Friday, July 2, 2010

Old Superstitions

Although I grew up in a city, my grandparents didn't so that I hear lots of stories about the supernatural and the superstition from them, mostly scary, unlucky and life-threatening ones. And if you would follow all of their advice, you wouldn't have a life. Lol! I try to follow the ones that makes sense and just ignore the ridiculous and out of this world.

I remember my Lola say that a door chime is important because it warns of spirits entering the house. Kind of a bit scary really and it really frightens me when I hear door chimes ringing without seeing anyone entering the house. It just gives me goose bumps. But really, they just chime because of the wind. I also remember this superstition to never try on your wedding dress before your wedding date because it will bring bad luck to your marriage. I think marriage doesn't depend on wedding dresses but on how much you love and respect each other. Then there is the May Day Eve superstition that if you light a candle on the eve of the first day of May in a darkened room and look in the mirror, you will find beside you the man of your dreams or the devil. I tried doing this just for fun and nothing happened. Hehe! There are still others but really, whether you believe in superstitions or not, the quality of your life will always be the result of how you live it.

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Sherry said...

sis for chinese they say the month of ghost festival better remove all door chime because they attract them when they hear the sound. even play with music at night not allowed!

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