Friday, July 2, 2010

The Dilemma of Being A Filipino

Please don't get me wrong with the title. I love being a Filipino. I am proud to be one. I am just offended with the fact that we have to go through all the trouble of getting VISAs if we want to visit other countries. Even crossing countries and airport transfers can be cause for delays if you don't have the proper documentation. I have read and heard lots of stories about this and it is very disheartening and disappointing. 

My PIL are here and we also want them to visit hubby's brother and his family living in England while they are here. The problem is that they still have to secure a visit visa to the UK. I still have to apply for UK visas for the five of us if we are going to take them there. I think getting a UK visa for myself, hubby  and our little girl will not be a problem because we have a permission to stay here in Germany. The problem is with my PIL. They were only granted a single entry visit visa to Germany and the Schengen countries and if they go out of any of the Schengen states, they won't be able to come back here anymore. With this status, it will be a little difficult to accomplish. Plus, they still need to secure a transit VISA when they are in England so that they will not be delayed at Frankfurt Airport on their flight back to the Philippines. It really is a nightmare for my part because Hubby has put me in charge of the UK visa processing. If things were a bit easier, I wouldn't have any problems.

There is no harm in trying though. And I can just charge everything to experience.

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