Sunday, July 28, 2019

Try These Easy Pest Prevention Tips

Summer is the perfect time for picnics and cookouts. Everyone gathers around the grill eager to gulp down hamburgers and hot dogs. Laughter and music fill the air and cold drinks keep things chill, even when temperatures are high. It’s idyllic, at least until your guests start bugging out. Apparently, friends and family aren’t the only ones invited to the party. Insects invade by land and air only to crawl across the food, and worse, your company. Your next cookout doesn’t need to turn into a scene from Creepshow, however. Here are four easy tips for a bug-free barbecue.

Oil is Essential
Essential oils offer therapeutic benefits, but many people are surprised to learn they also provide pest protection. Spiders steer clear of decks and outdoor furniture when sprayed with a solution of peppermint oil, dish soap and water. Citrus and lavender oils are other effective deterrents.

Muscle Up Your Mulch
If ants, beetles, moths or termites are a problem, add cedar chips to your mulch. It’s perfectly safe for people, animals and birds, yet emits a toxic aroma for many insects. Additionally, spreading chopped citrus peels is particularly effective against mosquitos and roaches. You also may want to use one of the all natural tick and mosquito control products available on the market.

A Penny for Your Thoughts
It turns out those pennies you picked up off the street will come in handy at your next outdoor party. Place several pennies in a clear bag, fill it with water and then hang it in an area where it will catch sunlight. Flies will keep away due to the reflections cast.

Wasps Aren’t Welcome
If you’ve got fresh fruit or soda at your cookout, chances are you’ll also have wasps. These stingers may love sugar but they sure hate hornets. Stuff a brown lunch bag full of plastic bags, rags or cotton balls. Tie it at the top and hang it so it resembles a hornet’s nest. Wasps will stay away.

Don’t let bugs ruin your summer fun. Bite back with these four tips.

A Family Roadtrip for the Summer of 2019

School is officially out and six weeks of "doing nothing", as the daughter likes to call it, is in! But no, it will not be six long boring weeks because there will be things other than school stuff to do. Plus, this family will be going again on a roadtrip this summer, this time for the first time with our adorable french bully Suki. Yay!!!

It has been quite a while since our last roadtrip as a family and we sure could use a vacation for a number of reasons: 

1. We need to take a break and get our minds off work, hence this much deserved holiday.
2. Our "little girl" did very well at school and this milestone has to be celebrated with the family.
3. We didn't get to spend our summer with Suki last year since we flew back to the Philippines so we are spending this summer with her. She was still happy last year though because she spent it at Pino's Hundehotel with other dogs.

So where to this year? We initially wanted to drive through France and then Spain and back but because it would be too hot in Spain in the summer, we decided to drive to central Europe, where the summer weather will hopefully be milder and more friendly to our frenchie. Thank God for Google maps, I was able to map out our route that will take us through St. Michael in Lungau, Austria, Heviz and Budapest in Hungary, Bratislava in Slovakia,  and back to Germany.

Our route has been set and our dog-friendly accommodations have already been booked weeks ago. What is left is to research on what we will be doing in each country that are foremost "dog-friendly"and family friendly too. If you know of any dog-friendly destinations or activities in these areas, be sure to drop a word or two in the comment section below! It would surely be very helpful and is much appreciated!

I will be writing another entry in the coming days so be sure to drop by every now and then. Thanks!

How To Package Your Dangerous Goods

Whether you are starting a business or sending a present through the mail, it is important to know if anything you ship is considered dangerous and how you need to package it. There are relevant government and international agencies which have their own guidelines for how things are packed and shipped.

Packages and Testing
Anytime you want to sell a product, you will need to make sure that it is packaged correctly and that the package has competent authority approval. This means that it has been tested and approved by someone certified in that field. You can find competent authorities to approve your dangerous goods packaging by going online or contacting the relevant government agencies.

It is a good idea to make sure that you are using approved packaging materials and that they are durable enough for the bumps and bangs of transportation. The materials also need to be rated for the things that you are putting into them. For example, corrosives can eat through metal containers in a violent reaction that can cause injury to people and damage to transportation.

Laws and Regulations
The laws and regulations are different if you are shipping the packages by air than if you are transporting them by truck and can be different for local versus national or international shipments. It is a good idea to check with relevant governing bodies before talking to a package tester to make sure that you are getting the right kinds of approval. There also may be specific regulations involving part of a package but not another. For example, most batteries will need to be shipped separate from the items they go to.

Shipping and packaging your dangerous goods can be easier than you think. You will need to research the best materials for your packages and ensure that they are tested by a competent authority certified in that area. You will also need to know the relevant laws and regulations to know which shipping methods you will need to use.

