Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TCP#54: Now That I Have You

Hello Couchers! Welcome to the August 31st edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes. I know this entry is way too late. But I can't help the circumstances. I have been computer-less since Friday evening until today because of PC problems. Hubby had to buy me a new hard disk and a new OS just so I could get back to blogging. I really do apologize for the delay. I hope I won't have technical problems ever again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So this is the last Tuesday and the last day of the month and we end it with the theme: A Filipino Movie. Most of the Couchers are of Filipino blood that's why I had this theme in mind. Now it's a bit confusing as to what movie I would post for this week because I do have a collection of Filipino movies in my external hard drive.  Should I post drama, love story, or romantic comedies?

I have a confession to make though. I am a great Bea-John Lloyd fan. I just love their chemistry... seeing them together reminds me of my younger days when I day dream and used to have a great crush on someone. Hehehe!I know it's corny but I feel homesick sometimes so that I tend to watch these movies at home, armed with iced tea or hot chocolate (depending on the weather) and my bean bag.

So my pick for this week will be: Now That I Have You, a 2004 romance movie from Star Cinema. It stars of cource, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. She starts her day looking for him among the faceless crowd of the train station... He doesnt even know she exists... or does he? Betsy and Michael are only two of the thousands of commuters riding the MRT everyday. They dont know each other but they both board on the same stations. Betsy is a hopeless romantic while Michael is a non-believer in love and romance. Betsy thought Michael is Mr Right but when they finally meet, he turns out to be the exact opposite of her ideal man yet she still allowed herself to fall in love with him.

I think this was the first Filipino movie that I watched since living abroad making this a memorable one. SInce then, I watched countless others at home, with or without hubby because he is not so much into these movie genres. It's just for fun and although it could get pretty corny and mushy sometimes, I must admit it allowed me to relax and smile a little and forget that I am living in a foreign land.

So what's your Filipino movie? Come share it with us by adding your TCP link in the linky below.

Next week, we will post our FAVORITES. So for September 7, our theme will be Favorite Brad Pitt movie. Thanks for joining us this week Couchers! I hope to see you again next week for another edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mommy Moments: She Loves Toys

My little girl loves to play. She would play with just about anything: dolls, blocks, musical toys, balls, cars and puzzles. She enjoys playing with her toys every now and then, sometimes alone, sometimes with me. She finds joy in these little things and allows her to develop her motor skills. 

She loves to play in the sand. Unfortunately for her, I don't take her out too often so that she would take as much time as she wants in the sand boxes in a nearby playground when I am in the mood to take her out.

She received lots of toys when she turned two but she easily gets tired of playing them. Perhaps, this is the case for most kids. When the novelty and the appeal is gone, they put the toy aside and will only play with them once in a while. 

This was her favorite before she learned that there are bigger and more exciting slides. She was content sitting on top of this mini slide and would say "wheeee!!" as she slides herself down. Today, she would improvise. She would ask me to make a slide out of the fleece blanket, the small pillows and the sofa. I had to oblige because it is always a delight to see her sliding happily.

Samantha is fond of toy cellphones. But instead of buying toy phones for her, I gave her Hubby's old broken cellphones. She enjoys using them as she plays make believe. Pretending as if somebody's calling her and giving her instructions. She would say hello, speak for a while, nod her hear and say "okay" in agreement to what her imaginary caller was saying and will say "tschuss" or "babye". 
That's my little girl. Creating fun in whatever she gets her hands on.

mommy moments

Go "Blind" for that Natural Homey Feel

It is hot these days. In tropical countries, it always is. The sun smiles strongly upon the earth that sometimes, the heat can be unbearable. You would wish you could just hide in the shade and down a glass of iced tea just to cool off. Or perhaps go out to the malls to enjoy the free air conditioning while window shopping. But going out can be expensive. Even if you don't buy anything, you still need to pay for your fare and refreshments should you get hungry. Don't you just wish that your very own home were a haven for the summer heat?

