Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eight Wonderful Things

My slice of strawberry shortcake! Look, I'm already 8 months old!

My baby Samantha Ysabelle, a.k.a. Sam is now eight months old! Amazing how time flies! So most of you must probably know how much I adore my little girl. Who wouldn't be crazy and madly in love with this very wonderful and beautiful gift from God? And here are some eight things about her that are just so heartwarming and even funny.

1. Sam is now capable of emotions. She cries when she is afraid especially if she senses that no one is in the room. And she showers me and her dad with her wet kisses whenever she feels like it... Yes, she would lick you if she is in the mood, which is most of the time!

2. She has got two teeth now. She is just so cute with her teeth now visible and shiny. And she like to nibble. And if she is up for it, she would bite too! Yikes!

3. Sam is one techie baby. She loves to play with the remote, the cordless phone, our mobile phones and the digital camera. She knows how to hold them even if she doesn't know how to use them yet. She loves to push buttons and we would soon discover a feature of the phone or the remote control because of her. It's funny how babies can sometimes show you how it's done.

4. Sam likes to play with her feet. She bites and nibbles on them every chance she gets. And there is a belief in my home country that when babies start eating or biting their feet, that means that they want a little brother or a little sister! Oh no! You are still too young Sam. We want to enjoy still...

5. Sam loves to have her pictures taken. She would smile, and giggle, and laugh once you aim the camera her way. Pretty cute eh! She is not camera shy.

6. Sam loves to watch TV. She especially loves watching Madeleine, The Triplets, and Jori. Everytime she hears the intro song, she would kick her legs as a sign that she is excited. I would then put her on her baby seat so she can enjoy the show. I don't know if you are familiar with them since these shows are shown on Cartoon Network Japan. And she also loves it when the credits are flashed after every show. She just loves watching the contrast between the black screen and the white letters that are flashed to give credits to the people behind the show.

7. Sam loves to travel. Whenever I tell her that we will be going somewhere, you are sure to get her attention. There are times when I would tell her the night before our outing day that we are going somewhere and she is sure to wake up early and wake us up with her waking wail. And what does she do during our drive? SLEEP! Hehehe!

8. Sam loves to sing! Yup, you heard me right! Whenever she feels sleepy and mommy is not singing her a lullaby, she would sing herself to sleep. Whenever she hears me sing, she would sing with me. Whenever we go for a drive, the first thing she does prior to sleeping is sing! Now, isn't that cute?

Well, that's about it for now for my Sam. Happy 8 months little one. We love you so much!

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Karen, author of “My Funny Dad, Harry” said...

I don’t have children of my own but I would imagine it would be so fun to watch them developing and I would probably be blogging about all their “milestones” just like you! It’s so nice to see parents who love their kids.

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