Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moving Out in A Few Days

We are moving out in a few days. This Saturday to be exact, or so I hope it will be. That will depende entirely on whether I get to finish all the other tasks that I have on my to do list.

I still have got so many things to do though. The packing up of all our stuff isn't done yet. The repainting of the walls isn't done yet, we still have the kitchen, living room and hallway to paint. The kitchen cupboards and the ceramic induction cooktops have yet to be cleaned. The windows and the roller blinds have yet to be cleaned. The floors have yet to be mopped. The bathroom and the toilet still needs to be cleaned. The balcony and the storage cabinet have yet to be cleared out. In other words, everyhing should be in the same condition as when we first moved in. 

That's a lot to do especially if you have only so little available time in your hands. And I don't know if we still have time to do all these things, especially me because I am the one left here at home. Oh well, I just hope that things will turn out right. It IS hard, but if you are an expat, you will just have to get used to doing things all by yourself, and do the best that you can because no one else will do it for you.

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