Friday, July 2, 2010

I Love My Teeth

Girls Talk has got a new host and a new home, my dear marce Kaye of Beauty Queen Gene and although I am late, I know I just can't let this meme pass.  My conscience has been nagging me since yesterday to post my entry. Hehe!

This week's theme is bragging about what we love in us, physically. I had to think loonnnggg and hard for this one. I even thought of skipping it altogether. But for the love of Kaye, here I am. I am not endowed with the perfect body that many are fantasizing these days: tall, slim, fair-skinned, flawless skin and with boobs and a behind to match, so that I cannot brag about that. My crowning glory, my hair, has gone from very straight to a little wavy due to daily ponytails and I can't brag about that either. So I guess my best asset would have to be my teeth. They are not perfect in the sense that I don't any teeth problems but when I smile, people would notice my straight, even, pearly whites. Then perhaps you can add my butt. People also notice that. Or am I just too big so that they can't help but notice it? Hehe!

Find out what the other girls are bragging about!

Girls Talk


K said...

awww.. love you marce! hihi. kala ko matitiis mo ako e. hahaha!

ang gustong-gusto ko sayo yung smile mo. siguro nga dahil sa iyong pearly whites na rin :)

next week ulit a? hihi

K said...

ay inggit ako sa perfect teeth! kasi ako nung grade four nadapa kakalaro. chipped yung 2 teeth ko sa harap. kaya pangarap ko ung perfect set of teeth like yours. hihi.

at touched naman ako dun sa "for the love of Kaye". hihi. love you too marce!

see ya this thursday! ;)

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