style is anything but random. Everything from your color choice to the furniture to the wares that you sell needs to be curated with care. While you will mix and match when fully embracing this style, you must be intentional with your choice to have a cohesive and clean end result.

Understanding the Style
Many people find themselves confused or unclear when it comes to eclectic design. Before you venture off on your visionary venture, make sure that you take some time to understand what eclectic style entails. This can help you avoid a décor disaster and instead have a shop that will speak for itself as soon as guests enter.

For an extraordinary shop and shop owner, you need an extraordinary style. If you want your shop to have a true personality that is all its own, go eclectic and embrace this aesthetic from top to bottom.

Monday, September 7, 2020

An Angel Is Born

My dearest Lilly,

You came earlier than expected. And nothing could have prepared us of your coming although we have been excitedly waiting for you since you were  conceived. It took years, you see, before I got pregnant with you. We have prayed for you and He has answered our prayers at a time when we least expected it.

I had my worries during the course of my pregnancy with you, because I was turning forty and there are lots of risks that go with a late pregnancy. But our Lord is gracious and faithful and gave us a healthy baby girl. There were complications during childbirth, but it was all perhaps for a reason. You are now 19 days old and growing bigger and filling our days with surprises and our sleepless nights with wonder. Looking back at what we have been through the past couple of weeks, I could say that you have been through a lot, that I still cry remembering your pain each time they wanted to get your blood samples for tests. The Corona pandemic didn't make it any easier for us, as it did not allow for hospital visits from other family members and friends but the positive thing is, we were able to bond better and have the time just for ourselves. 

There are lots of challenges, surprises that will come our way, in this journey together with you but I am positive and happy because everyone in the family is here to support you and me: your daddy, your big sister and even our dog Suki. For that I am grateful. We are all happy that you, our little angel, is born. And we have lots of plans with you, going on family trips and family adventures, or just spending lazy days at home.

We welcome you into our life, our little angel, our Lilly Anne. We thank God for you. Thank you for being born.

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