Thursday, June 16, 2022

Baptism Invitations

So our little angel will soon be baptized. The church schedule has been set. Our chosen priest has confirmed that he will baptize our little girl (Yahoo!). We have registered the baptism at the church and we have also informed the godparents. All that is left is for us to finalize the venue where we will celebrate with family and friends and then we can proceed with  sending out the invitations.

Speaking of invitations, I am torn between making the invitations myself or just have it printed at my tried-and-tested print shop Saal Digital. Thinking that making the invites myself will take up a lot of time, I decided against it. And so I opened my Saal digital software, purchased some watercolor foliage cliparts, tweaked the layout, and my invite is finished in no time! But of course, the venue is not yet final, so I will still have to edit this one.

The front of the invitation card.

The back of the invitation with a bible verse I chose for Lilly to live by.

The inside of the invitation card with the time, date and place.

I wanted it to be simple and clean. What do you think? Did I nail it?

Saturday, June 11, 2022

What is Predictive Monitoring When Installing Roofs

Buildings are designed to withstand significant snow loads, but in mountainous or sub-mountain states, abnormal weather conditions can cause roof collapses. Several roof collapses occur each year due to winter storms, and they disrupt daily operations. Keeping an eye on your roof can help you avoid such a disaster. By predictive monitoring the condition of your roof, you can make necessary adjustments and avoid huge financial losses.

Infrared imaging
The use of infrared imaging for predictive monitoring is a great way to detect moisture problems before they cause costly damage to a building. Thermal imaging can be done with drones and is effective in areas where building construction can cause structural damage. Infrared images can also help inspectors better diagnose problem areas on a roof. If water is trapped in these areas, the inspector can use the information to make the necessary repairs before the roof collapses.

Aerial infrared imaging is the most accurate way to determine whether a roof has the potential to leak. However, this method is costly and requires a dry roof, minimal winds, and no rain. Aerial infrared imaging allows for more precise measurements due to its high spatial resolution. Unlike on-roof cameras, aerial infrared imaging can detect the nuances of temperature in small areas and pinpoint problems that are too small to be detected by other means.

Vibration monitoring
A vibration monitoring system is a method of detecting passing movements in the ground and structure. The devices used to detect vibrations are known as seismographs, and they are used to diagnose potential vibration damage problems before construction begins and post-construction. The main advantage of vibration monitoring is its affordability. A single device can monitor several properties, including roof and structure vibrations. To learn more, read on. In addition to its cost-effectiveness, vibration monitoring systems can help you avoid a number of problems related to construction.

A good vibration monitoring system should record time history data, which is crucial for post-analysis. In some cases, it may be difficult to identify the source of a vibration from a captured spectra and time history. In such cases, it is imperative to use a system that allows post-analysis to determine the cause of the vibrations. However, it is important to understand the importance of vibration monitoring to ensure safety and quality of construction.

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to make its way into the construction and roofing industries. Perhaps the most common use is GPS monitoring. This allows a truck to communicate its location and activity to someone in a different location. This type of technology can help prevent accidents and help keep employees and homes safe. Here are some ways IoT will help improve the way construction and roofing professionals work together. And it's not just about GPS monitoring.

The Internet of Things gateway on the edge of the network acts as a bridge between a local sensor network and cloud services. Sensor nodes are configured to send data every minute to the IoT gateway. The configuration of the IoT gateway is based on a LoRa communication protocol with transmission power of 23 dB, frequency of 915 MHz, spreading factor of 7, and BW = 125 kHz.

Lilly is Getting Baptized!

Finally, after almost 2 years, our little angel will be baptized. We were finally able to make arrangements after months of waiting. We were finally able to set the date with the church and with our Filipino community chaplain. I am excited actually, and beginning to make plans... Well, at least in  my head. 😁

So why baptism? 

As a Catholic, it is important to have my children baptized also as Catholics, and raise them to be good children, and learn and understand our Christian faith. Being baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, they become a part of our great Catholic community, who will in a way, also be their support system as they journey in their faith. 

Anyway, since the venue for the baptism has been set, all that is left is to finalize the location for the celebration after the baptismal ceremony. We are still debating on how to proceed: whether we would book in a restaurant or rent a hall and engage a caterer. There are of course various factors to consider, like finances, manpower needed, suppliers for flowers and decorations, and time. Once the venue for the reception is finalized, I can start giving out invitations to our friends. For he guests, I already have a preliminary  list. Depending on the location, I can limit it to a specific number of people or add more guests to it. 

