Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Vieux Port

View of the Old Port from the Basilica of Notre Damede La Garde. Fort St. Jean is visible in this photo.

The Old Port (Vieux Port) or old harbour is the reason for Marseille's existence. It is overlooked by the Old Town and two 17th century forts. Do you know that a ferry crosses the port throughout the day?

The Vieux Port's entrance is guarded by Fort San Nicolas and Fort St. Jean. It is home to some 3,000 boats and is the heart of Marseille. To tour the old port, one can start on the quai (quay) de Rive Neuve where the  the La Criée stand, Marseille's most famous theater built in 1909 on the site of the old fish auction rooms, thus the name. The Place Thiars, a lively square dotted with dozens of restaurants and bars, which is an ideal meeting place to meet for an al fresco evening during the balmy summer months, can also be found here. 

The impressive facade of the Hotel de Ville (town hall).

Then one can take a couple of minutes trip cross the harbour on an old wooden ferry, the oldest of its kind in France to the other side, quai du Port, to take a peek at the impressive 17th century Hotel de Ville (town hall). From there, walk up towards the quai des Belges, where the famous fish market takes place in the morning. There you will have the best view of the Canebière, the most famous street in the city, and the subject of a popular song.

The mini sightseeing train has two routes. The first route goes up to the 
Basilica of the Notre Dame de La Garde and the second route to the Old Town.

Hubby was pointing out to Samantha where she was born: A white island with a red circle at the center.

There are lots of interesting things to be found here like this globe whose countries are marked by their flags. The mini sightseeing tour train also starts at the Old Port. A fee of €7 per person for Route No. 1 and €6 per person for Route No. 2 is charged accordingly.

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So beautiful! I love looking at your pictures. Haaay, kelan pa kaya ako makakapunta diyan... hehehe. :)

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