Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Still Need Them

I have worn eyeglasses almost all my life. The optician who checked me told me that I have astigmatism. And because I frequently get headaches from studying too much, I would often complain to my parents about it. So from my high school days until before I came here, I have used maybe four pairs.

Why four? Well, the first one outgrew me. The frames were round and pink and were really outdated by the time I became a senior. So it was time to purchase another pair.

The second one I accidentally sat on. I took it off one time in our instrumentation class in college because we were conducting an experiment and there was a danger that they would fall off the equipment. After the experiment, I then had to rush to my chair to write down the results since our professor would be collecting it in minutes. Then crack! There goes my eyeglasses.. shattered to bits.

The third one I lost while having lunch with my friends in college. I must have left them on the table while I was putting away my food tray. And the fourth one, well.. I don't know what happened to it.

You can just imagine how much my parents, and later on me, spent on this piece of eyewear! It cost something I tell you. But it can't be helped because it is a necessity for me.

Today, I still get bouts of astigmatism attacks especially when I stare too long at the computer or force myself to read in the dark. So I am considering buying a pair to relieve myself. But because this is Japan, eyeglasses, especially prescription ones, tend to be sooo expensive! Duh! Just where on earth can I find them "cheap but chic" ones? Thankfully, I found Zenni Optical. They sell very affordable ones from $8 up! Can you believe it? Zenni Optical eyewear are so popular that they were even featured on Fox News TV and the radio program, The Clark Howard Show.

I especially love this medium narrow retro full rim acetate frame. It even comes with matching polarized magnetic snap-on sunlens for those hot, sunny days!

Every piece you order from Zenni Optical is guaranteed good quality. So if you want them stylish yet affordable, check them out now. They have a wide selection from color to rim size to the material of the frame. Choose one that fits you down to a T. And if you are unsure, they will even help you with it!

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