Monday, June 14, 2010

TCP#43: Sammy's Abenteuer

Hello Couchers, welcome to the June 15th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes! I am again late for TCP this week. My biggest apologies. Lots of things came up yesterday which prevented me from sitting in front of my computer and so I hope, no I beg, for your understanding.

Anyway, this week's theme is 3D Experience. Just post about any movie that you have seen on 3D and tell us about the experience, and of course, what the movie was about.

It has been years since I last saw a movie in cinemas. I guess the last time was when I was still pregnant, that was a couple of years ago so it is quite difficult for me to make a blog post. But then I remembered that we watched this short from the movie Sammy's Abenteuer (Sammy's Adventure) in 3D when we went to Europa Park last year.

Why short? Because it was not the entire film but rather, a portion of the film that pretty much summarizes what it was all about. And this movie is yet to be released in cinemas in October 2010. Our first time as a family to watch a short, it is indeed worth our while. Sammy's Adventure is your ultimate family movie and is about a sea turtle's life from his birth in 1959 to his adulthood in 2009. Internationally, the film is entitled Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage (3d), and is a.k.a. Around the World in 50 Years 3D. When watching this movie, be prepared to get a little splash of water, the thrill of being underwater and being chilled in the winter cold, and lots of great sound and visual effects! I can't wait to watch the whole film with my family!

Here's the official trailer:

How about you? What's your 3D movie? Come share it with us here on Tuesday Couch Potatoes and enter your TCP link to the linky below:

That's it for this week's TCP. Our theme for next week: Genetically Engineered. Thanks for joining us this week Couchers! Till next Tuesday, take care and Happy TCP!


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Haven't seen this one yet, and it looks like a fun adventure. Thanks for the review mommy kamz will watch this if ma showing sa HBO hehe

Rossel said...

ay hihintayin ko ito. di pa kase kami nakakapanood in 3D and this one seems a very good movie for kids.

Chris said...

wow, when will this be shown? it looks great!

AC said...

wow! I'm sure Alyssa will gonna love this! hhmm... hintayin namin to!

niko said...

weeee di pa to showing!! oct 2010 pa.. yey.. bka ito ang first time kong mapanood sa 3d :) hihih

mine is up na kamz, sori late :)

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