Monday, February 28, 2011

A Year Older or Younger?

It actually depends on how you see it. Pessimistic people see birthdays as getting a year older. Optimistic people see birthdays as getting a year younger than the next birthday. Witnessing a young woman's eighteenth birthday celebration last Saturday and celebrating my little girl's third birthday today makes me feel a little bit of both. I celebrate the fact that they have reached another phase in their lives, one who has now more independence but more responsibilities and one who is now more active and has more attention to detail. I also feel, well... old, I might buy HGH to cover up my age.

In a few months, I will turn a year older too. I am thankful for this life though and I hope to make good use of it. I want to have one or two more kids, I want to celebrate life with my family and friends, I want to always be there for my family, I want to grow old and see my grandchildren, I want to check the many "places to visit" off my list and see the world with my loved ones in my own two eyes, I want to laugh, to look at the sunrise and sunset with my loved ones, I want to live with the moment and in the moment because I know that they all will pass, as they always do.

There's so many things in life that I want to do so I might as well think positively. I am even being dramatic and sentimental and all. And it's not even my birthday yet! Lol!

Happy 3rd Candle Cake!

Thanks to my cousin for giving me the idea for the title. And yes, my little girl will be blowing her third candle today. I would always find myself sighing and saying "ambilis!" because she is really growing up so fast. She has come a long way too!

My mom texted me as early as yesterday, wishing my little girl a happy birthday. My sisters were one of the firsts to post birthday greetings on my Facebook Wall. I cannot help but miss them because I know they miss us, especially my little girl. If there is one thing that I wish I could do now, that would be to celebrate my little girl's birthday with family. While we do have a big spiritual family here that's the next best thing, nothing could compare to your real kin.

I am happy for my little girl nonetheless because it is day after all. I know that there are many people who love her. Thanks everyone for all your warm and heartfelt greetings. Know that my little princess appreciate every word and thought. Yours truly will see to it that she remembers you all!

There's a smile on my lips as I think about this day. It's just a beautiful day because it is my little girl's 3rd Candle Cake! 

Happy Birthday Samantha Ysabelle! As Mommy and Daddy always say, we will always be here for you. ALWAYS. HERE. May our good Lord bless you, you who have made my dream of becoming a mom a reality. Thank you for teaching me to be humble, to be patient and look at things the way you do. You are so little and yet you have done so many great things for me. I feel more blessed to witness you grow. May this day be a very happy and enjoyable one.

The More I Need A Laptop

Going out of town sometimes makes me crazy because I am uncertain whether I would be able to get my hands on a computer and check up on my emails and online tasks. My mind was partly thinking about my online tasks, and my fingers were itching to type a few blog posts, some alli reviews included.

It has always been the case. Each time we would go out of town, for the weekend or longer, I would silently wish I had a laptop with an internet connection so that I can "work" even on the road. In most cases, we would just drive to our destination and during the drive, lots of interesting blog post ideas come. It would have been a very productive drive if I were able to write them all down, right?

My worry would boil down to frustration if I still wouldn't master the courage to ask if I can borrow a laptop from someone. A laptop is after all something very personal. The longer we stay at a certain place, the more I would resolve to buy my very own laptop. But when we arrive home, and I can finally check on my emails and opps, the resolve goes away. Then I would say to myself again, what do I need a laptop for? It's funny how I change my mind so quickly.

A Night To Remember

I mentioned in my previous blog that the family went to Switzerland. Why? We were invited by our friends to attend the 18th birthday celebration of the daughter of their close friends their. It was a very beautiful celebration, even my little who had fever that afternoon couldn't help but join in, partied the night away and even took me to the dance floor to dance.

The family at the reception hall of the venue. 
A family photo on events such as this is a must. 
At least for me. Hehehe!

The venue was nice, the live band was very good, the decoration was nice, the food was very good, the program was superb, everything was just nice! I had to set aside my non-existing "weight-loss program" and just allowed myself to eat what's served on the buffet table. To stop feeling a little less guilty, I vowed to hit the fitness studio again. I even told myself , "there's always diet pills" that will help me lose weight afterward.

My little girl with Joebelle, the debutante's sister, and Kathy May, the debutante.

After the sumptuous dinner, the showcase of talents and some Filipino traditions related to 18th Birthday celebrations followed. We were amazed at the talents that the Filipino children had. Most of them know how to play at least one musical instrument. They also have very beautiful voices and have very great dance moves. The changing of the shoes and candle ceremonies were two of the more touching parts in the celebration. The speech of the debutante at the end of the program was also very beautiful, although I didn't understand most of it because it was spoken in Swiss German.

