Friday, July 30, 2010

Moving Houses

In a year or so, whether we go back to Japan or stay here for good, I know that we are bound to purchase some new home furniture to be used by the whole family. We didn't buy any furniture piece yet because we know that we are still to be relocated somewhere. Besides, our present home is already furnished so there really wasn't any need to purchase anything. 

There are of course lots of furniture designs, from the kitchen to the living room, down to the bedroom, office and bathroom, available in the market today. I guess most of you know how drawn I am to home furniture shops and how fond I am of collecting brochures of home furniture and interior design. The designs I have collected vary from rustic furniture to contemporary design to classic designs and my mind is a bit confused on which piece to really purchase. 

A part of me wants the rustic look, with its natural and relaxed feel. The OC in me wants the minimalist contemporary style while the romantic in me wants the classic design with everything looking chic and shabby. But I know that I should also consider the other members of the household when picking out our future furniture pieces. Perhaps I could do a mix of the different interior designs to show our different personalities. And perhaps, I might achieve the look that I want.

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