Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Of Eco Bags and Good Karma

Spread some love and some good Karma down the road! I stumbled upon Charity Cases today, (thanks to Ally McDougall) and found that you can support a charity of your choice by purchasing one of their eco-friendly bags specifically designed for the charity you wish to help or getting a free one for yourself just by referring, telling, and/or spamming a friend!

This month's featured charity is the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. If I may quote:
Breast Cancer Network of Strength provides immediate emotional relief to anyone affected by breast cancer through the YourShoes 24/7 breast cancer support center, which includes the country's only toll-free breast cancer hotline staffed entirely by breast cancer survivors.

Breast Cancer Network of Strength raises money to fund Your Shoes, outreach programs, breast health awareness workshops, wigs and prostheses banks for women with limited resources, and advocacy on breast cancer related policies.

For more information about Breast Cancer Network of Strength, visit Peer counselors may be contacted at 1-800-221-2141, with interpreters available in more than 150 languages.
While we can fight breast cancer through early detection, the reality is that many women still suffer from it. It is a good thing that these charities and networks are available to provide support and relief.

The bag below was specifically designed for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Isn't she cute? Very dainty and feminine for pink-blooded women all over the world!

Now you have got two options to help breast cancer patients and breast cancer research. Join the handbag auction or buy this eco-friendly bag. Either way, you are able to help. And with Charity Cases, you are also helping the environment. Great huh? It's like hitting two birds with one stone! Not to mention the good Karma that goes with it.

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