Saturday, September 4, 2010

GT: My Red Slippers

I don't have much red stuff. I only have a few pambahay shirts, a wallet that was given to me as a gift, and my red slippers. I love the red color on others but I guess it just doesn't suit me well, especially if it is the wrong shade. I also don't have any red decor in the house except for the miniature red Dutch wooden shoes that I bought the last time we visited the Netherlands. So I am going to talk about my favorite red pair for this week's Girls Talk theme.

This is my favorite outdoor gear: my good old and worn out red slippers. This pair has been my constant companion wherever I go: in the provinces, at the beach, at the malls, at home, or just about anywhere. I just love wearing this one becuase it fits my sole perfectly, snuggling it and making me feel very comfortable. On days when I don't feel like wearing shoes, this is what I always wear. And because it is regularly worn, the outsole is now almost gone. I want to buy exactly the same pair when I have the chance to visit a good old friend in Cagayan de Oro City one of these days. Perhaps, if she gets to read this entry, she might want to surprise me with a new pair?? What say you, Te Shals?

And oh, this entry is very, very late! My schedule has been so hectic with my first few days at the university and we also had to secure a new OS and a new hard disk because Ace has been acting up crazy too. Apologies, Marce Kaye!

Girls Talk


K said...

no worries! seeing your entry is good enough for me :)

i have a worn out slipper din pero it's pink. it's really a different feeling on the feet when you have a pair that you are fond of :)

zoan said...

hello :)

wala pa akong red na slippers :D pink tsaka black lang meron :)

here is my entry :

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