Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buying a Heart Rate Monitor?
Consider These...

As an athlete, you may find the use of a heart rate monitor to be beneficial. With a heart rate monitor, you can keep track of your target heart rate without stopping your exercise routine. However, selecting the proper monitor may not be as easy as it seems. There are several things that should be taken into consideration.

Before heading to your local athletic store, decide on the type of monitor you are interested in. If you are a professional athlete, consider one of the pro-level monitors. Not only can these monitors track your heart rate, but many keep track of distance traveled. You will need to decide which features are most beneficial to you. Keep your budget in mind. Remember, the more features, the more expensive the monitor will be. The monitor you select should be easy to use. Take a look at the digital screen of the monitor. The numbers should be easy to read. Next, check out the monitor's battery life. On average, batteries should last for 30 days or more. The type of battery should also be taken into consideration as some types can be on the expensive side. Most of all, consider the comfort of the monitor. When looking for a monitor, check out the heart rate sports watches from HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And It Don't Look Like
We'll Ever Stop Our Wandering....

My little family of three has just discovered something fun, healthy and fit to do together: wandering. Some may call it walking, hiking, even trekking. But I guess wandering is a more apt word because it meant going where ever our feet will take us and exploring the area. It started first as a hobby for my hubby but then I came to love it and then our little one too.

The little girl on her first wandering trip with us.
We initially planned to leave the little one at the Kinderclub at The Garda Village while hubby and I go wandering but since the staff are quite busy preparing for some activities for the evening program, we decided to bring the little one with us. And I was glad we did. 

The view of Lake Garda was very beautiful from above...
Too bad it is not so clear in the photos...
The little wanderer... and nope, she doesn't look tired at all!
Walking further... we got her a little wooden stick we found along the trail to help with her balance.
Standing on a rocky precipice... I bet Hubby's knees were shaking while I was taking this one. :D
Me and the little girl sitting on the rocky precipice...
I had to hold her tight. We are a family afraid of heights. 
She had a lot of fun and enjoyed singing and dancing while on our way. She also got to see a lot of tiny crawling and hopping and flying creatures and wild flowers along the trail. And what was more beautiful was the sound of bells singing during our descent. At first we thought it was from the little chapel that we saw on our way up the mountains but thought it was too far. Then we realized it was from the bells on the cow's necks. They were moving to another part of the mountain to graze and the sounds their bells made was music to our ears. And that was another thing that our little girl really liked.  

Almost there! Yay!
Of course we had to consider the distance we will be covering so that her little feet won't tire too much. I was amazed at how much energy she had. She took great pains in walking with us all the way without any complaints... at least up to a certain point near the peak of the mountain. To think she didn't have appropriate shoes on. All things considered, I think she really did a great job! And she was very enthusiastic for the next trip. 

Only the Hubby made it to the peak.
The little girl and I stayed behind for some coloring, dancing, and singing..
And back to where we started... this way please!
If you love to travel, going on a little hiking with the family is a very good activity to kill the time, get to know the area a little bit better, discover beautiful views, and keep fit all at the same. You will also discover a lot about your children in the great outdoors and realize how carefree and  enthusiastic they can be when out in the mountains.

Living at The Garda Village

Remember I blogged about wanting to go on vacation in South Tyrol? Well, we had to move a little further south since it was where I found accommodations ideal for families. We had our short summer vacation in Lake Garda in Italy and stayed at The Garden Village in Sirmione, situated on the south of the lake. 

We had a bungalow for our five days accomodation and I thought it looked very good: the mini kitchen was newly equipped with a two-burner electric stove, a fridge, lots of storage space in the cupboards, cookware and tableware; there was a flat TV with some German channels in it; there was also an airconditioning unit although we never really used it since it cooled down in the evenings. It looked clean when we arrived.

Our accommodation looked something like this...

Dinner prepared from the kitchen. :D
Everything was perfect until we took our baths and brushed our teeth. The drainage in the shower cabin and the bathroom sink wasn't so good. It took some time before everything drains out it made me think of plumbing scarborough. I can understand that the bungalow is a bit old but since they already renovated the kitchen and the floors, why not the drainage system too? An expert vaughan plumber's advice will really be helpful in this case. I wonder it it's the same for the other bungalows in our block...

