Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vanity Kit, Where Are You?

Today's theme for Girls' Talk is all about our vanity kit. This week's theme is an easy one for me because my answer to that would be I HAVE NONE. Don't get me wrong. I still prep myself when we go out but it's just slathering on body lotion, combing and drying my hair, brushing my teeth and splashing on some cologne or putting on a little perfume and then I'm good to go. I even forget to put on lip balm! Yup! No lipsticks or face powder for me although the kikay in me finds herself wandering into the cosmetics section of any store for some window shopping. Perhaps after I lose weight, I would shop for some cosmetics for those formal affairs. But you could never see me wearing make-up on casual days.

Right now, I really am looking for my vanity kit because it is non-existent. If hand cream and hand sanitizer and wet tissues would fit this category, then that would be my VANITY KIT! I guess if you are a Mom, putting on even light make-up is the least of your worries. Besides, it's the natural beauty in you that counts. My Hubby doesn't complain anyway and he's okay with how I look so why bother? Hehehe! But then again, we all GIRLS want to look and feel good right? I guess for as long as you have the positivism in yourself and you are comfortable with how you look, that's all that matters.


Sherry said...

I agree on natural beauty :D

check out mine

fedhz said...

lol, kurek marce. ako din sakin, wipes at alcohol, extra damit at face towel. haha. sa inside my bag ko nalang lagay un. hehe.

uu nga eh. si boylet din kase ayaw ng make up. kaya kering keri.

Unknown said...

yup, simplicity is beauty!

ACmomCee said...

ay... korekness!!! mommy kikamz, sabay tayo mag shopping... I can't do it on my own eh... I simply don't know a thing about those cosmetics... shocks!!! baka maloka nalang ako sa dami dba? I have mine naman, check mo... wahahaha!!!

Verna Luga said...

wow, sister, maconciensya man din tayo nito... hahahhah, yan ang tinatawag na low maintenance ...

Joined GT too HERE

peppermayo said...

wala mang kikay kit, may winner na attitude naman! ang ganda!

Mel_Cole said...

Sorry for my late visit sis ha, you're right, natural beauty comes first :) Ok lang yan, btw, i'm your newest follower today :)

niko said...

agree ke peppermayo!!

galing mo kamz.. ako di ko keri lumabas ng house na wlang kolorete bwahhahaah :D

anyways, thanks for joining GT!!! See u next week, can’t wait to see what’s inside your WALLET! Enjoy your weekend girl!

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