I know... you would think: you are going to spend on creating the mood in your house anyway, so why bother? Creating a cool and relaxing atmosphere in your home need not be expensive. It all needs a little inspiration, the right accessories and accents to your existing furniture and of course, blinds.You may not know it but these horizontal things go a long way. It does help you in achieving the mood that you want to create without having to be entirely in the dark. They come in various colors, materials and sizes so you can choose which works best. Wooden blinds, for instance, work well in the bathroom and in the living room. The natural feel that they provide helps to calm and relax. Fabric sliding panels in the bedrooms create that soft and dramatic feeling.

I would prefer to just stay at home on a hot summer day. Although we don't have an air conditioning in the house because it is very expensive to install one (the operating costs could kill you), I would still prefer to just lounge around the house. It's all about the mood baby!

Watching With The Enemy

Toinks! I know I am late again for GT this week. Duh! Why can't I ever manage to make my blog entries on time? Apologies Marce Kaye!

So this week's theme is about the movie that I would recommend watching with an enemy. I am never really good at holding grudges for long because knowing that someone is not happy with me just makes me uneasy. So I always tend to apologize and make amends, whether I am in the wrong or not. I always want to have peace of mind so that I don't really make a good enemy. Lol! I believe that there are lots of things worth doing in this world than just hating and being spiteful. Having enemies is not a great way to live, right?

I think I am straying farther away from the topic at hand. Lol! So which movie would I recommend again? I always have the movie Bucket List in mind. Incidentally, it's the same movie as the host's pick so I won't dwell so much on the plot of the movie. Why the movie? As I have written in my comment to Kaye's GT post for this week, I love the movie for all the right reasons: " great actors, beautiful storyline and a superb OST from my man, John Meyers." With the theme of friendship and forgiveness and death, this movie will just somehow melt the coldest heart. It taught me that life can be very short so that one must live it to the fullest. That as human beings, we can set aside our differences in order to be free. That in order to be free, one must learn to forgive and let go of the hurts.

And as the song goes: Say what you need to say...

Girls Talk

Will I Ever?

It is almost September. I am both excited and scared. Excited for another learning adventure and scared of what awaits me at the university. In preparation for the program, I will be taking an intensive German language course. It is a 6-week long course and because it is mandatory, I am required to attend the classes on a daily basis. That means I cannot join my family for our little reunion in Rome. I am already sad thinking about it. But I guess there are some things that you need to forego in order to gain something. And that's a fact.

So what's left for me to do while they are gone? I could do lots of things actually. I can finalize my little girl's photobook, I can attend my German language classes, and I can check out some laptops through the online auction. I know I will be needing a new notebook when the first semester starts. A laptop makes it easier for me to do schoolwork and catch up on my blogging too during breaks or while I am on the road. But I don't want to spend so much on laptops, that's why I am looking online for auctioned ones. I heard that they come cheaper compared to buying at electronic and computer stores.

Monday, August 23, 2010

TCP#53: Inception

Howdy Couchers! Welcome to the August 24th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes where we post about a movie each week. This Tuesday, we will feature new movies or films that you have seen, movies that were just released and you found worth watching.

This week's theme: Something New, and I just realized that the theme is the same as my previous post's title. Lol!

Anyway, I am a bit excited to post today's entry for a number of reasons:
1. I finally managed to watch a film in the cinemas.
2. This is the first movie that Hubby and I watched here in Germany.
3. The movie was great and left me with a lot of mind-boggling questions.

I was rooting for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as my entry but we had to forego watching it because we opted to watch the fireworks display instead. I guess I'll have to wait for it to come out in DVD so that I can watch it in the original English version.

So, on to my entry. My pick for this week is Inception. It is quite a movie and I enjoyed it.

Here's the movie trailer:

And the story:
Visionary filmmaker Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight) writes and directs this psychological sci-fi action film about a thief who possesses the power to enter into the dreams of others. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) doesn't steal things, he steals ideas. By projecting himself deep into the subconscious of his targets, he can glean information that even the best computer hackers can't get to. In the world of corporate espionage, Cobb is the ultimate weapon. But even weapons have their weakness, and when Cobb loses everything, he's forced to embark on one final mission in a desperate quest for redemption. This time, Cobb won't be harvesting an idea, but sowing one. Should he and his team of specialists succeed, they will have discovered a new frontier in the art of psychic espionage. They've planned everything to perfection, and they have all the tools to get the job done. Their mission is complicated, however, by the sudden appearance of a malevolent foe that seems to know exactly what they're up to, and precisely how to stop them. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
Nice one right? What's your movie for this week? Come and share with us by entering your TCP link in the linky below:

Thank you all for joining us this week. Hope to see you again next week for a taste of Filipino Movies.

