Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dell coupons Give you Quality While Saving you Money

Dell has been a long standing example of fine computer technology since 1985 when it produced its first custom designed computer called the "Turbo PC." Since then, Dell has grown vastly while continuing to excel in new technologies and customer satisfaction. One of the best known Dell products is the advanced micro devices (AMD) microprocessor, which has become so powerful that other companies use them in their own computers.

When you buy a Dell laptop, you are paying for high quality and powerful technology. Dell coupons give you the option to save money, but still get the high quality you desire. Some coupons can save you as much as 29 percent off Dell laptops and $400 off desktop computers.

Dell offers a wide variety of laptops to fill every need, from the Inspiron 15 -- made for everyday casual use at home -- to the top of the line Studio 17 created for high tech business use. The Studio 17 comes equipped with a 17.3 inch full high-definition screen and web cam as well as enhanced sound. If you don't need a high-definition screen and want to use the laptop as long as possible without plugging in, then the Studio 15 is your choice. It has an enhanced wireless network card and longer battery life, perfect for road trips and coffee shops.

If you are shopping for a desktop, Dell is currently offering 30 percent off their Studio XPS 100, the first of their computers with an AMD 6 processor. The Stuido XPS 100 is specially made for creating high definition movies, advanced photo editing and using graphical intense programs.

Ordering more than one Dell computer during these sales? You can personalize the laptops by selecting from different colors, processors, operating systems and much more.

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