What You Should Know When Sending The Balikbayan Box

If you are an expat like me, chances are high that you have at least once in your expat life sent gifts to all your loved ones packed in a box - the Balikbayan Box. They are called as such because Filipinos working abroad usually send these boxes ahead of their planned date of homecoming, hence the words "balik" (return) and "bayan" (country). The box would be filled with lots of items for loved ones as gifts for those missed milestones and occassions such as birthdays and anniversarries, for a job well done at school, for achieving something or just because.

Some also send these boxes back home when they finally decide to retire back to their home country for good. These boxes usually travel by sea because they are much cheaper than when you have them carried via air freight. 

But one cannot just put anything in the box. Before you go packing, here are some things that you need to know:

Declare the Contents of the Box Properly
Just like any other cargo, the contents must be declared properly and should not exceed the amount allowed by customs otherwise you would be charged accordingly. Goods are considered by customs as a commodity if the package contains 12 or more items of the same kind. If you declare your items properly, the German customs will have no reason to hold you package. If there are discrepancies, they would hold your package or the entire container. So it is better to declare each item than to be sorry.

No Prohibited Items!
There are also goods that are not allowed to be placed inside the box such as firearms and explosive weapons, hazardous materials, prohibited drugs, dismantled automobile parts, alcoholic beverages, used clothing of commercial quantity, meat and poultry products, and other prohibited materials. LBC has a comprehensive list of prohibited items that should not be placed in the box. You may also contact your local forwarder for support more information.

Pack and Label the Box Properly 
Your box must also be packed properly and should not bulge and can be sealed properly. A box that is too bulky as if it is about to explode might not be accepted for shipment since it would not fit properly into the container or the box itself would no longer be able to hold its contents and disintegrate. So pack your items carefully and well to avoid damages. Most cargo services offer insurance but it is only up to a maximum of €300,00 per box depending on the company. Properly label your box. Write down the name, address and recipient of the recipient properly. That way, your box will find its way to the correct destination and intended recipient.

So there... I hope I am able to help you pack your balikbayan box properly. Do you also use the balikbayan box for sending gifts to your loved ones back home? Which service are you using and why? Be sure to share them in the comments! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door

Replacing your old garage door may not be on the top of your to-do list; however, it’s surprising how much a new door can change the look of your home. There are several reasons to upgrade your garage door including function and style. Here are three great reasons to take the plunge and replace your garage door today.

One of the most important reasons to replace your old garage door is safety. If your current door doesn’t close all the way, gets jammed when operating, or has any other faulty symptoms, it’s definitely time to get a new door. Your garage keeps costly possessions safe including vehicles, tools, and bikes. Don’t procrastinate replacing your door any longer. A new garage door that securely protects your valuables is incalculable. 

Curb Appeal Another great reason to install a new garage door is curb appeal. Based on size, your garage door likely demands a lot of attention at the front of your home. If your door is bent or faded, your home tends to look worn and outdated. Garage door sales Denton TX have numerous options to fit any budget and style. A professional company can help you select and install a door that properly fits and complements the style of your home.

Awesome Accessories 
A third reason to update your garage door is accessories. In past years, if the power went out you were left having to manually open your garage door. Newer garage doors have battery back-up built in to them so you’re not left in a bind. Some models of garage door openers even allow you to use your smartphone to operate the door from any location. The safety and convenience of newer garage doors simply makes the cost of installation worth it.

Safety, curb appeal and awesome accessories are three reasons you should consider updating your garage door.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Are Spiders Dangerous?

While there’s no doubt that spiders are feared by many, are these small eight-legged creatures actually dangerous? Everyone has heard horror stories of people who have suffered serious effects from spider bites, and there it’s no secret that many types of spiders release venom any time they sink their fangs into their prey. Here is some useful information on the spiders you might encounter in your home and whether or not you need to be worried. 

Venomous Spiders 
One of the first questions people ask when spotting a spider nearby is whether or not it is venomous. The reality is that except for a few unique species of spiders, almost all spiders have venom. However, very few spiders have venom strong enough to hurt humans or even cause any pain. Additionally, many spider species are very docile and will only attack a predator, such as a human, if they feel threatened. It’s unlikely that a spider will try to bite you unless you are trying to move it from your home, which is why it can be helpful to have a spider pest control company do it for you. It is also smart to be especially cautious around spiders if you have a known allergy to spiders, have very young children, or are ill. 

Dangerous Species 
While bites from common species such as the hobo spider or wolf spider can cause minor pain and swelling, they hardly warrant a trip to the emergency room and will heal rather quickly. In America, the only two types of potentially dangerous spider species to look out for is the brown recluse and the black widow. The black widow is easily identifiable by the red dot or hourglass on the back of its black body. A brown recluse can range in color from a light tan to a very dark brown or gray. It has markings that resemble a violin.

Why June Weddings Are So Popular

To be a June bride is something that a woman may have dreamed of becoming. There must be something in the month of June that makes many couples want to marry in this month. But did you know that marrying in June traditionally goes way back into the Roman times?

