Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Avoid a Disaster By Finding Your Underground Water Leak Now

One of the biggest fears you face as a homeowner or business owner is the threat of damage to your to your property and belongings. Even though you rarely see them, underground water leaks can cause a lot problems, and if not addressed immediately can wreak havoc from water damage and mold to foundation issues that compromise your building’s integrity. 

Sometimes you can tell there may be an underground water leak because of water pressure changes you can hear. While water leaks can sometimes be identified by a variety of unusual noises such as “whooshing”, “hissing”, “clinking” or “splashing” sounds, often underground water leaks don’t have any tell-tale sound. Here are some of the more obvious visual signs that can tip you off to a hidden leak so you can fix it before it causes:

Signs of an Underground Water Leak
  • A yard area that was previously green and lush turning brown and dying may indicate your water pressure may not be strong enough to properly push sprinkler heads up.
  • A noticeable water volume or pressure drop.
  • Leaning structures or shifting floor grades.
  • Potholes or sink holes.
  • Pools of water on the ground surface.
  • Dirty or rusty water.
  • Heaving or cracking paved areas. 
  • A sudden increase in water usage, usage that climbs over several billing cycles or water use that is consistently abnormally high.

If you have any suspicion that you have an underground leak on your property, it is crucial that you immediately contact your utility company and have your water turned off at the meter before contacting a plumber to locate the leak, remediate the cause and determine how best to repair any damage.

Locating an Underground Water Leak

If you suspect that your water issues are due to an underwater leak, it’s a good idea to bring in professionals to determine the cause and severity. By putting the problem off, more damage will occur, and repairs will be more costly. A professional has specialized training to locate water leaks by using sophisticated technologies and equipment such as a Leak-Pro underground water leak detector and infra-red technology to track down the source. Once located, the expert will be able to provide the technical expertise, services and information that you and your repair service or contractor need to expose and fix your leak issue with minimal property damage. 

Finding and catching underground leaks in your floors, foundation, slab or underground service lines quickly will enable you to avoid catastrophic damage to your home or business, your property, and adjacent properties.

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