Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sweetened Bananas Anyone?

The monkey in me just can't resist bananas! From banana cakes to banana sticks to banana rolls to banana jelly to banana puddind and of course, sweetened bananas! I just love this recipe from Connie Veneracion over at Pinoy Cook of sweetened bananas (minatamis na saging). Instead of cooking it the traditional way where the bananas are boiled with sugar and water, she added some twist to it!

Photo Credits;

Minatamis na saging with a twist! Photo credits: Pinoy Cook

This is just so easy to prepare!

  1. Peel the and cut them lengthwise. Since the saba variety is small, you may opt to cut in half or at your desired thickness.

  2. Fry the in hot melted sugar until lightly browned.

  3. In a , pour the and . Set in medium heat and then add the fried and toss for a minute and a half to coat them with and .

  4. When the turn darker and shiny, remove and place a few pieces in a . Pour as little or as much as you like over the and sprinkle some . You can also sprinkle over them if somebody in the family doesn't like . It gives it a chunky texture to your otherwise smooth and sweet . Serve warm and with a smile on your face!

That's it! Very simple, eh? Hope you enjoy cooking and eating this one!

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Juliana RW said...

thanks for ur comment about my new layout. i added u too…

aeirin said...

very creative… yummy too…

jerla said...

wow sarap nito pinoy na pinoy taste… miss ko ka saging na ganyan :). sure we can xlink buzz when ur done addinge mine ok :) c u there

pinaymama said...

wow!!! hmmm yum yum!!!

jona said...

wow! minatamis..paborito ko din to..walang saba dito sa states, kakainis!

ure so creative mommy! congrats!

Zriz said...

Oi gusto ko to! hehehehehe haven’t tried eating it this way tho… :) at creative ang procedure mo mommy! :)

Zriz said...

ey! as to the photo sa ice cream cake ko…ako ang nag picture ana.. i was using my old point and shoot lang but it turned out okay… the digiscrapping, I did myself using kits that i downloaded… :)

so…what is it you want to know? digiscrapping? actually to know the basics search ra sa youtube naa daghang video tutorials didto….i did mine the hard way nya mura ko mabuang…hehehehe anyway the video tutorials are helpful…then you can ask me for specifics later and i’ll try to answer you.. nag digiscrapping ko sukad june lang of this year :)

gen / entryhere said...

wow very creative siya magaling.

aeirin said...

congrats for winning the last week’s weekly fest

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