Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Want A Makeover!

I have gone sassy lately... I find myself visiting online shops here and there and looking for something new. I am getting tired with the usual jeans and shirt get-up although they are very comfy to wear. I've been checking out girly shoes too. They say that if you are big, you've only got to find the right colors and styles to make you look trendy, confident and smaller than your actual size. I am no fashion guru though so I am highly dependent on what fashion experts has to say.

I have an A-figure. You know, a narrow or small upper body and wide hips. I have read somewhere that figures of this type should wear tops that will emphasize the upper section. Remarkable pieces of jewelry are ideal, as well as voluminous shawls. The tops should also be light colored and patterned and should be paired with dark-colored bottoms.

There are lots of available styles available online that will help give achieve that look. But the only problem is: Will they fit and look good on me just as I imagined? Good thing though that the online shops here in Germany have 14 days cancellation wherein one can return the goods at the condition it was received without paying anything within the 14-day period. So I can return items that do not fit me well or whose color is not what similar as that published on the net.


Sherry said...

I want also as I was told I look old if I wear like this or that. lol

Unknown said...

I enjoy browsing at online shops, there's a lot to choose from... ending up with nothing to buy :)
good to hear about that 14-day period.

bambie said...

hi kikamz! thanks for stopping by my blog. yep, an affair to remember is a classic. you should see it. it's so beautiful! btw, i already have a movie in mind for next week but i'm not sure if it falls under the category so i have to check pa. otherwise, i'll change my selection.☺ have a nice day!

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