Juno, The Goddess of Marriage
Yes, you read it right: the Roman era. It is believed that the goddess Juno, for which the month name June is derived from, protects women throughout their lives, that includes of course (!) marriage and childbirth, two important milestones in a woman's life.

Floral Scents Cover the Stench
Ever wonder what the bouquet of flowers is for? In the Medieval times, hygiene is not practiced in the way we know it now and bath soaps are a luxury that is difficult to have. There were only annual baths where one gets to thoroughly bathe. This is usually done in May or June, which means brides are still relatively fresh in the month of June. They carry along with them a bouquet of flowers, which are thankfully abundant in the month of June, to mask their body odor just in case.

Beautiful Weather
Practically speaking, for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, June is a perfect time to get married because it is the time when summertime kicks in. You have a higher chance of getting a beautiful weather. Add to that the longer days in June, which means you can also utilize outdoor space to the fullest.

So these are some reasons why many tend to marry in June. Do you know any other reasons? Be sure to add them in the comment section!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

How To Protect Your Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs represent an investment much like antiques. Like a fine wine, these rugs get better and tend to hold or increase their value over time. Most Oriental rugs are made from durable wool fibers, and a good quality rug will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Whether you opt to grace your floors with Nepal bamboo silk or handmade Pakistani rugs, the uniqueness of Oriental rugs can add a touch of cozy elegance to any home. They do require some maintenance, though.

Clean It
To refresh your rug’s surface, use a sponge or cloth and cold water to wipe it down. This helps remove surface dust and restores the fabric. If you have a spill, spot clean at once. Use a dry cloth to dab the stained area. Avoid using soap or other cleaning products at all times. They can damage the rug’s fabric.

Rotate It
If your rug is positioned in an area that gets a lot of traffic, you should rotate it regularly to avoid excessive wear and tear. Rotating your rug can also prevent fading in spots receiving direct sunlight.

Flip It
The fringes on most rugs can easily tangle. If this happens, do not comb out the fringes. This can damage natural fibers. Simply flip over and shake the rug to naturally straighten out the fringe.

Vacuum It
Regularly vacuum your rug. This not only cleans the rug but keeps the fabric from packing down in areas that get a lot of walking. A good vacuuming will restore the rug’s luster.

Hang It
Mold and mildew can form when moisture builds up on your rug. To help prevent this build-up, hang your rug outside for a few hours to let it air out. This also reduces odors that might latch on to the rug. You should do this a couple of times a year.

Oriental rugs are a big investment and should be treated as such. Proper care will help ensure your rug keeps its value over time.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Occasions When Clocks Make a Great Gift

Milestones and rites of passage are the perfect opportunities to give something meaningful and symbolic to someone important in your life. When given as a gift, a clock can be deeply sentimental and become a cherished heirloom in someone’s life.

First Wedding Anniversary

Tradition calls for paper-themed gifts on your first wedding anniversary. Modern choices are changing traditions, though, and clocks are the choice for younger couples. Symbolic of time passing and promising eternity, the gift of a clock to your spouse is a sweet and romantic gesture to celebrate a year of marriage.
  • PenduLux clocks are beautiful, handcrafted pieces that both genders will appreciate. With so many options and styles to choose from, there is sure to be something to suit your spouse’s taste.


High school, college, even kindergarten graduations are a big deal. Celebrate the success of the special student in your life by giving them a watch. These are practical and heartfelt gifts that can be personalized to fit the graduate.
  • For the very young graduate, look into watches for small wrists with flexible bands. Little ones love seeing their favorite princess or superhero on the watch face!
  • A pocket watch makes a more adult statement for the older graduate. Have it engraved with their name and graduation year, or choose an inspirational quote to help inspire them.

Groomsman Gifts

Honor your friends for being there for you all those years, including the day of your wedding. Give them a special gift to mark your friendship.
  • Whether you choose a pocket watch or a wristwatch, either choice can be tailored to fit you and your friends’ personalities. There are pop culture choices, specialty engraving and ways to make this good gift a fantastic one.
Time will always march on, but it seems to slow down just a little bit during those special moments in life. Mark these moments with a meaningful gift to serve as a reminder.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Reasons to Buy A Horse

Anyone who has ever spent time around a horse knows how wonderful they are. The decision to buy your own horse can be a difficult one. Horses can be very expensive and require a lot of time, attention and money to properly care for. If you are on the fence about whether or not to get a horse for you and your family, below are some reasons why you should consider it. When buying items for your horse, be sure you buy things such as horse show jumps from reputable sellers like the one found at

Keeps You Fit

One great reason to consider buying a horse is that it can help keep you in shape. Anyone who regularly rides a horse can attest that riding can be an excellent physical activity. Aside from riding a horse, the time and energy necessary to care for your horse will keep you physically active as well.

