Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is My Little Sam Ready for Her Own Room?

My little daughter Samantha is now 2 years old. As most of you may already know, she co-beds with us. We have a separate room meant just for her but she is not using it yet. It could be that I still cannot part with her, even when we sleep or it could be due to the fact that it still isn't complete yet. It is very bare, except for the bed which is in need of baby bedding, and I wanted to decorate it with all the right furniture and decor that a little girl will love.

When my little girl was still a baby, she slept in a separate crib for safety reasons. She had her own haven: a white crib with a goodnight moon design, baby mobile that plays good night tunes, and soft crib bedding to protect her fragile body when she sleeps.

Even when she was still a baby, she moved and stretched a lot when sleeping. She is growing up so fast and her positions are getting more odd and well, acrobatic! That's why we have already prepared a 90x100 bed for her so that it can grow with her. All it needs is the right combination of kids bedding and she will be encouraged to sleep in it soon. Lately, she would play pretend in her own room, pretending that she is putting her doll to sleep just like mommy does. She would also pretend to sleep in the process and give out loud snore sounds. I really find it very funny and sweet. She probably heard our snores when she wakes up ahead of me and her daddy.

I have a feeling though that she will soon prefer to sleep on her own if this keeps up.

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Sherry said...

maybe it is time for her have her own space. :D

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