Suppository Please

Thursday evening, my little girl could not sleep well again because of dry cough. She also has a little fever. We were scheduled to travel on Friday to Switzerland and so Hubby and I decided to have her checked by her pedia before we leave, just so we could get some new medication and to get off our worries. We were worrying that it might be asthma because this illness runs in my family. We were actually expecting the worse. Thankfully the pedia said that it was just common colds and she gave my little girl a new prescription.

Worries gone, we drove for Switzerland. What we didn't know was that the cough syrup tasted so bad. My little girl's taste buds just couldn't take it and she would throw up the instant it reaches her tongue. Then our friend suggested that we buy the suppository alternative to it. We went to the pharmacy and was able to buy the corresponding suppository. We also bought colds cream to help her breath easier when she goes to sleep. The cream turned out to be very effective as it helped her sleep without waking up every minute or so due to coughing. The suppository was also helpful as it helped to loosen the phlegm.

Although my little girl would say "Ouchy!" when I insert the suppository, I think it is far less agony for her. She wouldn't need to throw up and exhaust the little energy she has left. Poor little one! She looks so fragile now because she lost a lot of weight during the week. To think today is her birthday. Next time she gets sick again, I would ask her pedia to prescribe suppositories.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ah, Branson

Ever planning on going on a vacation in the US? I sure would love to go. The United States is still, after all, the big apple and every state just has something unique and extraordinary to offer its variety of visitors.

There are lots of things that one can do in the US. Sightseeing, visiting family and friends, going on an adventure. From city streets to outdoor sights, the fifty states of America can make it all worthwhile. If you are running out of ideas on what to do, going on a Branson Missouri vacation would be a good way to start. There is just a multitude of nice and fun things to do there, whoever you may be. While it boasts of being the "Live Music Capital of the World", there is actually more that one can do here that the entire family can enjoy.

Should an invitation to come and visit the USA arrives, I wouldn't hesitate to go. It is a dream to somehow be able to set foot on US soil, and check the fifty states one by one off my "places to visit" list.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sizzling Hot Summer

Summer means sand, sun and surf. It will not be complete without a day or two of swimming. Of course, swimming will not be complete without the latest swimwear from Swimwear Boutique. With the latest collection of bathing suits, one can choose from a variety of styles, colors and designs. There are one piece, two-piece, separates, luxury and designer swimwear to choose from. There is even the latest collection for men and kids. No matter what body shape and skin color you have, there will always be one that will fit your styling needs.

Two-piece swimwear always goes perfect for women with model-like figures. Looking for fresh and cool designs? Check out the Blue Swirl series of the Caffe 2011 collection. The tropical prints of this designer swimwear collection is just to die for. Not to mention the seamless stitching that gives any woman that flattering fit. If I had that kind of figure, I would definitely grab one!

But one cannot despair yet because women with tummies like me can still strut in the sand looking all glam and fab with figure friendly materials, shirring design and cuts that cover up and control the tummy and give you that slimming silhouette. If you want to look "ten pounds lighter in ten seconds", check out the Miraclesuit 2011 Swimwear, Swimsuits and Bikinis collection.

If you are blessed and well-endowed, you can also find lots of designer swimwear for women with bra cups sized D-K. Bikinis with soft cups and which lifts and separates the bust will make you appear less top heavy and can take years off your figure. Swimwear styles with ruching around the bust will minimize breasts. Wide-strapped halter necks are good for well-endowed because they provide support and accentuate narrow shoulders.

What of the small breasted or flat chested women? Avoid those styles that simply cuts straight across your body like boy shorts. Your best options are string bikinis. Choose designs with frills, diagonal lines and bright, cheerful patterns because they give you the illusion of curves. Padded or ruffled bikini tops also work beautifully for this type of figure.

Of course, whatever your size and shape, the most important thing in choosing swimwear is that it fits you just right and you are comfortable in it. Only then will you be able to have fun and your self-confidence will just naturally come out. Have fun choosing from the many designs, colors and shapes at the Swimwear Boutique's 2011 Swimwear collection. There is also an ongoing FREE GROUND SHIPPING so might as well take advantage of it as it only runs for a limited time. Enjoy your shopping!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Little Work Space

My eyes are bothering me again. I can't seem to study for long hours because my head would begin aching. Maybe from too much studying? I can't even work too long with the computer because my eyes would get watery after a couple of hours. Perhaps I don't have enough lighting here in our office room. Perhaps that is the reason. I only have a single light bulb here. I am lucky if I can work during the day because I can just roll up the blinds and light will come flooding into the room. But in the evenings and early mornings, the problem comes.