Well I do hope we will be able to finalized by next week so that we can finally send out invitations. Since the baptism will be in summer, we have to send them out early so that those who have vacation plans can also take the baptismal date into account. 

I plan to do DIYs as much as time allows me to: like the invitations, baptismal mass hymnal, table decor, baptismal favors, etc. And then delegate some tasks to the godparents. Hopefully, I will have the time to execute these ideas and plans. I am actually excited about it. I am happy to know that we can finally welcome our little princess into our big Catholic community and I will be at ease, knowing that she will soon receive God's blessing. 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Animal Health Insurance

Animal health insurance's most common benefits include unlimited payouts, protection against pre-existing conditions, and cheaper premiums. Read on to discover how to get animal health insurance for your beloved pet. Also, learn about coverage limitations and avoid them. Whether you want to protect your pet's health or pay for emergency veterinary care, ark insurance is a wise investment.

Pre-existing conditions
When purchasing an animal life insurance policy, it's essential to be aware of pre-existing conditions. Dogs and cats share several curable diseases. To save money on pet insurance, be mindful of your pet's common ailments, and shop around. Some policies may cover pre-existing conditions while others may not. It is also essential to know which states are excluded.

Most insurance policies will not cover pre-existing conditions, though you can still enroll in pet insurance if you have diagnosed your pet with one. Insurers typically view pets with pre-existing conditions as high risk and can only offset the cost of medical benefits if they've already been diagnosed. You may want to consider this when buying a policy. A dog's life span can range anywhere from 10 to 13 years.

Unlimited payouts
You may be tempted to choose an animal life insurance policy that provides unlimited payouts. However, this can be problematic. The policy will have a deductible, which can be expensive and only covers medical costs up to a specific limit. The procedure may not reimburse a portion of the charges, which can be frustrating for you and your pet. Fortunately, some options to consider will provide unlimited payouts for your animal.
The policy covers behavioral and holistic treatments, nonroutine dental procedures, and diagnostic tests. Because there are no annual limits, you can rest assured that you will always be able to cover all of your pet's medical bills. In addition, it pays out quickly, with most claims settled within days. Another advantage of this plan is that it covers hereditary and alternative therapies. However, there is a 15-day waiting period before you can claim for injuries caused by the cruciate ligaments. Another downside is that hip dysplasia is not covered unless your pet is older than six.
Cheaper when your pets are young When you acquire animal life insurance, the younger your pets are, the cheaper it will be. This is because it will be cheaper to treat illnesses that start before the policy is set up. In addition, the younger your pets are, the less likely they are to develop any pre-existing conditions. Plus, the younger your pets are, the less likely they will get an illness during the plan's term, so the older your pets get, the more expensive the policy will be.
Although acquiring insurance for older pets may be cheaper than insuring your pets younger, it is still cheaper in the long run. This is because the older your pet gets, the more likely it is to get sick or injured. Also, insurers charge more for older pets because they are more prone to injuries and illnesses. However, you may get the best bang for your buck if your animals are healthy and uninsured.

Limitations on coverage
There are numerous limits to animal life insurance coverage. Because insurance data are based on insured animals, the amount of coverage that each animal can receive will depend on its age. However, the amount of coverage that a dog or a cat can receive is much lower than human beings. For example, a pet's life insurance policy will not cover the costs of a traumatic accident or a disease. In addition, coverage for some conditions is limited to a certain age.
The researchers plan to analyze animal insurance data from Sweden, beginning with data on cats. Future studies will also look at insurance data from other countries. Detailed information about the population and insurance policies should be available to determine the extent of animal insurance coverage. The basic tenet that animals are 'at risk' must be realistic. If not, there must be a better way to assure pet owners and ensure affordable animal health insurance.

Saturday, April 9, 2022

4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Your Own Home

Building a new house may seem low-cost compared to buying an existing one. However, if you're not careful the entire process may be more trouble—and more expensive—than it's worth. By steering clear of these problems, you can make your dreams a reality.

Rocky Soil
If you want a home with a basement, you're going to want to avoid building on property with bedrock or overly rocky ground. In those conditions, you can't just dig out your foundation with a backhoe. You will have to find a contractor that can either cut through the layers or blast through them with explosives, the cost of which may not be within your budget limits.

Marshy Soil
If you plan on building your home near a body of water, you should investigate yearly ground saturation. While mechanical dewatering will help during construction, you might have to amend the ground with truckloads of soil and create a drainage system, both of which can be costly. Depending on how marshy the land is, a basement may be out of the picture entirely.

