Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Earning Opportunities, Welcome!

I always welcome any earning opportunity that come my way, so long as they don't require me having to give up spending quality time with my family. That is why I enjoy being a freelance virtual assistant because I own my time, I can work whenever I want to and still get the job done and deliver it to the client at the agreed date. However, clients are hard to come by and so I am thinking of other means to earn on the side. 

I could always search for sales jobs and sell products to our friends here when we see them but then again, when I think about it, I realize that I am not very good at doing sales talk. My first job was as a Technical Assistant in a salt industry and although the job title sounds technical, it still involves selling products. I have a friend who sells stuff on the side while working and she is managing it. How she does it, I always wonder. I guess for one to become an effective sales person, one must first try and believe in the product that he / she is using. That way, one will have already had a personal experience about the product and be able to say more about it. A good and solid testimony is what makes a product appealing for me.


gracia said...

God Bless sis!

darly said...

Hi there,

After my mom lost her job 2 years back, eto na rin ang naging raket niya. telecommuting and other similar side jobs. Although di kasing laki ng earnings niya before, okay na rin kasi like you said you work at your own pace and at your own time. Saka in dollars pa di ba.... If i only have more than 24 hours at my disposal, i would have tried telecommuting as well for extra ka-chings, hehehe. For now writing opps na lang muna :)

Have a great day!

After months of hibernation, im finally able to update my blog. Hope you'd visit me too when you got the time. Thanks :)

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