Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Bag For A Cause

Did you know that every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer? And did you know that it can be treated when detected early? Most of you may answer no to the first and yes to the latter. Yes, breast cancer has become the most common form of cancer all over the world and it intends to stay that way unless something can be done about it.

There have been many efforts to help raise breast cancer awareness. Many folks of different colors, shapes and sizes have been campaigning and advocating this cause for years now. Conferences. Movies. TV shows. Print ads. You name it, it has already been done.

But there is one campaign that I can't help but blog about. Have you heard about the Handbag Amnesty? The wonderful people of Handbag.com have thought about holding a handbag auction on eBay to help Cancer Research UK - a charitable institution devoted to finding cures for cancer. These handbags are sure to make you drool as they are previously owned by your favorite Hollywood celebrities. If you have the penchant for elegant, fashionable, even funky signature handbags, then now is the time to grab one. Forget about the hefty price (as these items are on auction). The money raised from this worthy cause will go to Cancer Research UK. Your support will indeed help beat the big C.

But if you are broke just like me so that you are unable to bid for those fabulous items, why not ask Annie Spandex on how to get that Vivienne Westwood bag that she is giving away? It won't hurt to pay her a visit and ask how you can get the chance of having it for yourself. You can surely help just by participating in her worthy cause.


Ally McDougal said...

A friend who volunteers for an organization called Breast Cancer Network of Strength, formerly Y-ME, sent me a link to this web site http://www.charitycases.com which sells bags that focus on conserving the environment. They donate 40% of each sale back to their charity. The bags are cute and may be an alternative to those who can not afford the auctions. Just wanted to add my two cents.

Ally McD

Annie Spandex said...

Great post! Thank you so much for entering and helping me spread the word about this important cause. <3

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