Something New

While browsing the net, I found something that I think might interest those who want to create a free website. Your website could be anything you want it to be. An online store perhaps or a website for an organization you are affiliated with. You can create more than just a blog. You can create a real webpage with customizable pages, complete with photo galleries, members area, forum page, and other elements that you want to include in your website.

I was thinking whether to build a new website or not but then again, I realized that our religious organization here in Stuttgart needed a web page where we can post all announcements and events and highlight the group's activities and so it was that our website Pit Senyor! was born. I have yet to tell the officers about it and if they approve, then I will campaign heavily for this website. There is still a lot to be done with the pages and I have yet to make a custom header design. For now, this is how I came up with:

What I like about this service is that I can fully customize and make my own design to suit the organization's theme. But it is for advances users only, meaning that the webmaster must have HTML knowledge. I don't know much about HTML design so I guess I could solicit a friend's help to do this. I also have a 300MB storage space, which is not bad for a FREE website. I can add images, music and videos, even flash and html files. It's better than I expected. So create a free website now! And let your imagination and creativity do the work!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mommy Moments: Movies

Kids always love watching movies, especially those that are audio-visually attractive and appealing. My little girl is no exception to that. Today, she decides what movie she wants and inserts it on our BD player or CD ROM, wherever she fancies watching. Movie watching though is limited to the confines of our home. She hasn't been to a real cinema yet because she is still too young. But I know that when is big enough to watch movies with us, she will enjoy it.

I always find it cute when she inserts the DVD on the player. She would say "opem clows" and look at me to ask for my approval before she would press the button again to close the DVD slot.

My little girl knows her movies and she even has names for them. Winnie the Pooh ("puh bare"), Mickey Mouse ("paka maus", Cinderella ("sarella"), Snow White ("she wayt"), Peter Pan ("bibi ban"), Alvin and the Chipmunks ("chip--mhunks"), Shrek ("shwek"), Barbie ("bahbi"). She always knows the coming scenes and if it involves dancing, she would say "dance so no!", ask that she wear a dress and what else but dance! Cute! 

And here's my little girl, dancing All The Single Ladies while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Notice that she has an apron-like dress on? That was the easiest fastest one to wear. Hihi!

Do your kids love movies too? How was their first cinema experience? Come share it with us!

mommy moments

Friday, August 20, 2010

Staying For Good

I don't know if this is the right time to say this but I guess it is official. We are staying here for good. Beginning next year, hubby will no longer be on international assignment. He will join his German colleagues and will no longer be treated as a VA (not the VA as in virtual assistant) as they would call it.

That means we will be here far longer than expected. That would also mean we will no longer have the benefits that a VA receives beginning next year. Although we will have to let go of a lot of perks and move into a smaller apartment in order to save on rental costs, it means for me the freedom to purchase all the household items that I have been planning to buy. I can finally buy some log furniture which I will place in the terrace or balcony. I can shop for that TV stand and living couch that I have been eyeing in the home center. I can finally buy that carpet that I have been saving for. Or that dining table and chair that looked so charming and inviting. And our very own bedroom furniture. I can finally decorate the house as much or as less as I want, whenever I please.

But first things first. We must first find an apartment where we will be putting all those stuff that I mentioned. I just hope looking for a smaller place wouldn't be as tough as it sounds.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

GT: Doing Practical Magic With the Sissies

It has been a while since I went on a movie date with my sissies. Come to think of it, it has been eons since we went out. I am after all living far, far, away. Figures. Now I am missing them more, thanks to Marce Kaye. Lol!

