Friday, October 24, 2008

Depression... Do You Have It?

I was browsing through the net today when i came across this site which tackles about Depression in adolescents. It is alarming to note the depression has become very common for people of all ages. It is very prevalent in adolescents aged 12 to 18.

As parents, it is a challenge for us to detect depression early in our children. And for us to be able to detect the signs of this problem, we must educate ourselves and be vigilant in reading the signs. And it would be best if we give our children enough love and attention and quality time so that they would not feel rejected and withdrawn to the whole world.

While the signs of depression are common and seem "ordinary", it is best that we know what they are. A depressed child may have one or more of the following symptoms: sadness, hopelessness, anger or hostility, tearfulness, withdrawal, loss of interest, changes to eating and/or sleeping habits, feeling worthless, lack of motivation, and having suicidal thoughts.

So before it is too late, let us be aware of our children's feelings. We wouldn't want to end up blaming ourselves, our spouses, even our own children because it was too late to help them. While it is true that we should treat our teenagers with respect and give them a little bit of freedom, we must not ignore the "changes" that they are going through. After all, they are still children and are not yet quite prepared for the many harsh realities of our world.

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Carmie said...

Oh no! reading this article of yours made me wonder. I have most of the signs.
But realizing that we are depressed, made me realize that there are ways to avoid depressiom. Life is so stressful and everyone is not free from stress, but all have to cope with it, not easy but we have to effort uload the stess.

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