This is how my work desk looks like. This is where I spend most of my time when I am not in school and my little girl is in kindergarten and my husband is at the office. It really is a nice one. We purchased this one at Ikea and hubby and I had to work together for almost two hours because the assembly is quite complicated. All that is missing is a desklamp. I should purchase one. And soon. And perhaps I could also use an additional side table where I can study because there is not enough room for my notes and for writing on this one.

There is a coordinating writing table for this model and I don't really need a very big one. Just a table with enough space for me to work like the one in the second photo. It has been a while since we visited Ikea. I think it is about time we visit again. And oh, in case you are wondering, it's the Micke series of Ikea.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Who is Sophie's Father?

I really enjoyed watching Mama Mia, the 2008 musical romantic comedy film adapted from the 1999 musical of the same title. The songs from the popular group ABBA, which also happened to be one of my fave pop group of all time, made the movie more endearing, colorful and alive.

The story is about Sophie Sheridan, the 20-year old bride-to-be who finds that her father can possibly any of the three men mentioned in her mother's diary: Sam, Harry and Bill. I bet life would have been easier if she just subjected them for a paternity testing. But then again, that would take away all the thrill and the excitement that ensues after all the three men came to the island where the wedding is to take place.

Of course, any bride would want her own father to walk her down the aisle and the needy Sophie is not an exemption. She also dreams on having her father walk her to the altar on her wedding day. Unknown to Sky, her groom, Sophie invites the three men to her wedding in the Greek Kalokairi Island as if she were her mother Donna. Sophie believes she will immediately recognize her father in the trio of guests. When her mother Donna sees her former three lovers together in her hotel, she gets stressed and confused with the situation while Sky is upset with Sophie's attitude. But there was a happy ending. 

The mystery still remains though: Who is Sophie's father? 

TCP#79: The Pursuit of Happyness

Hello Couchers! Welcome to the February 22nd edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes. It is the last Tuesday of the love month, and therefore the last theme for February. I hope you are prepared for our theme this week, which is Agape / Unconditional Love: To Love Selflessly. Your pick is of course up to you. Unconditional Love, according to one of my favorite authors Paulo Coelho is "the love that consumes". If you have ever seen a movie that represents self-sacrificing love, then come share it with us.

My pick for this week is The Pursuit of Happyness, a 2006 film starring Will Smith and is inspired by a true story."Though Chris Gardner is undergoing the worst part in his career and tumbling finances, he takes good care in bringing up his son Christopher by teaching him the right ways. This depicts the fight of a father who also mothers his son through the tough times."

I watched this movie more than once and I am always amazed with the fact that parents would do all their best just to provide a better life for their children. All of us go through challenges in life and if we have children, the more we are driven to do a balancing act between being successful in our careers and at the same time, being there for our children. More often than not, it is the career that wins and with it, alienation from our loved ones. But this movie showed otherwise: with the child being the inspiration, and making sure that you show good example to your kids.

Have you seen this one before? If not, here's the trailer:

The Pursuit of Happyness Trailer

What's your TCP movie this week? Come share it with us here on Tuesday Couch Potatoes. Enter your TCP link in the linky below!

Thank you all for joining us this week on Tuesday Couch Potatoes. For the month of March, we will start another round. March will be Red Carpet Month and we will feature movies that are award-winning, trendy and worthy of two thumbs ups and a standing ovation. Our theme for March 1st will be Award Winning Movies of 2009. Hope to see you all again next month. Happy TCP everyone!

She Can...

In a week, my little will be three years old. Sigh! How much she has grown in so many ways. She now understands and responds better. She knows when she needs to stop insisting and just obey. She can be asked to help in the house, like putting her toys back from where she got them, setting up the dining table for meal time, putting her cookie wrappers and empty joghurt cups into the trash bin. She can even walk the 800 meter distance from our home to the kindergarten every morning. She can remember lots of tunes and simple songs from the kindergarten and from the cartoons that she watches, although I hardly understand the words at all. She has indeed learned a lot from kindergarten.

