Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Office Chairs and Then Some

Last year, we purchased some office chairs for our little office room where I will be doing all my online and offline work. These chairs were on sale and they looked sturdy and the designs were cool and so we thought of buying them. But it hasn't been a year yet when they went kaput! And so now I am in need of better, good quality office chairs that will last a lifetime. 

So now, I am looking for a good Office Furniture store that offers more than just cool designs but of good quality as well. I also need some office shelves and some office organizers as I have got some paper files and documents now piling up and clamoring for my attention. I want them organized and segregated into separate folders and categories so that I won't have a hard time digging up for them when me and hubby need them. Most often than not, Hubby gives me some important documents from work and he would ask for them every now and then. Sometimes, I just don't know where I filed them or I forgot that they were even in my possession and I would argue about it. The truth is, I just lack the organization in my so-called office. 

I hope to get myself organized before I start school in September. Otherwise, it will be too late for me with me going to the university and all that.

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