Good For Mental Health

Horses are known to be great stress relievers. Taking a long ride through the woods on your horse can be a great way to forget your worries about work, school and money. Your horse can also make a great friend and therapist. Your horse will listen to anything you have to say without judgment.

Horse Riding Is A Great Social Activity

If you board your horse at a local barn, you will get to meet other horse lovers while there. Your horse can give you a great opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals. You can make plans to meet up at the barn and ride trails together.

Gain Confidence

Another great benefit of owning a horse is that it can be great for boosting confidence. As you begin to improve your riding skills and bond with your horse, your confidence will get stronger.
A horse can be an expensive investment. However, as you can see, the benefits of owning a horse are vast. The money you spend purchasing and taking care of your horse will be returned tenfold with the love and fun they offer.Reasons To Buy A Horse
Anyone who has ever spent time around a horse knows how wonderful they are. The decision to buy your own horse can be a difficult one. Horses can be very expensive and require a lot of time, attention and money to properly care for. If you are on the fence about whether or not to get a horse for you and your family, below are some reasons why you should consider it. When buying items for your horse, be sure you buy things such as horse show jumps from reputable sellers like the one found at

Keeps You Fit

One great reason to consider buying a horse is that it can help keep you in shape. Anyone who regularly rides a horse can attest that riding can be an excellent physical activity. Aside from riding a horse, the time and energy necessary to care for your horse will keep you physically active as well.

Good For Mental Health

Horses are known to be great stress relievers. Taking a long ride through the woods on your horse can be a great way to forget your worries about work, school and money. Your horse can also make a great friend and therapist. Your horse will listen to anything you have to say without judgment.

Horse Riding Is A Great Social Activity

If you board your horse at a local barn, you will get to meet other horse lovers while there. Your horse can give you a great opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals. You can make plans to meet up at the barn and ride trails together.

Gain Confidence

Another great benefit of owning a horse is that it can be great for boosting confidence. As you begin to improve your riding skills and bond with your horse, your confidence will get stronger.
A horse can be an expensive investment. However, as you can see, the benefits of owning a horse are vast. The money you spend purchasing and taking care of your horse will be returned tenfold with the love and fun they offer.

Friday, April 19, 2019

The Benefits of Private Schools

Choosing the school your children will attend is a big decision. What are the teachers and administrators like? What is the curriculum? What kind of extracurriculars do they offer? These are all questions to consider, so keep an open mind and possibly look into private schools as an option. Here are some of the benefits of a private school education Tampa Florida.

Smaller Class Sizes
Private schools generally have fewer attendees than other schools. This prevents students from getting lost in the crowd. If a child has trouble socializing with their classmates or speaking up in class, a smaller class size might be less intimidating for them. Teachers can also spend more time individually with each student. They would take note of any child struggling and be sure to encourage them to participate during class discussion.

Personalized Education
Every child deserves the same amount of attention and care, but sometimes it takes the right kind of attention and care. Private schools will not let any student fall through the cracks. Teachers and administrators are more than willing to take more time outside of the classroom for those students who need extra guidance and one-on-one teaching to grasp the material. With the help and support from their teachers and family and the student's commitment to learning, a failing grade can become a stellar score by the end of the term.

Religious Values
Some private schools incorporate religion. Whether that means teachings of Christianity, Buddism, Hinduism, or others, some families prefer this type of curriculum. These institutions normally provide opportunities to volunteer and assist the less fortunate so that students really come to understand what it means to serve. If those are values you also believe in, then a religious based private school may be the ideal place for your student.

Private schools exist to give options to parents and students. Personalized attention and curriculum, as well as a structured environment, are just a few of the many benefits that come with private school education.

Visita Iglesia

If you are a pious Roman Catholic,  the Visita Iglesia or the Seven Churches Visitation during the lenten season is one of the traditions that you look forward to. Traditionally, the seven churches visitation is done on Maundy Thursday after the Mass of the Last Supper. The main altar and most side altars are stripped, the crosses removed or covered. The Blessed Sacrament is then placed in a Tabernacle on the Altar of Repose so that the faithful can pray before it. It is usually a time for silent adoration.

In the Philippines, the general practice is to visit seven or fourteen churches on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday. The faithful however may also perform this during the Holy Week or Kuwaresma. The more pious would bring a cross to these churches. People walk or take a ride from one church to the next depending on its proximity, and one or two stations of the cross are recited at each church. Most of the Churches are usually open until midnight to accommodate the faithful. Offerings are also made at each church as a form of almsgiving to the poor. 

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Home

Buying a house is a big decision. There are many factors to consider before purchasing a new home, but making a list and knowing what you want can help ease the process.