She can even scratch my back if it gets too itchy and I cannot reach it. I think my back is too dry that it itches a lot. And pimples and some acne have grown too. I'd better get some back acne treatment fast before it gets worse. She can also massage our backs... or rather walk on it. She rather enjoys the balancing act that she needs to do while walking up and down our backs. She also reads a lot and can now remember lots of animals and things' names. Sometimes she would use the english word for it or the German word. She loves to ride buses and trains and doesn't mind the distance at all. She can already count from one to twelve in German without skipping a number.

I know my little girl still has a lot to learn but her little achievements are great in its own. And I am one proud Mommy!

Just When You Thought It's Over... unexpectedly comes back in full force.

Isn't it funny how things turn around? The IT I am referring to here is the snow. I thought they are gone and winter is over but we woke today to a very cold day, with fine snow nestled on tree branches, bushes, rooftops, on the ground, on our balcony, everywhere. And it looks like it's gonna snow the whole day. I just hope that it doesn't snow the entire week. Luckily, the weather forecasts says that the sun's gonna come the rest of the week. I doubt it though because the weather can change its course every now and then.

I wanted to go out and take photos because I have very photos of snow and the winter season. But I changed my mind. I thought it would be best to just stay home and keep warm until it is time to pick up my little one from the kindergarten. I have better things to do, like studying for my exams and blog and clean the house and do the laundry and press the clothes and, and, and... Yeah, I could go on forever so I'd better stop. =D

Hope your day is bright and sunny!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Want A HIWI Job

I know a few friends from Graduate School who are working as a HIWI, pronounced as he-vi) and I can't help but wish I had a HIWI job as well. HIWI is short for Hilfswissenschaftler and means student assistant. I am interested in getting one but I still haven't found one yet. I know there are lots of HIWI jobs available at the university and if I am only patient and diligent at finding one, I could get one. I have a problem though because I am on a dependent visa and my residence permit says that I cannot work without the permission from the Auländerbehörde, the public authority responsible for aliens like me.

As a general rule, students from Non-EU countries are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week as a Hiwi, plus 90 full or 180 half days per calendar year and this has to be approved explicitly in the passport and the entry should be made in the residence permit. It would be nice to earn something on my own because that would mean getting easy personal loans should emergencies arise.

I can only hope for now. A friend advised that I need to look for a Hiwi job first and then I can apply for a work permit for that particular job later. Let's wait and see.

Hairless without the Burns and Bumps

Warmer days are here again and that means, the swimming season is just around the corner. As early as now, many women hit the gym to shape and tone because they would love to look their best in their bikinis. Their desire to have a smooth, hairless skin also heightens at this time of the year that they find themselves reaching more frequently for a razor. While shaving is the fastest and cheapest way to remove unwanted hairs, more often than not, razor burns is a common side effect. That is why you have to be careful when you shave, lest you want to get razor burns or razor bumps or even both!

Razor burns or razor bumps? What's the difference? Razor burn is a rash while razor bumps are ingrown hairs. According to dermatologist Jami Miller, MD, of the Vanderbilt University department of medicine in Nashville, Tenn, "Razor bumps are caused when hair grows back and loses its track out of the skin. It curls under the skin surface until it finds a way out." If you take precautions when you shave, you can prevent both from happening.

To prevent razor burns, you need to use a sharp razor and press it gently on your skin. While shaving, use a thick shaving cream made for sensitive. Allow for the shaving cream to soak for a few minutes on your skin for best results. Shave in the same direction your hair grows. To allow for even more cutting, rinse the blades between strokes. Moisturize with a hypoallergenic and fragrance free moisturize after you dry off.

Razor bumps can be prevented by shaving in the right direction, exfoliating the skin gently on the days you don’t shave, using a clean razor always and choosing the right razor. Miller says it is best to stick with single or double blades, not three or more.

Squeaky Clean T&B

How often do you clean your toilets and bathrooms? Because these places are moist and the dirt from our bodies are shed here, these should be regularly cleaned. If you are one of those who value hygiene the most, the norm is usually to clean these areas intensively at least once a week. The shower basin, toilet bowl, sinks, bath tub, bathroom faucets, and bathroom and toilet walls and floors should be cleaned properly. This is to prevent and remove the molds, grime, dust and stain that have accumulated over the week.

Which cleaning agents to use? Opt for the biodegradable ones. They are not only environmentally friendly... they are also health-friendly. You can even make your cleaning solution using lemon juice and baking soda. This will remove the scales formed due to the hardness of the water and they are good whitening agents too. If you like to use a disinfectant especially in the toilet, you can always do so. Just make sure that the toilet is properly aired after you clean.

