Monday, October 6, 2008

Entrecard = Traffic

I have been blogging for more than three months now and I owe most of my traffic to Entrecard. If you are new to blogging, know only a number of bloggers who are willing to link you, and would like to generate traffic, getting an Entrecard is the first thing that you must do. And then you can build up your traffic from there.

Nope, I am not patronizing. This is really the most logical thing to do. Why? Because it is through Entrecard where I met most of my blogger friends, regular visitors and link love. And it is very easy to do it! You are not required to write reviews or make ratings, or spend a single dime. While it has got options to favorite or recommend a site or buy some EC credits, one is not required to do so. For as long as you see the EC widget on a blog, you can always drop your card and earn EC credits on the process. The more cards you drop, the more credits you accumulate. More EC credits would mean your ability to advertise on another blog that is also using Entrecard. No need to spend money to advertise on other sites. How great can that be? Is there anything like it? No, I guess not...

The Entrecard community is a diverse one. You can find a blog for just about anything - hobbies and crafts, IT, cars, sports, spirituality and religion, motherhood, photography, music, making money online, business, personal diary, entertainment and a whole lot more! So if you have a particular interest, you can be sure to find lots of fellow bloggers who share the same interest. It is not really that difficult to drive traffic as you are assured that there are bloggers in the same category who are very likely to find you (with the help of dropping your card on theirs, of course).

Of course, traffic will not come to you at the snap of a finger. Your success as a blogger does not solely count on displaying your EC widget. It also entails dropping on other blogs, writing good content, purchasing adverts, and reciprocating drops. So you see, if you really want to be a successful blogger, get Entrecard and work on it!

NO, you cannot make me change my mind about Entrecard. I love it here and I am staying.

As for those of you who are badmouthing Entrecard, I am sorry it is not working for you.


liza said...

entrecard is indeed wonderful. kakatuwa kasi ang lakas magdrive ng traffic ;)de

George Serradinho said...

Nice post.

Entrecard can help many users out there. It just needs hard work just like all the other products/services on the net. You can at least make many new friends and view some good blogs out there.

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