Anyway, here's a good movie that I would love to watch over and over again with my sissies: Practical Magic starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. In this movie, they play the role of the Owen sisters and have nothing in common except for the fact that they are well, sisters and witches at that. And for two sisters from a family of witches, falling in love is the trickiest spell of all. Yes, this is the dilemma that these sisters are facing because they have been cursed, as well as any other Owen women before them. Any man who they fall in love with ends up dead. The good thing is that they found their happy ending, learned to accept that normal is relative and learned to embrace their "profession".

How I wish I could watch this movie with my sissies again. Perhaps next year? Must purchase a DVD copy in case our plans to go home next year materializes. This movie always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Girls Talk

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have always loved attending weddings. There is so much excitement and happiness and love in the air. Whenever I hear of friends getting engaged and getting married, I always volunteer to help in organizing the reception and giving out suggestions to the bride to be. Even if it is not my wedding, I am always feel enthusiastic about how the wedding will turn out to be.

I admit I am not an expert in organizing weddings but I think I know the basics. Apart from the paperwork, which I think is the most important, there are just a number of things that are just as important such as the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. A wedding will not be complete without the bride and groom, of course and both should look dashing and perfect. More often, the grooms wear a coat and tie or bow ties, or in traditional formal wear such as the Barong Tagalog in the Philippines. The brides on the other hand usually wear a long white gown and a veil, designed specially for the bride. The entourage is usually garbed with the wedding colors, with the bride's maids wearing formal or semi-formal long dresses and the groom's men in coat and tie or barongs. A wedding will not be complete without the flowers and photography. This event comes only once in a lifetime, for the case of those who don't believe in divorce, so that these precious moments should be immortalized on photo paper. One must not forget the wedding rings for they symbolize the promise and the bond that the married couple have made.

Ah, weddings... If you are the bride and want to really take care of every detail, it could be quite stressful. But with the help of family and friends, and a little inspiration, all shall be well and everything will just fall into place. One must also bear in mind that it does not end at the wedding ceremony. Married life has just begun the moment you say "I do."

TCP#52: The Lord of The Rings

I can't believe we are now on the 52nd edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes! It's that fast!? Thanks mostly to you all who never tire of joining every Tuesday. Our theme for this week is Favorite American Movie. To be honest, I am confused on what to pick and feature this Tuesday. I am thinking of choosing between drama or fantasy adventure but I am featuring the movie that I love to watch over and over again. I am after all more drawn to the extraordinary and make believe.

My pick then will have to be The Lord of The Rings trilogy. It has got lots of aspects of human nature combined: love, hatred, good and evil, hope, peace, happiness, friendship, courage, faith, determination, anger, acceptance. The trilogy in itself is a fascinating journey and the adaptation of the LOTR books was beautifully done. Although it's a fantasy movie, the values that the movie emulated were very, very much human. The actors in the movie also did justice to their roles, making it very effective. Who could also forget the superb soundtrack of the movie, mostly done by Enya?

This movie won lots of Oscars too. But Oscar or not, still will always be one of my favorites. What's yours? Share it with us by entering your TCP URL in the linky below:

Thanks for joining this week Couchers! Apologies for the delay in posting my entry and the linky. Hope to see you all again for next Tuesday's theme: Something New (the latest, fresh release movie that you saw). Take care everyone! Happy TCP!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Should I Make The Switch?

I have been blogging for sometime now. I immensely enjoy it. In fact, since I started blogging a little over two years ago, I now author four blogs. Two are hosted free and the other two, with their own domain names. They are all written in blogger platform. I find it very easy to use although my first ever blog was in the WP platform.

Now I have been thinking: should I make the switch or do I create an entirely new blog with it's own blog hosting? Many of my blogging friends recommend that I just create a new one instead of switching because it is easier that way. The problem with switching is that you could lose your page rank, your post archives and comments, and a number of other technical problems.

I of course wouldn't want to lose my page ranks because I know how difficult it is to earn them. Perhaps I should just follow their advice. I have also heard about bloggers having problems with their blog hosts so that it is important to be careful and find a reliable and credible blog hosting, making it necessary to make a research of my own.

But with my hands quite full at the moment, a new blog would simply have to wait.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mommy Moments: A Bookworm Like Me?

My little girl loves books. Although she cannot read yet, she can already recognize some shapes, numbers and images of animals and other things. She would point at them and then she would tell me what it is. She would sometimes even make the sound of the animal if I point an animal.

