Friday, July 2, 2010

A PS3, We Want One

I remember when I was still a kid. I would curiously look at bigger and richer kids who have this computer game gadgets in their hands. They seem to be very busy and occupied with it, focusing all their attention and energy into it as if their life depends on it. At first, I just couldn't get it. I thought it's dumb. 

My impression when I got to play Super Mario on Family Computer at my cousin's. Then I first got my hands on a tetris game, the closest thing we can afford to buy then. This hand-held game became very popular in the late 80's and early 90's. I finally understood why they acted that way.

So many game gadgets have been invented and released into the market since then and they are being updated at lightning speed. It was only a few years ago since the release of PlayStation and now, it's already ps3. It is not only me who loves to play computer games. My Hubby loves it more. Whenever we go to electronic shops to buy some consummables for our PC and home, I would always find him dropping by the gaming section and checking out the eye candies there. I just know that if we had extra money, I he would readily buy one.

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