Friday, July 9, 2010

A Very Late TCP

Hello Couchers! I know I am awfully late for Tuesday Couch Potatoes. I intended to post last Monday because I brought my old laptop with me. You know me, I cannot bear to not hold a laptop even for just a day but there are circumstances beyond my control that prevented me from doing so. I know I should have just scheduled my post but I did not. Needless to say, my laptop died out on me. The monitor just went (poof!) all dark and I am rendered helpless. No internet cafes in sight because everyone seems to have their own laptops and everwhere is free wifi. I also cannot just drop our vacation because we are following an itinerary. I guess you could all guess the rest. Right now we are in Paris and I luckily found an internet cafe near our hotel. I am a little relieved.

So for last Tuesday's theme: Angels, my pick will be City of Angels starring Meg Ryan. I just love this movie that tackled about love, salvation and death. This left me teary eyed and heartbroken.

What's your Angels movie? Share it with us by entering the URL of your TCP link in the  linky below:

I won't make this long. Please just enter your links and I will get back as soon as I arrive on Monday. I will also announce the winners of the giveaway by then.

Hope to see you all again next Tuesday, July 13 for The Best Chick Flicks. I wish all the Couchers good luck in the giveaway and enjoy the rest of the week.

Again, my apologies.

1 comment:

july_blogista said...

heLLo Ms. Kikamz! :) that's alright we understand.. :) actually I've been checking your site everyday for the Mr.linky and your post for this week's TCP. lol! but knowing your situation there, it's understood.. :)
Thanks :)

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