Wednesday, December 25, 2019

3 Things To Look for in an Elderly Care Facility

It can be a difficult decision to move to or send loved ones to a senior living facility, but it can also be the best decision to ensure proper care. When choosing a facility, make careful considerations about your needs and what the facility has to offer. Below are three elements to consider when selecting an elderly care facility.

The Safety and Care of Its Residents
One of the top concerns when selecting a facility is how well you or your loved one will be cared for and treated. There are steps you can take to find a facility that treats its residents with respect and compassion. Talk to other residents and ask them for honest opinions about their experience; pay attention to their tone and body language to see if they enjoy being there or seem distressed. As you tour the facility, ask a lot of questions to staff and residents alike, and see how well their answers compare. Look for clean and maintained facilities, and pay attention to the hygiene and grooming of the residents. You can also look up a community to see the licensing and any violations it has.

Level of Freedom
Different facilities vary in the freedom and support they offer, and some facilities offer both freedom and support depending on the resident’s needs. Consider the level of freedom wanted and needed to be content, and the level of support needed to be safe and healthy. Search out residential care facility Missouri that can offer the range of freedom and support that will best care for you or your loved one.

Activities and Events
Moving to a new place can feel overwhelming, especially if social connections are further away. When you tour, ask about classes, events and activities offered. If the facility offers them, it provides opportunities for residents to make friends and participate in hobbies, which is good for preventing loneliness.

A residential care facility can be a great option if you are unable to care for yourself or a loved one. Sometimes the best care we can give is to ask for help.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Enjoying Life Even When Disabled

There are a lot of people who look at those with disabilities or handicaps as disadvantaged when it comes to enjoying life. However, with the increased national and global attention on inclusivity and accessibility, there are very few things left that those who struggle with mental or physical handicaps can’t do when it comes to fun and vacation. There are entire theme parks and experiences dedicated to meeting the unique needs of an individual who might have difficulty with an area of mobility or cognitive functioning. In addition to the daily living help that DDD support coordination agencies can offer, these special venues provide a moment of escape from the real world.

Disability Theme Parks
Disneyworld is known for being family-friendly and welcoming to individuals of all abilities. The resorts on the property provide dozens of wheelchair accessible activities, and the parks provide wheelchair-friendly ramps for each attraction on the property. Morgan’s Wonderland in Texas is the world’s first theme park that was designed and devoted to individuals with special needs. It is completely wheelchair accessible and offers rides, a splash zone, playgrounds, and sensory zones.

Disability Cruises
One of the most celebrated disability cruises is offered by Royal Caribbean. Called Autism of the Seas, this cruise is dedicated to helping those with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Asperger syndrome, and all forms of developmental, intellectual, and cognitive disabilities enjoy a vacation on the water. Extra staffing and activities give parents and caregivers a much-needed vacation as well.

Disability Bus Tours
When visiting a new city, the sights and sounds can be experienced from the comfort and safety of a bus tour. These are wheelchair accessible and enclosed to protect participants from uncomfortable weather elements. It is a great way for caregivers and their family members to enjoy the activity together.

Living with a disability doesn’t mean life has to be boring. There are many places that can provide both fun and accessibility for those living with challenges.

Christmas Gift Ideas

It is almost Christmas and you are panicking because you still don't have a gift for your loved ones this Christmas. My family has never really cared much about receiving material gifts. What matters most to us is that we are happy and healthy, and that we are thankful for all the blessings that we are received in the 365 days that the good Lord has gifted us with.

But if you are really looking for a gift to give to your loved ones, here are some gift ideas that the receiver will truly appreciate:

  • a book written by their favorite author or about their interests
  • a gift certificate for two to a restaurant, a theater play, a game or the movies
  • gifts that you made yourself - like diy candles, chocolate truffles, even cross-stitch!
  • a gift basket filled with goodies - may it be sweets for those with a sweet tooth, meat basket filled with hams, sausages, liver paste, or wine and cheese and snacks that go with it
  • give gift items that help you give back this Christmas - there are many products out there that when you buy them, the same item will be donated to someone who needs who it or a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity
These are some of the gifts that I have in mind that I wouldn't mind giving my loved ones this Christmas.

What about you? What are you Christmas gift ideas?

4 Tips to Impove Your Home Security

Creating a sense of security in your living space is an important part of transforming your house into a home. To ensure you and your family feel safe all year long, consider some of these tips.

Secure Outdoor Areas
If you have a storage shed on your property or another building that is separate from the main body of your home, you may want to invest in commercial security door lock systems to ensure that building remains secure at all times. It can be easy to be unaware of potential security issues if you are not accessing your storage shed on a regular basis. By investing in a heavy duty lock, you will help keep yourself safe.

Lock Down Your Garage
Go out of your way to ensure your garage is completely locked at the end of the day to help prevent unauthorized entry. In addition to securing your garage door via slide lock, make sure you lock the door that leads from your garage into your home.

Check Doors and Windows
Do a quick check of all of your doors and windows to determine if someone could easily break past your home's defenses. Consider upgrading your doors if they don't appear to have strong door frames. You may also want to upgrade your windows with security bars or protective films that help prevent an intruder from shattering the glass. Make it a habit to lock all of your doors and windows before going to sleep each night or when you go to leave your home.

Use Landscaping to Your Advantage
You can use strategic landscaping to help keep your home more secure. Use prickly plants underneath windows. Place lighting that will give your yard's aesthetic a boost while also illuminating the area to discourage intruders at night.

Through mindfulness and home upgrades, you can help keep your family safe.

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