You've probably heard that when it comes to real estate, location can make all the difference. That's why homes for sale Spring TX are going to cost significantly less than the same sized house in San Fransisco. There are many things to consider when it comes to location though. If you have children, you probably want to factor the school district into your decision. Are you willing to commute to work, or are you looking to find something close by your office? Before you buy a house, make sure to think about all of these things carefully, and make a list of what is most important to you when it comes to location.

Finding the right real estate agent for you is essential. You want to find someone who is reputable and has your best interests in mind. Do your research before you jump in. Buying a house is a huge investment, so it is crucial to take your time and find someone who can guide you through the process. Ask around for recommendations, and look online at reviews.

How much square footage you buy is based on your needs and wants. If you have a large family, or are planning to, you'll want to make sure you have enough space to accommodate everyone. Something to consider before you choose a house is that it is always easier to remodel rooms in a house than it is to add them on. If having enough space for your family is important to you, don't sacrifice square footage for a more modern look. That can always be fixed later.

The home buying process can be overwhelming, but remember to take your time. Do plenty of research before you make any decisions. Plan for the future, and understand what you can afford before you buy.

A Place to Call Our Own

It is every family's dream to have their own home one day. Many of us wish for a dream home with a backyard garden, or a house with a large kitchen and lots of extra room to accommodate additional family members and visiting relatives and friends. Others wish for a house with a garage, where they can work on or tinker on their cars at the comfort of home. 

Others take into consideration the location of the property - is it conveniently located near schools, or shopping markets, or maybe near a bus or tram stop? Is it in the suburbs, on the border of the city, in the city center, near parks? Is the house or property in an exclusive subdivision or located in an urban development area?

Whatever kind of a home it is, an important aspect to consider is your finances. Can you finance the house? What are your financial resources and options for financial support? How long will you have to pay the mortgage? It is important to plan with a foresight so that things will work out. 

Indeed there are lots of things to consider when looking for or building your dream home. It takes a lot of effort, planning and sound decision making. But once it is built or finished, you are able to breath a sigh of relief and find comfort in the thought that your family now has its own roof on their heads. There is, after all, no place like home.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Things That Cause Air Pollution - Stop These Things To Maintain High Indoor Air Quality

Air quality refers to the purity of air that people breathe. The quality of air is usually at its lowest in big cities that engage in lots of manufacturing. Air quality is also made worse by the exhaust of motor vehicles and the release of harmful gases not related to manufacturing into the atmosphere. Although homes generally have a better air quality than the outdoors, residences still find themselves guilty of harboring not-so-great air.

Smoking tobacco, cannabis, and other substance is bad for air quality
One of the worst parts of tobacco consumption is the process of inhaling smoke - the type of smoke doesn't really matter - into the precious human lungs. Although not as bad as tobacco, cannabis smoke can also be held responsible for reducing the air quality in homes. Other things that put out smoke, such as incense, are also not good for homes' average air quality readings.

Pets are notorious for pumping out lots of hair and dander
Dander refers to tiny particles that dogs, cats, and other pets release into their environments. Many people who have allergies are allergic to cat or dog dander. Even though pets are oh-so-fun to have around, you should be aware of their potential to make the air around your home harder to breathe. One way to reduce the amount of dander in your home's aerial environment is to filter through it with an HVAC filter.

Not having ample ventilation is also a common culprit to blame for low air quality
The point of ventilation is to pump old, stale air out of homes. Residences that don't have enough working equipment to properly ventilate homes, they often suffer from low air quality as a result of their ventilation problems. Check around your home to see if its vents are open, not clogged, and pulling enough air through them. Simply moving debris around is all this step takes to be completed. If you want to start breathing better air, look no further than the help of hvac technician harris county tx, who is great at what he does.

Spring and Easter Home Decorating

We often hear the song "it's the most wonderful time of the year" whenever it is the winter and Christmas season, but SPRING can be considered the most wonderful time of the year too! 

Whenever I think of spring, I think of HOPE, and LIFE, and yes, EASTER! It is that time of the year when everything sprouts and springs back to life - birds singing, trees budding, flowers beginning to bloom. It is also that time of the year when everything seems painted in the soft hues of pastel colors and one is just in the mood to clean every corner and redecorate the house in all the glory of spring and easter!

Decorative pieces like vase, candle holders and candles, 
that when mixed and matched,
create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere.
When it comes to decors, one of my favorite go to stores is DEPOT. I just love their fresh ideas and trendy designs, and the endless possibilities of creative decorating that one can do by mixing and matching items. Plus, you can get lots of advice and decorating ideas in their blog "Schön bei Dir". Be it the living room, kitchen, dining table, bedroom, outdoor garden - you can find a lot of stuff to be inspired when you enter this store. They offer free brochures in-store that customers can take home, too so you can pre-select and organize your shopping list for when you drop by the next time. Their online shop allows you to shop 24/7 at the comfort of home.

