Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is Periodontitis?

I have been complaining for quite sometime now of toothache but because they just eventually faded away, I just ignored it. But not until a few days ago when the toothache came back with a vengeance and I found my right lower gums inflamed and two of my teeth, one premolar and one molar, shaky did I finally made an appointment with the dentist. And I was glad I did.

My lady dentist was a very kind and soft spoken person. She spoke English very well so that I did not have any difficulty in communicating with her. I sat on my chair and she checked my teeth using a probe. She told me that I have periodontitis which is caused by microorganisms that adhere to and grow on the tooth surface. A radiographic exam (an x-ray of my teeth) was also taken to determine the extent of the damage caused by the bacteria and the bone loss around my teeth.

While waiting for the x-ray photo to come out, I was given an antibiotic. After about 30minutes or so, I was ushered in again into the examination room and my dentist explained that I have bone loss all over my mouth, about 3mm of attachment loss on most of the area surrounding my teeth (moderate) and more than 5mm of attachment loss on the inflamed area (severe). She also told me that the inflamed area has abscess and that she will need to remove it. She also told me that she will place a local antibiotic on the inflamed area to kill the bacteria inside and she also injected anesthesia on my swollen gums. I tell you it was a very painful experience because the anesthesia did not work 100%.

So what's the next step? To protect my teeth from further damage, she recommended that I undergo an optimal and extensive cleaning of my teeth and will include a total of four appointments at the dental clinic and of course, for me to practice oral hygiene religiously. The teeth cleaning program costs a total of €150.00 but it will all be worth it, I know.

I have been taking my teeth for granted for some time now. And their clamor for attention is now heard. I just can't, and wouldn't ignore it. I don't want to end up toothless by the time I turn 60. Lesson learned: never ever take your teeth for granted. Take care of it as you would take care of a baby.

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