Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Sporty Woman

I do not consider myself as sporty or athletic or active. Don't get me wrong but I do love sports... spectator sports that is. In my younger days, I tried a couple or two of ball sports... volleyball, ping pong, and yes even basketball but I guess I have two left feet and two left hands because I never can aim right! You may call me lousy then. But I was good in badminton, even won champion twice, thanks to my badminton partners who were so competitive and very good at it! I guess I was just one lucky person to be partnered with the best badminton players in the company where I used to work.

I always admire people who know their sports... more so if it's a woman. And I know of just the one person who knows and have been closely following some popular sports known to man: tennis, formula one, football, and martial arts. Meet Svelte Rogue, the lady behind svelte sport, a blog that reveals her sporting interests, favorite athletes and her own sports adventures. One thing that I love about this blog is the way she writes about sports events and then analyzing the outcome in her own special way. And I guess we share the same interest in F1, which I just got interested in because the hubby is so enthusiastic about it and I just can't help but be piqued too! Yep, Formula 1 indeed is a very exciting game! It is a shame that Svelte Rogue as of her last blog post dated October 3rd wrote: "I realised that this will be my last month of blogging. Svelte sport is going off the air by the end of this month. unless something comes up, of course."

Well, I hope she continues this blog of hers. It is one very informative, one-of-a-kind sports blog!

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