Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sightseeing In Zürich

Zürich is a beautiful place with its museums, lake, old castles and churches. We came for a visit the last time we were invited by friends to come to Switzerland.

On our way to the garage parking. There was a long line
but we didn't mind waiting because we had a splendid view of the city.

I first set foot in Zürich in February of last year during our information trip here Germany but I only got the chance to see the city center a few weeks ago. Zürich is about a three-hour drive from Stuttgart, Germany and although it is an expensive city, one can still have lots of fun sightseeing without hurting your budget.

We came only to Zürich for a day and to make good use of our time, we didn't go inside the museums but rather opted to walk around the city all by ourselves. We had no maps nor did we prepare for our stops for that day. It was just an "anything goes" type of sightseeing... and we did pretty much see most of the city with our so-called itinerary.

We were able to see most of the attractions like:

1. The Bahnhofstrasse, Zürich's high shopping street with it's shops selling designer items.

2. Lake Zürich, one of Zürich's most popular destination because it is clean and calm and ideal for walks.

3. St. Peter's Church, Zürich's oldest church with a Romanesque architectural style.

4. Fraumünster, one of the most splendid Gothic churches with amazing glass

We hope to see Zürich's surroundings and the Swiss countryside on our next visit.


Karen Chayne said...

wow! what a lovely visit you had in zurich sis! my mom actually lives there! so nice to see those lovely scenery.

clayts said...

Loved Zurich, just dont go on a sunday - everything is shut!

kamz said...

Hi Clayts.. indeed the shops are closed on Sundays, as in most European countries.

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