Reading her first ever nursery rhymes book that is now torn.
The pop-up stage is no longer there. What is left is a big hole.

When she was smaller, she would tear the pages apart or bite on the spine. It was quite frustrating and so I made sure to buy her board books. She books of different sizes and colors, some in English, some in German. 

Her latest favorites are: The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss and Märchenkiste (a Disney fairytale collection). The first I purchased on amazon and the second one, a gift from her friend. She would always refer to them as BOOK and wouldn't go to bed without them. She would also bring it along with her when we go out. There was even a time when she threw a fit because we forgot to bring her book. We had to go all the way home just to fetch her book. She loves looking at the pictures in the books and I sometimes see her talking to herself, pointing at the pages and the images, as if reading a story.

mommy moments

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Label Maker Software Anyone?

I have thousands of photos and downloaded movies waiting to be burned. I have already prepared a boxful of DVD-Rs for this project of mine but I still need a label maker software to organize the CDs into various categories. I find cd labelling very important so that it won't be hard to search through and will also make the CDs look cleaner instead of just writing the CDs contents with a pen. Just imagine having to insert every single CD into your CD ROM just to get hold of the right CD! That would indeed be very time consuming!

There's a software that I find very easy to use. See the screenshot above? With this software, it is very easy indeed to customize and create cd covers. You can choose any image that you want for the cd cover with the image option. You can add titles and even select the font type to suit to the theme of the cd. This feature is just perfect for archiving our collection of family photos and downloaded movies and even data backups. Every now and then, a computer problem comes up and sometimes, reinstalling the OS is necessary. I find it difficult to find the CD for this installer and that and a nicely labelled CD will simply do the trick. There are also various dvd case template that you can work on to further customize your CD case. 

With a software as simple and user-friendly such as this, I will no longer have a hard time figuring out what to do with my cds. I won't even feel hesitant to send out CD copies of photos to friends and relatives because I will be giving them out in a presentable manner. With a software like this, I can also label the rest of my CD collection.

Preparedness is the Key

If you want to get ahead and secure a place in a reputable university, it is important to be prepared. The road to success may be winding, bouncy and sometimes rough, but if you started right the first time, things will just fall into place. How to be on the right? Preparedness is the key. Whether you are a student who is aiming to pass an entrance exam or a licensure exam, or a professional who wants to pursue further studies, it is always best to arm oneself with information and knowledge before heading to the test center. 

If you are serious at pursuing a masters degree in business, you must have already heard about the GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test. Getting yourself into an online gmat prep course will help you hone your mathematical, analytical, strategic and english skills through the comprehensive and interactive instruction. The good thing about online courses is that they are flexible, gives you access to thousands of practice problems and also allows you to engage in a live GMAT class where you can ask questions and get real-time answers. There's also five GMAT practice tests that you can take which responds like the real tests so that you will be prepared on test day.

I haven't taken a GMAT yet but I have already taken a number of aptitude and qualifying tests where being prepared has helped a lot. And I can definitely say that it's not enough that you know the answers. It is also important that you know how to present your answers, how to make use of the time given for a certain test part. And online courses and practice tests have helped a lot.

Lemon Drops and Gum Drops

It seems that summer's over for us here in Germany. The weather forecast says that it's going to rain in the next six days. Since this morning, the skies are gray and the clouds are threatening of rain. I had some errands to make today: get a new ATM card because my present is defective again, buy a cortisone cream for Tatay, buy some groceries. I was praying that it wouldn't rain while I was on the train because I didn't bring any umbrella with me. Thankfully, my prayers were heard and I got home safe and dry.

This afternoon, it suddenly poured. It suddenly became dark that I had to ask my little girl to turn on the lights. I showed her the pitter-pat of the rain drops outside our balcony and sang her a song. She instantly recognized it and we ended up looking for her barney video, played it and sang:

"If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops,
Oh, what a rain it would be.
Standing outside with my mouth open wide
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! 
Oh, what a rain it would be!

If all the snow flakes were candy bars and milkshakes,
Oh, what a snow it would be.
Standing outside with my mouth open wide
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! 
Oh, what a snow it would be!"

