Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Run Kikamz, Run!

I have already reached my weight limit. I can't believe I allowed it to reach that point. But I won't be divulging it here because that would be too embarrassing! Lol! And so I have made a resolve to lose weight. Seriously. Or I won't be able to touch my toes again. Or bend easily. Or climb a flight of stairs without panting.

Hubby registered me at a fitness studio that is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. All I had to do was work out my schedule so I can have and hour or so at the fitness studio at least twice a week. If I am too busy with my online tasks, I would pass. But my fitness sessions are normally on Monday and Wednesday evenings after my German lessons. From my language school, I would ride a train that would take me to my fitness studio. I usually do an hour at the cross trainer and then 20 minutes on the thread mill. Last night though, I ran for only an hour on the cross trainer because I was already tired and sleepy.

I know that running is not enough. If I seriously want to lose weight, I know that I should also look out for my diet. Perhaps it is high time that I change my preference in food. I should be eating more fruits and vegetable salads over rice and fried food. Drink fresh juices over sodas and iced teas. And less sugar cubes on my morning coffee.

I know that I should start TODAY. No more room for procrastination this time. I hope I can keep up!

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