DIY Idea: "A string of home-made bunting for festive occasions and everyday 'hygge'."
Photo from Sostrene Grene website. 
Another store that me and my daughter recently discovered is SOSTRENE GRENE. It is a Scandinavian chain of stores with headquarters in Denmark that provides its customers with a refined and innovative product range but still with a Nordic feeling to it. They always have something new every week, with some products available only at a limited period, so you will always be surprised each time you visit. The "DIY Corner" section of their website is something every craft-person must visit for those do-it-yourself ideas ranging from the simplest and easiest as making cardboard bugs with kids to more complicated projects like making a stunning lampshade. They don't have an online shop but the catalogues published monthly online are very helpful to plan ahead what you would like to purchase. If you love the feminine and Scandinavian touch like I do, then this store is a must visit. A visit at one of their stores is guaranteed to be a happy experience. :)

So if you want to liven up and redo your home decor for spring and easter, have a look at the assortment at these two stores mentioned. Wonderful surprises await you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Four Tips for Going Green

Are you ready to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? You don't have to live in the woods and trade all of your clothes for hemp. There are plenty of small, everyday changes that you can make to reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying the conveniences of modern living. Here are just four examples!

1. Change Your Light Bulbs
A compact florescent light (CFL) is much better for the environment than a traditional halogen bulb. As a bonus, it will give off the same amount of illumination; you won't even notice the difference once it's screwed into place. All that you have to do is fork over a few more dollars for a CFL rather than a generic bulb.

2. Use Less Water
Do you like drinking cold water? Instead of running the tap for several minutes to get it nice and chilly, keep a plastic water bottle in the freezer. You can add regular water to the container whenever you want, and the cold sides will act like ice. As a bonus, you won't waste water at the faucet.

3. Invest in Solar Power
Solar power is often misunderstood as something that takes a lot of time and money to harness. In truth, you can start using solar power with nothing more than a few photovoltaic panels in your yard or on your roof! Do some research into solar power New Jersey to learn more.

4. Donate Your Belongings
Did you know that just about everything can be recycled? Most people think of papers and plastics when they think about recycling plants, but the truth is that fabrics, metals and even electronics can be repurposed for other things. The next time that you're cleaning out your closet, consider donating your goods instead of adding them to landfills.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you're trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. As you can see, there's a lot more to the process than simply recycling your plastics! You have to make a commitment to a better life. Good luck!

Why Drink Bottled Water?

Water is essential for our health. It is the only beverage that has no calories and no sugar, that while keeping us hydrated. We are always reminded to drink at least two liters of water per day to ensure that our body is well-hydrated, which helps regulate our body temperature and maintain our bodily functions. Wherever we are - at work, home, school or outdoors, bottled water within our reach ensures the availability of this naturally hydrating beverage. Because it is available in a variety of formats (sparkling or still) and sizes, we can choose whatever suits our needs. 

Also, bottled water have strict safety and quality standards to follow, ensuring consumers that they get a high quality product. Moreover, the sources of these natural mineral and spring waters are protected to keep it sustainable. The bottled water producers go to great lengths to protect these natural resources and continuously find ways to keep environmental impacts at a minimum.

When calamities or emergencies arise, or when water supply is cut off in a municipality due to contamination or drought for example, bottled water provides a steady and safe supply. It can be easily and readily distributed to these affected areas, ensuring that the populace is kept hydrated.

Water really is life. It is the healthiest drink there is. I just hope that everyone will have access to it. And that we will all be responsible in recycling and disposing of our used water bottles - be it plastic or glass.

Monday, March 11, 2019

3 Great Reasons to Choose Blinds for Your Home

If you're thinking about sprucing up your home, start thinking about picking up window blinds Los Angeles. There are so many great reasons to choose blinds when thinking about redecorating your living space.

1. Everyone Loves a Little Privacy
Windows are a great way to see the world around you, be it the gorgeous California landscape or bustling Los Angeles city life. There are times when we all just need to have some time away from the world. With custom blinds, you can easily get just the right privacy with multiple angles. Adjustments made using blinds can easily block views from specific directions while still allowing a good deal of natural sunlight to enter a room.

2. Easy to Maintain and Keep Clean
When you have drapes or curtains, cleaning consists of taking them down and washing them in a machine, dry clean, or some other method. With custom blinds, you don't have to worry about the hassle of washing and possibly ruining the fabric. Instead, care and maintenance is a breeze. This keeps your home looking it's best, but it also helps keep allergy-causing and irritating dust and dirt from lying around in fabric.

3. Cost-Effective and Money-Saving 
Custom blinds that fit your windows perfectly can actually help keep the cold out in the winter months and keep the sun low in the hot summer months. The sun can also do damage to your furniture and other household goods. This is a cost-effective way to help reduce energy costs and protect your furniture as blinds are easily installed and maintained. Blinds come in a variety of styles. It's easy to find something that fits with your tastes or decor. Consider a set of custom blinds next time you decide to change things up.

