Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How To Break A Raw Egg Dropped From A Height of 10 Meters

Quite a long title for a 200 word or so blog post, right? But yes, this is what I think is an appropriate title when our German Language teacher gave us the task of documenting what we did to a previous task that he gave the class.

We did have fun! Ain't it obvious?

The objective was simple enough: To be able to device a strategy or plan so that the egg won't break when dropped from a height of 10 meters using only ten pieces of paper. 

 Our once HAPPY egg.

The class was divided into five groups. We were given time to device our plan and then we went outside to experiment on what we created. Our group had lots of fun while constructing our "surprise bomb". The result was even more fun because our group was the only one who managed to completely break the egg. The other groups constructed a "parachute" out of a few pieces of paper and then created some sort of compartment where the egg is placed and secured with "paper cushions". We on the other hand, wrapped the egg with crushed paper. Lol! I guess it was really bound to break. 

 Looks so much like an old-fashioned bomb, right?

 The broken egg after the 10-meter drop.

 Although we failed in our objective, I guess what matters most is that we enjoyed the experience a lot and we were able to work together as a team.

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