Happy cleaning and happy weekend everyone!


My cousins surprised me with a video chat a few days ago. It was a surprise because it was the first time that we got to have a video chat via Skype. It was refreshing to see my cousins, even if only on video, after almost four years now. I got to tease one of them, who is still single and asked, "Wala gihapon te?" (Still haven't found him?" I would also have suggested that she try free online dating had she not mentioned that she'll be single forever. But even if single, I can say that she is happy, using and dedicating her talent through singing songs of praise and worship to the Lord. 

Then I teased another cousin and told her, why don't you get married already? Of which she answered, I'll get married tomorrow. It's already very late so tomorrow it is. Isn't she very pilosopo? And I also got to chat with one of my nieces who is now four years old. Time flies by so fast and she is so direct to the point in answering my questions. I asked her to share with me some of the braised pork that her mama was cooking and then she smartly answered, "why don't you cook yourself?" She is right, it would be impossible for her to share the food they have with me because I am very far away. 'Atta girl!

Writing this, I am missing my cousins and siblings even more. But at least, I still have other means to be with them. Like photos and FB and YM. And the nostalgia is lessened.

Sorry, Haus!

Injuries and small accidents are a part of a little child's growing up years. As much as we parents want to protect our child from accidents and from being hurt, we can never tell when an accident will happen. No matter how we try to child proof our homes, we can never protect our children from getting injuries when they are outside of it.

My soon to be three year old Samantha is no stranger to bruises, small cuts and bumps here and there. She is an active little girl after all and would always run around the house whenever she feels the need to. Although she has very quick reflexes and can easily avoid the door jamb or chairs, she would eventually bump into especially if she is too engrossed at avoiding something else, like being caught by her Dad or being tickled by me. She was running around the house one time and was so excited to show me something that she slipped and smacked on the floor. She cried and said, "Awa, sakit." I rushed to her and comforted her and asked where it hurt and told her to be careful always. Then I scolded the rug and the floor. And then she said, "Sorry Haus", as an apology to the floor for hurting it. Isn't she a cutie?

Ofuro and Onsen: A Japanese Ritual of Bathing

The Japanese love to soak and bathe in hot springs (onsen) because hot springs are believed to improve the health conditions of a person. It helps to relax and rejuvenate. While it is not proven to have medicinal value, balneologists (scientists who study naturally occurring mineral waters) note there are legitimate reasons people still believe they can improve their health with hot springs.

That is why even in Japanese homes, you will find a small version of the onsen in the form of the furo or ofuro. The furo is a part of the Japanese ritual of bathing, and is meant for relaxing and warming oneself. When I was still in Japan, I would take ofuros to calm my nerves and loosen my tense muscles. I took frequent ofuros especially in the winter time to warm me up. Of course, the tub needs to be filled with hot water first (between 38-42°C) so that if you are not yet ready to soak when the tub is filled, you will need hot tub covers to keep the water warm. The ofuro is also a perfect place to bond with your little children. I remember Samantha enjoying a soak in the tub with me.

Gotcha, Facebook!

Facebook has, yet again, made changes to the system. It has for the nth time, something new to offer its users. Before, it was the profiles and just when you are about to get used to it, something new comes along. This time, it is the photo viewing or slideshow. Notice the black background when you view photos and the forward and back arrows on the sides? I think they made these changes most probably because many complain of photos moving forward each time they click on the photo. What is annoying though is that when you right click on the photo, you cannot find "copy image location" and instead you will find back, "back, forward, etc..." How am I supposed to link photos from my Facebook albums to my blogs then? This is a puzzle that still remains to be solved...

Now one of the reasons why I upload lots of photos on Facebook is because I can easily use the images in my blogs by just copying the image location URL. And now, Facebook is making my life more difficult! I have already maxed out on my picasa web album where the photos that I upload directly on my blogs are being stored so Facebook was the next best thing for me to upload and share photos. What to do then?

I was trying out a way and perhaps most of you already know this. If you view photos and will be directed to the Theater slideshow, the one with the black background of the image, all you need to do is right click on the photo and select reload. Then the page will reload and bring you to the old Photo View version. Now you can get the image location and copy them by right clicking on the image. Cool huh? But of course, you would have already known about that. :D

Filipinos Working Abroad

Living the life of an expat has exposed me to some hard realities in life. But I know mine doesn't compare with the hardships other fellow Filipinos had to go through and endure just to give their families back home a better life. Because job opportunities in our home country are scarce, many Filipinos tend to look for greener pastures outside the country.

