Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Quit It Baby!

I just hate it when people carelessly smoke inside vehicles. It is always a nightmare for me who doesn't like the smell of cigarette smoke. I am just lucky that smoking is prohibited inside public transportation here so that I don't have a problem. The problem is when I am waiting for the bus or the train to come. That's when smoke can be anywhere and it is simply annoying!

Why won't they use electronic cigarettes or just quit it? I especially dislike the afternoon crowd at the main train station in Stuttgart because I always end up unable to breath and smelling like I just smoked a pack of cigarettes after I am done qeueing and buying my train ticket. I also have a child in tow for goodness sake so I just hope that they would just disappear. Why do they have to put into danger the greater public who are non-smokers?

But I know I just can't simply yell "quit it!" and glare at them lest I want to put myself in an aggravating situation. After all, I am only an expat in this country. I need to adjust. Perhaps, I will just stay away from the afternoon crowd and go downtown at an earlier time.

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