Friday, July 30, 2010

The Old Small Towns

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As a person with the lust for wandering and traveling, I have seen the stark difference between a sprawling urban area and an old small town. Development and commerce is concentrated in the city center, while the old towns left in an atmosphere of the olden days with the cobblestone streets and some ruins. It is a beautiful scene but something is wrong with it. Much of the old small shops in these small towns are closing down. And although I live in a big city, I prefer to live in its suburbs. There is just something nostalgic and romantic in living in it. The people seem more cheerful and cordial. The neighborhood is quiet and safe. The children can just play outside the house without any fear.  have also seen many quaint shops closing down because people prefer to go to the city center to purchase items. And I feel a bit sad because I have always preferred an old town quiet living and feel it a shame to just see those little businesses go, the very heart of any small town's existence.

Growing up, I learned that in order to flourish and succeed, one must patronize one's very own local products and remember one's heritage. And I think Rambler's Way's commitment to revitalizing America's small towns is a great idea to helping these small towns regain their former glory. When I was growing up, I always have a high respect for labels having the Made in America mark and always use them with pride, because it means quality. Now I know that it is more than just quality. That mark also represents the very fabric of America's existence.

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