Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PMC Weekly Fest: Then And Now

This is my first ever PMC weekly fest entry. This week's theme is Then and Now.

This is me when I was still a baby... I guess I was a year old or so when this was taken. You can still see our old boob tube (which I deliberately covered so that Papa can't watch his favorite TV show). I guess I was naughty when I was a little kid. Hehehe! Would you believe it? There are still knobs for the volume and the channel and it was still black and white shows then!

This is me now... with my baby of course! I guess I can't seem to find a solo picture of me these days. It always is with my baby or my hubby or the three of us. Now that I am a mommy and a wife, my world revolves around my two loves.

I purposely posted these photos of me with my baby so that you too can see our similarities as babies. But I guess it would be difficult to see the similarities or the difference since the old photo of me is a bit blurred and tiny. So, you be the judge. What do you think? Does my baby look like me when I was still a baby?

And oh, I would like to thank our sponsors for this week's fest:
Momma Wannabe, The Pinay Blogger and Jadelicious


lurchie {aka NeverDainty} said...

hello po! :)

nice pics! I can’t really see if your baby looks like you or not.. medyo faulty yung eyesight ko eh.. but i can seriously tell u and ur baby are cute! hehehe

hope to see more of your entries on the Pinay Mommies Community Weekly Fest!! :)


Shebadoo said...

Nice pictures, mommy! Buti ka pa, may baby pictures ka that you can post. I think you DO look like your baby…. :) Welcome to the PMC Weekly Fest!

Davao Mommy here…

~Mama Sheryl

Jade-Momma Wannabe said...

Hey there,

Thanks for joining! Although your picture is a bit blurry I can see you have the same face. Great first weekly fest entry!

jerla said...

hi mommy i was here checking hehhehe. Uy buti kpa my solo pic nung bb ba… cute ni baby mana kay mommy

momi_jona said...

ang cute2x na man, first is kaw pa yung bata den now ksama mo na bata mo. hehe

mommy Phebie said...

hi mommy! nice pix…hope to post mine too the soonest…c yah…

pinaymama said...

hi mommy I enjoyed your post and story, anyway, kamukha mo baby mo…

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