Bilingual Classes in Stuttgart's "High Schools"

Most of us would say that English is the universal language and that it is important to be fluent in it from an international standpoint. Coming from a country where English is the second "mother tongue", I would say that being fluent in English indeed has its advantages. 

However, being in a country where English is otherwise the native language, it could be a challenge.  To help my daughter to be more confident in using english, we expose her to different movies shown in english, books written in english and communicating at times in english. Thankfully too, there are schools offering bilingual english classes so that students get to speak, discuss, write and read more english. 

In Stuttgart, there are about eleven Gymnasiums offering bilingual classes in English in their curriculum. These are:
  1. Ferdinand Porsche Gymnasium
  2. Königin Olga Stift
  3. Dillmann Gymnasium
  4. Paracelsus Gymnasium
  5. Zeppelin Gymnasium
  6. Leibniz-Gymnasium
  7. Königin Charlotte Gymnasium
  8. Fanny Leicht Gymnasium
  9. Geschwister Scholl Gymnasium
  10. Johannes Kepler Gymnasium
  11. Eschbach Gymnasium (new, from school year 2019/2020)
What does this mean? 
This means that students get more English classes beginning in the fifth grade to prepare them for the subjects that will be taught in english in the later years (beginning 7th grade). This is however, not for every student. It is therefore recommended for parents to get advise from primary school teachers before deciding, as they could very well assess whether a child would be suited in such a class. A prerequisite for admission into the bilingual program is a generally good grade in the 1st half of the school year in the 6th grade. In particular, good performance in the main subjects German, English and Mathematics is expected.

Which subjects are taught in English?
The following subjects are taught in English from the 7th grade:
  • Grade 7: Geography
  • Grade 8: Geography + History
  • Grade 9: Biology
  • Grade 10: Biology + History or Geography or Social Studies
Do you live in a country where English is not the official language. Which programs do the educational institutions offer so that students become more proficient in the english language? 

Why Cleanliness Should Be A Priority in Restaurants

Central Florida is a great place to live and raise a family. It is also a great place to start a business. If that business is a restaurant, then there are a number of things to decide upon before opening. The menu, location, and name are all big decisions that have to be made which have a direct correlation to success. Another less thought about factor to decide upon is the daily maintenance of the restaurant. Keeping the facility clean speaks volumes about the establishment and encourages repeat business.

Cleanliness In The Kitchen
The kitchen is probably the most important area of the restaurant to keep clean. Falling behind here can lead to patrons becoming sick and the business being shut down. A thorough and comprehensive daily cleaning list should be created and followed. This list should be in conjunction with weekly extensive cleaning. It may be more efficient to outsource these weekly cleanings. A search of restaurant cleaning central florida should provide a good list of companies to address this.

Clean All Surfaces
To maintain a pleasant area for visiting patrons, the lounge area should be thoroughly cleaned daily. This means wiping down all surfaces with sanitized rags. Menus, chairs, bar tops, tabletops, and booths need to be cleaned. Sweeping and mopping floors, as well as, nightly cleaning of the trash cans should be a part of the cleaning routine.

Sanitize The Bathrooms Regularly
Another vital area to keep sparkling clean is the restrooms. If the restrooms are dirty, then it sends a negative message to visitors and can have an effect on the number of visitors. Bathroom areas should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every shift. They should also be checked multiple times throughout the day and cleaned as necessary.

There are many things to consider when getting a restaurant off the ground and running. Do not, however, put the maintenance and cleanliness of the facility low on the priority list. Doing so can end the business before it gets the chance to thrive.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

25 Years Sinulog in Stuttgart

This year marked the 25th year of Sinulog celebration in the Diocese of Stuttgart - Rottenburg. From its humble beginnings in 1994, the Sinulog festivities on this side of the globe has grown bigger and better.

Last January 12, 2019, about 700 Catholic Filipinos gathered at the St. Martin Cathedral in Rottenburg to celebrate the Sinulog Holy Eucharist, with Rev. Fr. Simon Boiser as the main celebrant and co-celebrated by the diocesan Canon Thomas Weisshaar, Rev. Fr. Jonathan Ramoso Galope, Dean Dr. Tomas Begovic, Rev. Fr. Philip Ojibo and Br. Roy Paraiso. Church goers brought along with them their Infant Jesus (Sto. Niño) images to be blessed and adored. A procession of the Sto. Niño on a carosa from the cathedral to the Rottenburg town hall followed, with the devotees praying the rosary, faces all happy despite the chilly winter air.

