Thursday, June 10, 2010

Potty Training My Little Girl

It's summer and this is the perfect time to potty train my little girl. She is already two years and three months old and with the heat and all, it would be easier to potty train her. Why? She can just wear shirts and panties around the house without fear of her catching a cold. She could even go around the house with only a shirt on!

As a first-time parent, it is of course difficult for me but I always check out for a wealth of helpful resources on different topics. There is a particular article that caught my attention: Potty Trainig in Three Days or Less. The article raised the question: Are you ready for potty training? The answer to this question is very vital because the success of this method relies on the parent's commitment, focus and dedication. Potty training your child in three days is only possible if you and your partner are willing to dedicate the time potty training your child.

I will definitely get you updated with my little girl's progress once I start potty training her. But first, I must prepare her for the potty training. I would also need a few materials such as a portable potty, rugs and cleaning materials for accidents and of course, prep the toilet to make it child-friendly.

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