Wednesday, October 15, 2008

M is for Mouse!

The kid in me just couldn't resist a trip to Tokyo Disneyland to visit my two favorite mice in the whole wide world! Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.

It was one fine spring day when the family decided to visit Tokyo Disneyland. We were greeted by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the gang with a short welcome parade.

Beaver Monk gave us his blessings and posed with us. Behind us is the famous Merry-Go-Round.

Would you believe that this Mural is made of glass? Reminiscent of the story of Cinderella, this Mural depicts a scene from the Grand Ball. Cinderella was on the run, leaving behind her glass slipper.

Celebrating 25 Years of Tokyo Disneyland, the Jubilation Parade showcases your most beloved Disney characters from Mulan to Mickey and Minnie to DuMbo to the Mermaids and more... And here is Minnie in her royal gown. Look who is accompanying her! No other than her fairy godMother.

Of course, our visit will not be coMplete without visiting Toontown, more particularly, Minnie's and Mickey's houses. And because they are so famous, you Must wait in line for 60 Minutes or More just so you can enter their charMing hoMes.

First stop was Minnie's house. And while we were waiting in line, we decided to get a shot near Minnie's charming windows.

It was almost dark when we finished touring Minnie's house. And off we go again to stand in line for the next stop.

What??? We so badly wanted to Meet Mickey that day! But this sign says you Must wait for another 45 Minutes before you can enter and finally see hiM! Whew! At this Moment, I was all aching feet and baby Sam was getting a little gruMpy.

And here's Mickey's Mailbox! I bet it contains all sorts of Mail froM his fans around the world, not to Mention those Mushy love Memos from Minnie. :D

FInally, the faMily was able to Meet Mickey Mouse! Garbed in his wizard robe, it reMinded Me of Fantasia... And look at us - we were all beaMing and quite excited to have finally Met Mickey except for our baby, who at this tiMe was wailing due Mainly to exhaustion. Or perhaps she got scared of Mickey's big ears, big eyes, big Mouth, big nose and all.

So was it all worth it? You bet it is! After all Meeting Mickey Mouse was why we caMe to Tokyo Disneyland for!

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ria said...

wow! i haven’t been to tokyo disneyland yet but have visited euro disney and hongkong disney. i would love to visit japan one of these days…. so nice!

Lily said...

you look like you all are having a great time. I like Mickey too!

earthlinggorgeous said...

Uhoh! The baby got afraid of Mickey! Marvelous trip at the Magical Kingdom in Tokyo, I’ve been to Hongkong!

Rebeckah said...

How fun is this M? It is so wonderful! It makes me smile! I am hoping I can take my son to Disney World one day soon!

BearNaked said...

That Mickey Mouse Mailbox is Marvelous.
Thanks for taking us along on your day at Disneyland for ABC Wednesday.

Bear((( )))

Neva said...

I can not believe it has been 25 years since they built Tokyo Disneyland. I worked at Disney World in Orlando the year it opened…..a LONG time ago! I love Disney….to my knowledge….there is no Minnie or Mickey house at Disney World….interesting! Love the photo with the baby screaming! a long day for her! but so sweet. :)

CuteBoo said...

Oh so beautiful! I love Disneyland, but the next one for us is in France…of course ,I was there - 4 times…and always great! So I can feel the fun …lol…thanks for sharing your wonderful day!Hugs Sabine

photowannabe said...

Love Disney too but haven’t been to Tokyo Disneyland. The Mickey Mailbox is so cute.

shals said...

halu ka! gwapa na kaayo si samantha.:)

nindot lagi nang disneyland. unta maka-anha ra ko. charingggg!!!

Awang said...

Happy Holiday to you and friends and happy ABC-Wednesday too.
Beautiful place to visit,Take care.

Cindy said...

Wow, really nice place to visit. I wish I could be there!

earthlinggorgeous said...

Hi I am back!

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