The children's playground where the little ones can play.
The Kinderclub also meets here.
The little girl enjoying the pedal boat.
But on the lighter side, the village is almost enough in itself. It has a bar and a restaurant that offers good food. There's three outdoor swimming pools at the center of the village where you can enjoy the sun and water. There's the lakeside beach where you can play beach volleyball and water sports equipment to rent to enjoy the lake. They also have an animation program in the evening and Kinderclub for children during the day so parents can also enjoy some "couple" time. The playground and minigolf was a favorite of the little one.

Info board shows you where is which....
I would love to go back here again to enjoy some idle days with the family. It is a good place to relax, to spend some quality time with your loved ones, to just do nothing.. :D 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lake Garda, See You Soon!

© iStockphoto / Thinkstock
© Marco Stangl, www.stangltours.de
Can you smell the fresh air? Because I CAN! In two days, the family will go on a much needed vacation in Lake Garda in Italy. A friend of mine told me it is a very magnificent place and from the photos that I saw on the Google Images, I couldn't agree more! Actually, we initially planned on going to Lake K├Ânig here in Germany or to South Tyrol in Italy. When I couldn't find accommodations that would fit our needs in our desired travel dates, I tried looking in Lake Garda instead. So there, Lake Garda it is! In Sirmione to be exact.

Everyone is excited, especially the little girl because she can finally go boating and swim in the pool and/or in the lake to her heart's content. There's also an endless possibility for hiking trails and an endless possibility of taking shots of breathtaking views of the lake, the city and it's charms.

I can't wait to go on vacation... But first, must finish about a hundred tasks on my "to do list"! Duh!

Call Plumber Clark!

Almost everything goes down the drain... human waste, laundry water, tiny left over food in the kitchen sink, wash water, even clean drinking water. It is no wonder that our drains would sometimes stink and clog. And who doesn't dislike it when this happens? I for one do not like it... 

Imagine taking a shower and your feet are soaked in your own dirty bath water because the water drains too slow. Ick!!! In this simple scenario, you could always remove the stuck hair in the hole but for those who find this task a little too "igiit!", then it's good to avail of the services of good old plumber clark, who can guarantee clearing your drain in no time all. 

It is the height of the summer season. Although we love to let the sunshine into our homes, too much heat just makes us want to keep our shutters shut and the windows closed so as not to let the heat in. There is a better solution though. Getting an air conditioning unit, or if you have one but it is not functioning - getting it repaired, is one of the best options. I know there good people who can do air conditioning repair clark nj... Yup! In Clark, New Jersey baby! But there are of course other good ones in your area. 

Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Birthday Papa! We love you!
Today is a special day because the first man I ever loved in my life is celebrating his birthday. We are thousands of miles apart I know but in our hearts, we celebrate your birthday with you. 

A family photo taken in January 2013. I miss my family...
THANK YOU for everything... "for showing us the world and conquering all odds with mama til we all got on our feet and have our own family battles to fight and live. Parenting is never an easy task and we, your children, had quite a realization out of the big bang we all are facing now, and yet you were there for mama inspite of all the family battles..."  Here's just wishing that may you continue to fight life's many battles as courageous as ever and at the same time be given the TIME to enjoy the things that your heart desires. May you be blessed with more years of good health so that you may be able to go places and enjoy your grandchildren.

Samantha and Lolo Mars before the musical last May 19, 2013.
She will always enjoy dancing the "Buling-buling" dance with her Lolo.

We love you PAPA and here's wishing you a truly blessed and happy one! We miss you so much!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Of Plumbers and Pipes

I am no expert when it comes to plumbing but it does fascinate me how water and heating distribution inside the home could work and is made possible because of the careful planning within the plumbing system. This network of pipes and valves and stoppers one can never see as they are "buried" inside walls or floorings. 

But what if a problem arises, say you have a leak somewhere because the walls sudddenly became moist? If you are the DIY type, then the first thing to look into are the visible fixtures: faucets in the bathroom and kitchen, drainage pipes under sinks. If the immediate source of the problem is not visible, nothing seems to be wrong with i.e. faucets, then I guess it is high time to call in the experts. Who are you gonna call? Plumbing experts from plumbing lexington ky of course! Well, that is if you are in the Kentucky area.

Why the experts? Because they are experienced and specialized in this field. For example, plumbing repair lexington offers 2 years written warranty on repairs and even 10 years for new installations. And if something is wrong with your plumbing system at home, wouldn't it be just great if it is attended to on the same day? A good plumbing service will not let you wait longer just to get it fixed. A good plumbing expert will also tell you what the problem was, how he fixed it and how much it would cost. Transparency and professionalism are very important these days so be on the lookout for that too when choosing a proffesional plumber.

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