Of the many overseas contract jobs offered, construction, health care, HRM, and factory workers top the list. Filipinos looking for construction employment usually go to the Middle East, Guam, even Africa. Hotel and restaurant jobs are aplenty in Macau and the Middle East. Manufacturing jobs are available in Taiwan, China, Middle East, and Asia. Health, beauty and personal care jobs are available in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, UK and the USA.

Looking for better opportunities outside the country is also difficult because the competition is tough. If you want to get a good position, you need all the qualification that you could think of. But for the common Juan, even a job as a laborer will do just so he could work abroad. Sometimes life can really be unfair so let us not forget the people that has helped the Philippino economy all these years... the Filipinos working abroad.


I recently had my tetanus vaccination and my arms still hurt. I felt like my arm had been overrun by a truck and is bruised all over. I had to take care not to use it so much and was even expecting that I would have a fever because of it. You would wonder why on earth did I get such a vaccination. I am also clueless myself but I guess it is for prevention. You never know when and where you will cut yourself so better be sure. The shot my doctor gave me was a booster, since I already had one as a child. I will need another shot in ten years.

But why is it so important? Here are some facts:

* About 84,000 deaths from tetanus in Africa 2002
* About 82,000 deaths from tetanus in South East Asia 2002
* About 36,000 deaths from tetanus in Eastern Mediterranean 2002
* About 11,000 deaths from tetanus in Western Pacific 2002

*Source: (The World Health Report, WHO, 2004)

Are you protected?

Friday, February 18, 2011

On Bacteria and Microbiology

One of the subjects that I find interesting in my Masters program is Microbiology and Biochemistry. I know many would disagree and say that it is a very boring subject with so many things to memorize, but it is an interesting subject. Our professor made it more interesting for us by giving some anecdotes and philosophical, historical and political comments.

I think my interest with this subject started when I was in high school and did a research on Staphylococcus aureus. It was for a research paper but we had to discontinue it since we ran out of culture. If you come to think of it, bacteria are fascinating organisms... much more fascinating than looking for places to buy silver coins. I guess for others, silver coins are more fascinating to collect and study. But did you know that silver has antibacterial properties? This would explain why your refrigerators or washing machines may have Ag+ labels attached to it to indicate that they help prevent the accumulation and growth of bacteria in these appliances.

Did you also know that studying this subject can also make you paranoid? And you would never want to reheat food more than once ever again or eat spaghetti just anywhere or reboil cooled boiled water.

Girls Talk: Cheesy, Mushy

It is love month and well, one cannot help but be all mushy and cheesy even if you are not because it is just contagious. When people are in love, they do all sorts of things, even if they are corny and mushy right? And you don't even care because you are doing it out of love.

Valentine's is really no big deal for us but there are some things that just never fail to surprise me, where my hubby is concerned. Small things actually, like when hubby played The Gift on Valentine's evening at home. Or when he would tell me how much I mean to him in his own dramatic but funny way. Back on our bf-gf days, I was the one who was more mushy as I love to send love cards and letters. And since we were on a long-distance relationship for many years, he would surprise me with flowers on days when I least expect them or send me book sets that I have been dying to read. It is not often that he does these kinds of stuff and I really appreciate all the effort.

And the day he first confessed his feelings? That is something to really listen to! It is ordinarily simple and yet so cheesy! But that's another story. Lol!

Girls Talk

Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Baby Shower for Samantha

I was browsing photos when I was still in Japan and pregnant with my little girl. I remember our adventures and misadventures and how my pregnancy progressed. I also remember how much I've grown, both literally and figuratively speaking. I am thankful for the support of our friends, who so willingly accompanied me on my appointments to translate. And then I realized that I didn't get any chance to send out baby shower invitations when I was about eight months pregnant.

There were so many changes going on in our lives then. We had to move houses from Tokyo to Yokohama before I give birth and a baby shower was the last thing on my mind. It would have been great if I had one though. That way, all of Samantha's godparents in Japan could have gotten together and I would have had enough photos of them for Samantha to see when she is older. I guess I will just have to make up for the coming baby. I'll see to it that the next baby's godparents get to enjoy my pregnancy as well.

I sometimes envy looking at my mommy friends' baby shower photos, where close family and friends gather together to celebrate the coming of a new life. I missed that phase in my pregnancy, when we celebrate life and also find an excuse to indulge on gifts and go the distance. Well, there will always be a next time.

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