Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TCP Themes for July

I can't believe it is already July! Before you know it, Christmas is just around the corner! Am I too advanced? Lol! I am just looking forward to our movie meme making it until the end of the year. Will it ever reach that period? I hope so...

So what's in store for the Couchers for the month of July? More TCP themes of course! Below is our TCP Themes explained:

July 6th: Angels
Movies that show about angels: how they touched human hearts, or how they have fallen or movies showing depicting miracles. There are a number of these movies that have made it to the box office and are really inspirational.

July 13th: The Best Chick Flicks
Sometimes also called gal films, these mostly include formulated romantic comedies, (with mis-matched lovers or female relationships), tearjerkers and gal-pal films, movies about family crises and emotional carthasis, some traditional 'weepies' and fantasy-action adventures, sometimes with foul-mouthed and empowered females, and female bonding situations involving families, mothers, daughters, children, women, and women's issues. These films are often told from the female point of view, and star a female protagonist or heroine.

July 20th: Road Films
Movies that have an episodic journey on the open road (or undiscovered trail), to search for escape or to engage in a quest for some kind of goal -- either a distinct destination, or the attainment of love, freedom, mobility, redemption, the finding or rediscovering of oneself, or coming-of-age (psychologically or spiritually).

July 27th: Slightly Epic, Slightly Historic
Epics include costume dramas, historical dramas, war films, medieval romps, or 'period pictures' that often cover a large expanse of time set against a vast, panoramic backdrop. Epics often share elements of the elaborate adventure films genre. They take a historical or imagined event, mythic, legendary, or heroic figure, and add an extravagant setting and lavish costumes, accompanied by grandeur and spectacle, dramatic scope, high production values, and a sweeping musical score. They are also often a more spectacular, lavish version of a biopic film.  Some 'sword and sandal' films (Biblical epics or films occurring during antiquity) qualify as a sub-genre.

Hope to see you all next month for Tuesday Couch Potatoes!


bambie said...

wow...already excited!☺

love the themes for july!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

very updated yata ang host ng TCP. Thanks for the updates mommy Kikamz.

Jackeline Salva Cagas-Paraiso said...


got my entry.. check it out: http://einujackie.blogspot.com/2010/07/tcp-angel.html


Yami said...

Nice themes for the month of July.

I'm joining marce. Here's my entry.


Jackeline Salva Cagas-Paraiso said...

hi... waiting for the links...

Mommy Liz said...

I got my entry, kaso wala ka pa yatang entry marce. paki link na nga lang ang sa akin ha.

http://www.anliz.info/ nandyan ang entry ko..

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