Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TCP Themes for October

Another month is about to end, another is about to begin. That also means another whole new round of themes for my dear Couchers and Couchers-to-be. While many people are busy doing the countdown for the holidays and the New Year, we will be busy featuring some more interesting movies here on Tuesday Couch Potatoes.

So before October starts, I'd like to talk about the themes so that you, my dear Couchers, will have ample time to prepare for your movies.

October 5: Here Comes Autumn / Fall. Movies that depict the fall season or movies that came out during the fall season.

October 12: Gone Retro. We're going back in time as we do a rewind. For October 12, we will feature movies that came out in the 80's. Many of us are after all, 80's babies!

October 19: Living the American Dream. These are movies that celebrate the American Dream, the old "work hard and you'll succeed" ideology.

October 26: Life's Gastronomic Pleasures. We all love to eat. Nothing is better than watching a movie with the theme centered on food, where the characters show one's passion for the food. As Monsieur Anton puts it, "You should leave the theater so inspired that you want to either sprint straight to a great restaurant or to the kitchen."

So there goes our theme for October. Hope to see you all again next month! Happy TCP everyone!

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