Friday, July 2, 2010

Other Career Options For Me

When I was still in grade school, I have always wanted to be nurse. This has been my ambition until I entered high school and had to decide before graduation on an entirely different course due to the nature of my scholarship. And so that is how I ended up being a chemical engineer instead.

After five long and difficult years into the program, six months of review and a board exam later, I became a professional chemical engineer. BUT. I was only able to practice my profession for about three years which is shame. But I don't regret that I decided to be with my husband and build our own family. Sometimes though, the career woman in me is clamoring for a job, to apply and practice what she has learned.

Now we are in Germany and landing on a job that is related to my profession proves to be a challenge due to many factors. I am still struggling with the language. I am not a German or European citizen. I am only a dependent. I have no special skills. So I guess I will just have to venture into a different field. There are lots of nursing homes needing medical assistants and caregivers here so I think that would be my best option. I can get myself into a medical assisting school while juggling my time between family and language school. I am getting there with my German, I think, and so going to school will not be a problem. 

But I am not yet sure. Besides, I'll be going to graduate school this September and that alone could open up lots of windows of opportunities for me. I really don't mind the type of job I will be doing, as long as it is decent. I just want to help the family financially and working alongside with my Hubby will really help a lot.

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