Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Women Want

Remember the movie What Women Want where the lead actor is suddenly able to read the thoughts of women, know what they were thinking of before they could even say a word, and was able to better understand them in the end? 

Well, if that character did exist in the real world, I wouldn't hesitate asking him what the best diet pills for women are. Kind of a vain question, you may think but for those of you who have experienced having a difficult time getting into their jeans or shopping for clothing that you think looks great on you and yet will make you look the other way around, you would definitely want to know. I would be the first in line who would like to know the answer because honestly, I really want to lose weight. 

But with lots of things going on for me at this point in my life, hitting the fitness studio is the last thing on my mind. I barely even have time to blog and I only get a few hours of sleep. My little girl clamors for my attention and care after almost ten hours of not seeing me. I wish I had 36 hours a day... enough for me to manage and accomplish everything that I have set out for that day and still have some time left to spare for me to breath easy.

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