Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photos, Photos, and more Photos

It has been a little over two days since my parents in law arrived here in Germany. They are trying their best to adjust to the time but they just can't help feeling tired and sleepy especially if it is already past 1:00PM here. And they would wake up at 2:00AM especially Tatay. He would even take a bath already at this hour! I guess they are slowly but surely adjusting to our time here and perhaps in three days, they will have already adjusted to our time zone.

To keep them from sleeping too much during the day, I would take them out for short walks or show them around the city. Last Friday, we went to downtown Stuttgart and Nanay and Tatay were no longer sleepy. We also took them to the Wilhelma Zoological Garden today and they enjoyed watching all the animals and flowers. I showed them the photos that I took since they arrived last Thursday. Good thing our BD player can read SD cards so that I was able to play a slideshow of all the photos. We enjoyed watching the photos and we are going to transfer them later into on CD so that they too will have their very own copy. We were planning to have the photos printed here but decided to have them printed in the Philippines instead because it is way cheaper there. Nanay could just select the photos from among the hundreds of photos that she want to have printed and place them in a photo album.

I know there will be more photos in the coming days. For now, I must make an itinerary to ensure that they get to see as much of Germany and the Schengen states and be able to capture all those wonderful memories on film, errr digital medium.

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GIOVANNI said...

you're the best daughter-in-law!

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