Official YouTube Video from the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart  

More merry making was witnessed inside the town hall as the people danced the Sinulog as a way of thanking and acknowledging the child Jesus for all the goodness, blessings and graces that He has bestowed upon the families and devotees gathered in his name. There were also various presentations prepared by the different Filipino communities in and around Stuttgart like the Sto. Niño Group, Kawayan Dancers, Philippine Cultural Dance Troupe Backnang, Mother of Salvation, and Waiblinger Dance Group showcasing different Filipino cultural dances. All these and more made the celebration more colorful and worth witnessing.

Filipino food and the Filipino way of sharing food was also a big part in the festivities. There was food for sale for those who are not so fond of Filipino dishes. There was food to share  in almost every table so that even if you did not bring anything to eat, you will not go hungry because everyone is generous enough to share their food with you, even if you are a stranger.

Games for both young and old kept the guests entertained. Another highlight of the Sinulog was the tombola raffle, where great prizes were up for grabs. This year, another lucky guest won a round trip air ticket to the Philippines. This and more prizes were raffled off - making the trip to Rottenburg really worth it.

After the formal program, everyone was invited to the dance floor to dance the night away.

Indeed it was a great way to celebrate our faith in the Sto. Niño with family and friends. Until the next Sinulog! Viva! Señor Sto. Niño! Pit Señor!

Commercial Cleaning for a More Productive Business

The everyday jobs that get done in a commercial office space can really wreak havoc on a building. With everyone trying to get their duties completed in a timely manner, maintaining and cleaning this space isn’t something that always takes a priority. That doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to  maintaining a clean space. A healthy and clean office space can help improve productivity levels, keep employees healthy and safe and impress the general public. If you are looking to have someone else take over these duties, there are a number of professional cleaning service companies in the area that can assist.

Professional Experience
A commercial cleaning company should be able to provide professionals that can effectively and efficiently clean your commercial space. It is important that you choose a reputable company that has years of experience under their belt. This means the people that are cleaning your space will know what they are supposed to clean, how to do it and what products to use to get the results that you are looking for. You can work with the company that you choose if you have a preference regarding how things should be done. You may want certain eco-friendly products used, or you may have a space that you feel needs special attention when the area is being cleaned. This is something that you can communicate to the company that you choose.

Working After Hours
Even though the majority of your employees are at your business during the day, the cleaning can and should get done during the evening hours when everyone has gone home. This will ensure that the work day is not interrupted by people vacuuming or cleaning. Just make sure that you can trust the company that you choose. You don’t want to worry about anyone having their personal items stolen when everyone has left for the day.

There are many different areas of a business that can benefit from a commercial cleaning in Olney, MD company. Make sure to ask around, and do your research on what company you want to choose. This is how you can get an impressively clean space that will increase your business potential.

Crafts Day: DIY Photo Frame

My daughter was invited to a birthday party by her twin friends last Friday. Because it was short notice, we didn't have time to go out and buy them gifts. So my daughter decided to make them something instead: a picture frame made made out of paper towel cardboard roll, jute strings and paper. She set out to do it herself without any help from me the day before the party. 

It took her a number of hours but I thought it really turned out great. My only contribution was printing the photo she used in the picture frame and then wrapping the frame in a gift wrap.

So what do you think? It looks like my little Miss is more creative than I am. I guess those days of crafting with her when she was smaller (and I had more time) has really paid off.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

3 Facts About Cajun Food

Sometimes, you are in the mood for something a little different for dinner. One option is plano tx seafood restaurants. You may have heard of Cajun cuisine, but are not 100% what that entails. It can be spicy and includes fish, but the amount of each varies.

Here are three facts about Cajun cuisine to consider.

Cajun cuisine was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was concocted by the Acadians and French Catholic individuals in the area who were forced to move to New Orleans after the British in Canada exiled them. Therefore, you can view this as simple cooking that lives off the land and sea. Dishes are often cooked in a cast iron pot and served with rice and/or beans. It is often spicy and blackened. Every dish will include onions, celery and carrots, and it will be topped off with garlic, parsley and scallions for additional flavor.

Cajun is not Creole
It is very easy to confuse two things that are so close in resemblance. This is often the case with Cajun and Creole cuisine. Remember, though, Cajun food is not Creole. Creole cooking also originated in Louisiana, but not in New Orleans. It utilizes ingredients that could be imported instead of found in the swamp. Components of Creole dishes include more ingredients, too. While it is true that Cajun and Creole share characteristics, they are still distinctive in that Creole is more of a city slicker food and Cajun is more of a comfort food.

What is on the Menu?
On a typical menu at a Cajun restaurant, you will find the same items. The menu will include a variation of crab and shrimp that will either be fried of boiled. When eateries offer fried Cajun seafood, they are often sold in baskets that include French fries. Other popular sides may be corn, potatoes and coleslaw. For those who are not seafood-inclined, chicken tenders and wings are often sold, too, with scrumptious sides like fried pickles, hushpuppies and dipping bread.
For something different for dinner, consider plano tx seafood restaurants.

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