Then it was time for her afternoon nap. It wasn't that hard to send her to bed. The weather is cool, perfect for cuddling in bed. Perhaps she already dreaming of lemon drops and gum drops right this instant.

You Had Me At Hello

Ever since cell phones were released to the public more than twenty years ago, many models have already come out and we have seen lots of mobile phone service providers booming. Indeed, human beings have found a faster and more convenient way of getting connected with the whole world. Information, multi-media, and communication is now right at our fingertips. And these cellular phones also come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors and functions that sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose which one is the ONE. That's why it's always a good idea to look into cell phone reviews before even deciding on purchasing one.

I admit I used to be a techie, a gadget junkie... I still consider myself as one although my priorities in life have changed. New cell phone models coming out of the market every two months or so can be quite overwhelming so that arming oneself with product information puts one at an advantage. Any information on cellphones that I can get, I try to get so that when the opportunity knocks and I am finally able to upgrade from my lowly but reliable cellphone, I would not regret buying the new model. I am satisfied with the purchase and are assured that it would not go out of fashion in the years to come. And that's just me being practical.

A Movie Date

Gawd, I missed last week's edition of Girls Talk but if I had joined last week, the movie that I would be watching with a friend will be the sequel of the film Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Why? Because, I too haven't seen it yet! I so enjoyed watching the first one so I wouldn't mind if Marce Kaye will treat me on a movie date for the sequel. Lol! I would also recommend watching The Bucket List with a friend. It's a great movie to watch with a good friend.

And for this week, the movie that I would highly recommend watching with someone special is 50 First Dates. Why this movie? Because Hubby and I love this movie for all the mushiness, laughter and wonderfully warm feeling that it evokes. This is one of the many movies that Hubby and I love watching. I love Drew and Hubby loves Adam so a movie with both of them in it is something that we absolutely have to watch.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, the story is about Lucy who has this fictional amnesia where each day's events disappear from her memory overnight, and of Henry, a womanizing marine-life veterinarian who finds himself serious at pursuing Lucy. Learning about her condition and finding himself falling in love with Lucy, he devises many different ways to meet her again everyday while hoping that one day, she will retain her memories and feelings for him. Although it is a romantic comedy, with a light plot, you wouldn't have to dig deeper to see just how far and to what great lengths a person would go through just to be with the person he/she loves.

Which movie would you recommend watching with your special someone? If you have no idea, check out what the other girls are recommending!

Girls Talk

Celebrating Health

I just talked to my mother and father on the phone today. It's my father's 60th birthday and so I called to greet him and to also know if everything is well. My mic is not working properly and after two failed skype calls, I finally to contact them and ask them to go online. I am glad that my father is happy celebrating his birthday with family and friends. Although me and my eldest sister cannot be there, he sounded happy when I greeted him. He just retired from work and I am glad that he found something to keep himself busy with: working on his vegetable garden. He has always wanted to buy a parcel of land and farm it. If we only have the money, we will gladly help him buy one. But since we cannot afford yet, I guess Papa would have to make do with his little garden.

What worries me more is my Mom. She has been having problems with her feet, she finds it very difficult to walk. She told me that her creatinine and cholesterol levels are high too. If only there is a medicine that works as fast as a barcode scanner works at the groceries, I wouldn't have to worry much. I hope that I can get a clearer picture of her health condition... I will have to ask my sister to tell me more. I have a feeling that my Mom is not telling me everything because she doesn't want us worrying.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Southern French Countryside

Traveling by car has its benefits. It allows the traveler to see the beauty of the countryside, stop where he or she fancies stopping and stretch a little, and enjoy the ride. Although getting to the destination takes longer, the beauty that your eyes can feast on is worth it!

I find the countryside of the South of France very beautiful. With endless fields of wheat, sunflowers and of course vineyards and old towns and French country houses, everything is just beautiful. 

And because it is the summer season, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery even later in the day. I may never know the names of the places where I took these photographs as we were passing through because I lost track. One thing is for sure though. These travel mementos are worth keeping. Which reminds me... I have to begin with our yearbooks lest I completely get busy when school starts.

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