No Contracts
Contact a reputable lawyer to draft up a contract with the businesses involved in building your home, no matter how small they are. This sets in stone not only prices but time frames, and defines contingency plans for setbacks, ensuring that you're living in your new home on the schedule you have set.
Home construction isn't something that you want to do by the seat of your pants. By having everything laid out before you break ground, you can be 100% certain of costs and needs.

No Inspection

While your contractors may be amazing, have someone else double-check their work. A licensed home inspector will be able to guarantee that everything is installed properly and up to code, pointing out if you weren't given the quality service you were promised.

Not only is building your own home cost-effective in some situations, but it is also very satisfying. You are creating a home that is truly yours.

Palm Sunday

Tomorrow, we celebrate Palm Sunday. As Christians, we commemorate Jesus as he enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey. All the people greeted him and laid palms and branches along his path. We rejoice and shout, "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord."

May this Palm Sunday remind us of the paschal mystery of Jesus, his passion, death and resurrection. 

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Ways to Make Music in Small Spaces

Do you love making music but live in a tiny home or recreational vehicle? When living in tight quarters, you have to be deliberate about every item you own. If you love to make music, choosing the right musical instrument for your small space is crucial. Here are ways to make music in small spaces.

Play a Keyboard Rather Than a Piano

You can still indulge your passion for playing the keys by buying a keyboard rather than a piano. Install the keyboard on small spring loaded casters to make it easy to move so that it doesn't get damaged when you relocate it into a closet or far corner.

Learn To Play the Guitar
Guitars are lighter and can fit into a tight corner. They also make less noise won't irritate family members the way a louder musical instrument might. A guitar is also a bit hit at family campfires. If you don't know how to play, you can take guitar lessons online. Once you learn it, you'll find playing your guitar a delightful experience.

Get a Recorder
Think about investing in a recorder. Not a tape recorder, but rather the musical instrument you see in Shakespearean plays. The recorder is a woodwind instrument made mostly of wood although some are made of ivory. They make a lovely, clear sound and take hardly any space. They're also very light.

It's the instrument of choice if you live in a van or cramped recreational vehicle. Once you learn how to play the recorder, you can then move on to other woodwind instruments.

If you long to play a musical instrument but don't have a lot of space in your small home or recreational vehicle, don't despair. There's an instrument you can learn to play. With it, you'll be making music in no time.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Easy Ways To Improve Your Lawn

Your lawn displays your home from the outside. A well-maintained property makes a home beautiful. Also, if you are considering selling your house, ensure that the home's first impression sells. If you have problems maintaining your lawn to proper standards, here are tips that can help you out.

Water Your Lawn
You have probably watered your lawn, and you keep wondering why the grass keeps disappointing you. As you water the grass, ensure you water your grass less often but water deeply. You can turn on your sprinklers to run for 30 minutes to ensure the water gets beyond the roots. The key is to help your grass learn to retain moisture in its roots and use it slowly.

Cut The Proper Height
When setting up your lawn maw blades, ensure to select the correct height. Cutting too low will expose the roots. Cutting the tall grass results in pests hiding in the grass, and generally, long grass is untidy. You can research the proper height for grass on a lawn. However, most decent lawns have grass from 2 inches to 2 and a half inches long.

Hire A Professional

Professional landscape maintainers have the best equipment to ensure that your grass is properly aerated, the grass is of the proper height, and it has adequate water. Landscape maintenance North County-based professionals will also recommend the right maintenance tips for your lawn. Hiring a landscape management company will help you focus on your job and family without worrying about your compound appearance.

Use The Natural Grass Manure

You have probably noted that grass easily rots after being cut. You can choose to leave the grass to decompose and recycle it as manure. It will also act as mulch for newly planted grass that has not grown close together yet. Also, remember to reduce excess thatch in the grass for proper soil aeration.

Use Kitchen Compost
You can use your kitchen waste to create compost in the back of your yard. Use the compost to feed your grass once in a while. Natural compost manure helps your grass become greener and healthier. Avoid high synthetic fertilizers used on grass because they may turn pale.

Use Corn Gluten
Using corn gluten has proved to help the grass eradicate pests and diseases. Also, it helps add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. However, if your grass is infested with multiple pests, you should consider artificial pesticides before introducing corn gluten the next time.

For a healthy and appealing lawn, remember to water the grass deeply. Kitchen compost will help your grass develop a dark green color and be healthy. Also, cutting the grass to the desired height will improve the appearance of the lawn.

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