Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Coming Out!

I was massaging Sam's gums yesterday evening when I first felt a solid bump. Then it occurred to me, "Could it be?" So I tried to pry her mouth open by making her laugh and giggle and then I saw it... That shiny solid white makings of a baby tooth! And I exclaimed to her "It's coming out, Sam! Good, good!" And I hugged her and showered her with kisses, which she evidently liked by giving back squeals of pure laughter.

Chubby cheeks, slightly swollen gums, and an emerging tooth!

So I hum this happy tune over and over again in my head... "I'm coming out! I want the world to know. I've got to let it show!" Lol! I really am ecstatic right now!You might think me crazy.

Surely, I am! Crazy for my baby Sam!

Thank God for this little miracle in our life!


melody said...

congrats baby sam on your first envious,my baby is turning 1 this 22nd but she still has no teeth!!! she has been walking since she was 10 months but she’s lacking teeth,lol…i have given up on checking her mouth everyday..

Candice said...

I don’t think you are crazy, I think it is a sign of a great Mommy! We are supposed to get excited by everything, they are little daily miracles.
P.S. My son finally cut a tooth at 10 months and I called everyone and emailed pictures. :D

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